Practical Tips For Getting Your China J Visa Faster


As today’s world has become a borderless world through the Internet and various news agencies, foreign journalists from different countries travel across the world to provide instant and live news coverage for people worldwide. Accordingly, governments must make arrangements for foreign journalists to enter their country.Most countries including China issue special work visas to foreign journalists so that they can enter the country temporarily for news coverage. The China J visa is also defined for this purpose.Due to the importance of the issue, we intend to define this visa, the application process, the documents that must be submitted, the application fee, processing time, and many more.

What is China J Visa?

China J visa is issued to foreign journalists who intend to travel to China to report and cover the news. This visa is divided into two categories: J-1 and J-2.The J-1 visa is issued to foreign journalists working for foreign news organizations based in China. Holders of this visa can stay in China for more than 180 days. Another very important point is that applicants for this visa must first obtain the necessary approvals from the Chinese news authorities in order to be eligible for this visa.The J-2 visa is also issued to foreign journalists who intend to stay in China for short-term news coverage. Holders of this visa are allowed to stay in China for less than 180 days.

What is the requirement to obtain a China J visa?

If you are applying for the J-1 visa, you should pay attention to the following:

  • All applicants must present a passport valid for at least six months and has a blank page. A copy of the passport is also required.
  • You must download and complete the Visa Application Form (Form V.2013). Note that the form must be typed in black capital letters. Handwritten forms are not accepted.
  • You must also provide a color photo taken recently:
  • The dimensions of your paper photo should be 33 by 48 mm.
  • You have to look at the camera in frontal view.
  • Your facial expressions should be neutral, and your eyes should be open. Your mouth should also be closed, and your ears should be visible in the photo.
  • The photo should also not have any shadows.
  • A hat or any other covering is permitted if it is worn for religious reasons and should not obscure facial features.
  • The background of the photo should be white or close to white.
  • If you use eyeglass, note that the frame should not be heavy and cover your eyes. Also, the lenses of the glasses should not be tinted or cause reflection in the photo.
  • In addition to the above, you must provide other documents:
  • Visa Notification Letter issued by the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.
  • The organization where you work must also issue a formal letter.

These letters can be issued as fax, photocopy or computer printed.

As an applicant for this visa, you should consider the following:

  • You must ensure that all the information you provide in your visa application is correct. Any mistake or submission of incomplete documents may result in the rejection of your visa application.
  • Whether or not to grant a visa, the validity of the permit, the period of stay, and the number of entries depends on the decision of the consular officer and varies from case to case.
  • In some cases, the visa officer may interview you and may also collect your ten fingerprints.

J-2 visa applicants must also provide the following documents to receive their visa:



Practical Tips For Getting Your China J Visa Faster 

How to apply for a China J visa?

Note that the visa application process is not very complicated. You must submit the documents described to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate. Someone you trust or travel/visa agencies can send the documents on your behalf. So no appointment is required. Mailed applications are not accepted and will be returned.

Note that people who have mental illnesses, as well as people with AIDS, leprosy, venereal diseases, active tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases, may not be allowed to enter China.

What is the processing time of this visa?

The application process for this visa is around four working days. Note that this time may be longer if you have submitted incomplete documents or have not completed your visa application form correctly.

Also, if you want your visa to be issued faster, you can pay more for Express service and receive your visa within two to three working days.


How much does it cost to apply for this visa?

The cost of applying for the J visa varies depending on the country you are applying for. For example, if you are in the United States and applying for this visa, you must pay $ 130.

How did you get your China J visa: first-hand experience

Have you received a China J visa? How was your experience? Did everything go according to your expectation, or did you encounter unanticipated obstacles? We invite you to tell your story to our other readers because your unique experience makes the visa process easier for others.


Let’s sum up …

In the previous sections, we tried to answer the questions about the China J visa that most of our readers asked. You can also use the left sidebar of the page to learn more about other China visas. In addition, at the top of the page, you can access the information about visas from other countries.

You can also ask your questions through the comments section. Our experts will respond as soon as possible.

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  • Jon Reply

    When will I get a J visa if I apply next week?

    June 13, 2021 at 3:51 pm
    • Support Reply

      Hey there. Thanks for leaving a comment on our website. The processing time to issue a China J visa is four days. However, it may differ depending on your condition.

      June 13, 2021 at 3:51 pm

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