Eligible citizens from around the world can travel to Egypt with an Egypt eVisa. Travelers can apply for the electronic visa in minutes by filling up the online application form.

Every year, Egypt welcomes tens of millions of tourists worldwide, due largely to the country’s new online visa system. Tourists who qualify no longer have to wait in line at the border for an Egypt visa at the embassy.

What is Egypt eVisa?

The official Egypt eVisa can be issued as a single or multiple-entry visa. The single-entry visa allows one entry and permits visitors to stay in Egypt for a total of 30 days.

Tourists with a multiple-entry visa can come and go as many times as they like during the 180-day validity period. The multiple-entry visa does not have a limit on the number of entries, but the total number of days for every stay cannot be higher than 30 days.

Single-entry and multiple-entry applicants must fill out the online visa form of application and pay the amount with a credit or debit card in order to apply. It is better that applicants apply at least seven days prior to their trip.

Authorized Egypt eVisas are delivered to applicants by email once they have been processed. To enter Egypt, travelers must have a printed copy of their eVisa with them at all times.

How can you get Egypt eVisa?

To be eligible for an official Egypt electronic visa, travelers must meet all of Egypt’s visa requirements. Passport holders require a valid passport for at least the next six months and are citizens of one of the eligible countries. It is also necessary to have an active email account to receive eVisa in order to pay the fee.

Completing the online form of application is quick and very simple. All applicants need to do is enter their personal data (such as their name and date of birth), passport information (such as the number and expiration date), and their travel plans (such as flight details).

It’s critical to fill out the form completely and accurately in every section. Thus, applications are processed quickly and without delay to the greatest extent possible.

Complete your application by paying the visa fee. Travelers who apply for eVisas will receive their eVisas via email within seven days of their application being approved.

Do I Need an eVisa to go to Egypt?

Visas to Egypt can be obtained online by all eligible citizens. Only citizens of a few countries can obtain an Egypt online visa. To be eligible for the application process, you have to hold a passport from one of the following nations:

BoliviaThe Czech RepublicHong Kongthe UK
BrazilDenmarkHungaryThe US

The list may grow bigger and bigger in the future as new countries are added. Even if your country isn’t on this list, you can still apply for a conventional tourist visa by contacting the Egyptian embassy or consulate in your area.

What are the advantages of the Egypt eVisa?

Until now, visitors to Egypt had to wait in line for hours for a visa on arrival as well as to go through customs. Visitors to Egypt prefer eVisa’s advantages over VOA (Visa on Arrival).

Egypt’s eVisa saves time for travelers by eliminating the need to stand in line and apply for a visa upon arrival. Tourists can now apply for an eVisa online in minutes from any computer, tablet, or other devices instead of waiting and wasting time in line at the country’s border.

This could save travelers a lot of time at the border, where things go wrong all the time. Visitors to Egypt can do so with confidence, knowing that their visa application has been approved ahead of time.

The Egypt eVisa, unlike the visa on arrival, allows multiple entries. If you’re planning on visiting Egypt again after leaving, this is a great way. Considering the total number of days spent on each entry does not exceed 30, the multiple-entry visa permits multiple entries into Egypt over the course of 180 days.

How much does the Egypt e-Visa cost?

Single entry e-Visa

  • Only one entry into Egypt is permitted,
  • A thirty-day expiration date
  • Travelers will pay approximately €49 each.

Multiple entry e-Visa

  • Over a period of six months, several entries
  • 30 days of validity for each stay
  • 75 Euros for each traveler

You’ll need an Egypt electronic visa to enter the country.

You can enter Egypt once, stay for 30 days, and pay 49 € for a single entry tourist visa.

An eVisa with multiple entries gives you six months of multiple entries.

You can use your Egypt eVisa at any of the entry points to the country.

Egypt’s electronic visas are available in 72 hours, but this is just an estimate based on how long it takes administrative services in Egypt to process them.

How to apply for Egypt eVisa?

The application process for Egypt eVisa is as follows:

Fill out Egypt eVisa online application

Filling out the basic personal and passport information and contact information on the Egypt e-Visa application form takes just a few minutes. You’ll also have to provide some supporting documentation, which you can do by uploading it.

Remember, prior to submitting the application, make sure all the information you have written is correct and has no errors. By doing this you can avoid any delays in processing.

Verify the E-Visa payment is complete

The mandatory Egypt e-Visa fee must be paid before submitting the Egypt e-Visa application.

It is necessary to pay the fee with a credit or debit card that is authorized to make online purchases. Sadly, at this time, there are no other payment options available.

Obtain the approved Egypt eVisa

Egypt eVisas are electronically linked to the passport used to complete the application form once they have been processed and approved, usually within seven business days. You’ll also receive an electronic copy at your provided email address.

To enter Egypt, you must have the same passport as when leaving the country. To enter the country, you must show it to immigration officials when you arrive. Please print a paper copy of your approved e-Visa as well, just in case something goes wrong with the electronic system.

Let’s sum up…

Egypt is going to promote the tourism industry so the authorities introduced eVisa to attract more tourists. The article explained that if you are from one of the eligible countries, you can apply for Egypt eVisa and receive it in seven business days.

Remember that more countries will be added to the list as the country wants to expand visitors from different countries.

If you need to know more about other types of Egypt visas, go through the left sidebar. You could also find out about other countries’ visas by going through the top menu.

If you need further information regarding the Egypt electronic visa, write down the questions below in the comment section and find out.

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