Qatar Welcomes visitors from all over the world; however, if you are from one of the neighboring countries, you will have an easier time traveling to Qatar. Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is an alliance of six Gulf countries, most of whom share borders. Initially, the reason for creating the Gulf Cooperation Council was to maintain unity amongst neighboring countries of the Gulf. In addition, this alliance also strengthened their bond with each other. As a result of the merging of culture and politics, these countries became even easier to pull together toward greater goals.

This essay will explain GCC countries, their visa types, how to apply for them, and how to apply for those visas.

Which Countries are Included in the GCC?

There are six countries included in the Gulf Cooperation Council. All of these countries are located in the Middle East, such as:

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait
  • The United Arab Emirates
  • Qatar
  • Bahrain
  • Oman

What are the Documents for Qatar Visas for GCC Residents?

GCC residents must provide some documents to perpetuate their visa application. However, their required documents are very different from the documents that non-GCC residents must collect.

  • A valid residence permit from any GCC country.
  • Their GCC residence permit must have validity for at least six months.
  • Their passport must have validity for at least six months
  • Their profession or job must be in the list below.
  • Applicants must have a round-trip ticket.
  • The main applicant must pay QAR 100, and each accompanying person must pay QAR 50.
  • A photo that is passport-sized
  • Hotel confirmation voucher

It is the main applicant’s responsibility to sponsor the accompanying person and to ensure that the individual has a valid residence permit.

If you want to immigrate to Qatar as a doctor or nurse, read our article.

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What are Professions Eligible for a Qatar GCC Visa?

The following categories of professionals can get visas on arrival to Qatar if they hold a valid residency permit from any GCC country. These professions are arranged in alphabetical order.

Accountant / Accounts Verifier / AuditorAccounts ManagerAdministration CoordinatorAdministrative ManagerAdministrative ResearcherAgricultural specialist
Air ControllerAir HostessAir NavigatorAir Transport ManagerAircraft Landing ControllerAircraft Maintenance Technician
Aircraft Takeoff ControllerAquatic SpecialistArcheological DirectorArchaeological ProspectorArchaeological ResearcherArchitectural Draftsman
Army OfficerArtistAssistant EngineerAssistant General ManagerAssistant PharmacistAssistant Pilot
AstronomerAuditorAuthorAviation GuideAviation TechnicianAviation Trainer
Bank ManagerBank OfficialBankerBanking Business ManagerBreeding SpecialistBroadcasting Manager
Business ladyBusinessmanCaptain of Ship/Cruise/Carrier/SteamshipCareer CounselorChairman (All types)Chairman / Executive Director
ChemistChief JusticeCinema CameramanCinema DirectorCinema or Television ProducerCollege Dean
Commercial BrokerCommercial ManagerCompany or Factory ManagerComputer ProgrammerConsultant (All types)Control Equipments Technician
Cooperative Society ManagerCorrespondent (Newspaper/Radio/TV)Cruise Ship GuideCustoms ClearerCustoms SpecialistDecoration Designer
Dental TechnicianDiplomatDirectorEarthquakes expertECG TechnicianEconomic Analyst
Electricity ManagerEmployees at the Embassies in the GCC countriesEngineerExecutive Manager or DirectorExecutive SecretaryFarm Manager
Finance ManagerFinance/Economics ExpertFlight TechnicianFood ControllerFoodstuff TechnicianGardening Specialist
General Professional TrainerGeneral SpecialistGeneral SupervisorGeologistGeology TechnicianHead of Prosecution
Horse Breeding TechnicianHospital ManagerHotel ManagerInformation Systems ExpertInstitute ManagerInsurance Manager
Investment ManagerInvestorJewelerJournalistJudgeLab Specialist
Lab TechnicianLaboratory ManagerLand HostessLand Transport ManagerLawyer / AdvocateLecturer
Legal ExpertLegal ResearcherLibrary ManagerLiteratorMaintenance ManagerMale or Female Nurse
ManagerManager or Director of any government departments or companiesMarine NavigatorMarine Traffic ControllerMarine Transport ManagerMaritime Controller
Marketing ExecutiveMarketing ManagerMarketing RepresentativeMedia ControllerMedia ManagerMedia Person
Media SpecialistMedical Analysis SpecialistMedical Equipment TechnicianMedical Therapy SpecialistMedical X-ray SpecialistMicroscopic Technician
Mining TechnicianMinistry UndersecretaryMuseum ManagerNutrition SpecialistOperations AnalystOptical Technician
PartnerPharmaceutical TechnicianPharmacistPhysicianPhysicistPilot
PlayerPolice OfficerPresident or Director of a ClubPresident or Director of a UniversityPress PhotographerPrinting and Publishing Manager
Procurement RepresentativeProduction DirectorProfessional Security and Safety TechnicianProfessorProgram DesignerProgram Producer
ProofreaderProsecutorPsychiatristQuality ControllerQuantity EnumeratorRadio or TV Transmission Technician
Radio or TV Transmission TechnicianReferee (Sports)Regional DirectorReligious personResearch & Studies DirectorRoad Controller
Sales ExecutiveSales ManagerSales RepresentativeSchool ManagerScientistSecretary or Manager of Library
Ship CaptainShip Maintenance TechnicianShip SupervisorSociologistSpecial Needs TeacherSpeech Specialist
Sports Medicine SpecialistSports RepresentativeSports TrainerStatistics SpecialistSurgeon (All specializations)Surveyor
Systems AnalystTeacher / InstructorTelecom TechnicianTelevision ManagerTheatre ManagerTourism Agency Manager
Tourist GuideTraderTrain Maintenance TechnicianTranslatorTravel or Tourism AgentTV Cameraman
TV or Radio Programs PresenterUniversity ProfessorUniversity studentVeterinary DoctorWeather expertWell Drilling Technician
X-Ray SpecialistX-ray TechnicianZoology Specialist

How Can I Apply for GCC Residents Visa?

GCC residents can apply for their visas online to save some time upon their arrival to Qatar. Applicants can submit their visa application up to 90 days prior to travel or at least four (4) working days in advance. Here are the following steps to apply for a Qatar GCC visa:

Go to the Qatar Visa Service website

Applicants must sign up or sign-in on the service website with their email and password. 

Complete the Online Application Form

Applicants must completer the form with their basic details, such as

  • Name
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Contact details
  • Other basic information

The system will automatically select the visa type according to the applicant’s itinerary, nationality, and country of residence. If the applicant is considered as an eligible GCC resident, the system will automatically offer one of the appropriate visa types to them. The visa types are:

  • GCC Residents Entry Permit
  • GCC Residents Companion Entry Permit
  • GCC Nationals Companion Permit

Upload all Required Documents

Applicants must upload the documents they have collected on the website. These documents include:

  • Passport information (the bio page and picture page are important)
  • GCC residence visa or GCC ID card
  • A photo (must be passport-sized)
  • Airline Ticket (passengers of Qatar Airways do not need to submit their ticket copy)
  • A confirmed hotel reservation or documents that show the applicant’s accommodation in Qatar.

Pay the Required Fees and Submit a Request

To make the payment for GCC visa fees, applicants must use a Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card.

Receive Status Updates on visa Email

Applicants can log in to the website to keep track of their visa status online. They also will receive updates about their visa status through email.

Receive the E-visa via Email

When the visa application process is finished, applicants can receive their e-visa through email. Since the time that all of the applicant’s documents are uploaded and received, it takes an average time of 48 hours to 96 hours to get the GCC visa.

On Qatar Airways’ website, after logging into ‘My Trips,’ visitors can select ‘Apply for a visa after logging in to” My Trips.’’ When they click on this, they are automatically directed to the Qatar Visa Service website, where they can start the visa application process for themselves and any accompanying travelers under the same booking.

How Long is a GCC Visa Valid?

The GCC visa on arrival has a validity of 30 days. Applicants can extend this visa for a maximum of three months; however, they must pay an extra fee for every additional month. Applicants can extend their visas by visiting any Ministry of Interior Service Centre.

How much is a Qatar GCC visa?

Here you can see the Qatar GCC visa fees for various situations:

  • A GCC Residents Visa for the main applicant: QAR 100 (USD 27)
  • For each person who accompanies the main applicant: QAR 50 (USD 13.50)
  • Overstaying fine per day: QAR 200 (USD 55)

Visa holders from GC countries are allowed to visit and stay in Qatar for a maximum of 30 days on a single trip.

The Bottom Line …

As one of the popular vacation destinations, Qatar welcomes various nationalities and especially allows nationals from GCC countries (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman) to visit and enjoy their stay in Qatar easily. In this piece of work, we explained the Qatar GCC visa in detail, including conditions and needed documents, how to apply online, and acceptable jobs and professions for a successful visa application.

If you are a citizen and have traveled to Qatar using a GCC visa, please share your experience regarding GCC visas with us in the comment section.


I am from GCC. Should I apply for a visa to enter Qatar?

No, you don’t need a visa to enter the country. 

What exactly is a GCC resident visa?

It allows the country’s members’ residents to live and work in Qatar for the long term. 

Can everyone apply for a Qatar GCC resident visa?

Not everyone. There are requirements & eligibility principles. 

What is the application process?

You can apply online and on arrival; both ways are explained in the article.

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