Are you a nurse who wants to reside and practice in the inviting country of Egypt? A growing need for healthcare professionals exists in this land of historical wonders, vibrant culture, and gracious hospitality, making it a desirable location for nurses looking for opportunities abroad.With the help of this guide, you can successfully immigrate to Egypt as a nurse, ensuring a smooth start to your exciting new life.

Is There a Nursing Shortage in Egypt?

Yes, there is a nursing shortage in Egypt, notably in the hospital sector, which has resulted in a need for competent nurses to fill the gap and deliver critical treatment.

Places to Work as a Nurse in Egypt

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Medical Centers
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Hospices
  • Health NGOs
  • Private Practices
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Government Healthcare Institutions

Eligibility Criteria to Immigrate to Egypt as a Nurse

To immigrate to Egypt as a nurse, you would typically need to meet certain eligibility criteria set by the Egyptian government. Here are the general eligibility criteria that you might need to fulfill:

Nursing Qualification

You must have a recognized nursing degree from an accredited nursing school. It should prove you’ve received the education and training required to work as a nurse. The qualifications may vary in detail, but they typically include:

  • Completion of a nursing program. This could be an associate’s, bachelor’s, or higher nursing degree. Essential nursing topics, clinical competencies, patient care, and medical knowledge should all be covered in the program.
  • Curriculum alignment. The standards and regulations established by the nursing regulatory bodies in your home country should align with the nursing program you completed.
  • Accreditation. The nursing program’s provider institution must be accredited or recognized by your nation’s appropriate authorities.

Nursing License or Registration

A crucial prerequisite is having a current nursing license or registration from your home country. Your ability to practice nursing legally and that you have attained the required levels of competency are both attested to by this license. Here are some crucial details:

  • Active and valid. Your nursing license must be valid and up to date. Additionally, it must be in good standing, i.e., you must not have received any serious sanctions that would limit your ability to practice.
  • Regulatory body approval. The official nursing regulatory body or authority in your home country should be the one to issue you a license. This organization ensures that nurses adhere to professional standards and oversees nursing practice standards and regulations.
  • Documentation. As part of your immigration application, you might be required to submit copies of your nursing license or registration certificate. These records will aid in proving your nursing credentials.
  • Equivalency assessment. Your nursing license or qualification may need to be evaluated equivalently with Egyptian standards depending on the laws in Egypt. Specific details about your education, training, and clinical experience may be required.

Requirements to Immigrate to Egypt as a Nurse

The general requirements to immigrate to Egypt as a nurse are listed below. Please be aware that immigration laws can change, so before taking any action, confirm the details with reliable sources or an experienced immigration consultant:

  • Qualifications. You must hold a nursing degree from a recognized university in your nation of residence. Your credentials should meet the requirements established by the Egyptian healthcare authorities.
  • Work experience. Some work experience may be needed. The nursing position you’re looking for in Egypt should match your experience.
  • Registration and licensing. You must possess a nursing license or registration from your country of residence. Your credentials may need to be evaluated to determine whether they are equivalent in Egypt.
  • Job offer. Typically, a job offer from an Egyptian healthcare facility is needed. The employer must be prepared to sponsor your immigration and offer proof of employment, such as a contract or letter of employment, to prove your employment.
  • Work permit. Your potential employer should start the procedure for getting a work permit for you in Egypt. They must show that you have the necessary skills and that the position cannot be filled locally.
  • Medical and health requirements. To prove your fitness to work in a healthcare environment, you might need to submit to a medical exam. Presenting medical records and permissions may be necessary for this.
  • Background investigation and police clearance. To prove you don’t have any criminal history, you might be asked to present a police clearance certificate or submit to a background investigation.
  • Documentation. Prepare all required documentation, including your passport, birth certificate, academic transcripts, letters of employment experience, nursing license, and any other papers the Egyptian government may require.
  • Application form. Apply for a visa or immigration using the form the Egyptian embassy or consulate provided. Verify the accuracy and completeness of all the information.
  • Visa application. Apply for a visa at the Egyptian embassy or consulate in your country of residence. Pay the necessary application fees for a visa.
  • Residence permit. You must submit a residence permit application once you are in Egypt. Additional paperwork is involved, and your employer might be able to help.
  • Language skills. English proficiency may be required, especially if you work in a healthcare setting where communicating with coworkers and patients is crucial.
  • Cultural adjustment. Prepare yourself to adjust to Egypt’s healthcare system’s professional and cultural norms.

Medical Exams and Training to Immigrate to Egypt as a Nurse

Yes, when a nurse applies to immigrate to Egypt, there are frequent medical tests and possibly required training requirements. The specific requirements can vary, but you should anticipate the following:

Medical Examination

Many nations, including Egypt, frequently demand that immigrants, particularly those in the medical field, undergo a medical examination. This ensures you are healthy and devoid of infectious diseases that could endanger the general public’s health. A physical examination, blood tests, and occasionally X-rays may be part of the medical examination. Your application for a residence visa will typically include the results of this examination.

Health Clearances

You might be required to present health clearances or certificates from pertinent health authorities in your home country in addition to the medical examination. These documents attest to your fitness to work in a healthcare setting and declaration that you are free of infectious diseases.

Training or Credential Evaluation

You might need to complete additional training or have your credentials evaluated to meet the requirements set by the Egyptian healthcare authorities, depending on the equivalents of your nursing qualifications and license. This might entail enrolling in classes or passing exams to verify that your credentials align with those needed to practice nursing in Egypt.

How to Immigrate to Egypt as a Nurse?

To immigrate to Egypt as a nurse, you must follow a series of steps and fulfill specific requirements. Remember that immigration procedures can alter over time, so it’s crucial to confirm the details with reputable sources or an experienced immigration consultant. Here’s a general guide on how to immigrate to Egypt as a nurse:

Step 1. Research and Gather Information

Start by learning about Egypt’s immigration laws and requirements. For accurate and current information, visit the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs official website or contact the embassy or consulate that is most convenient for you.

Step 2. Qualifications and Licensing

Ensure you possess the credentials and licenses required to practice nursing in Egypt. A recognized nursing degree and the necessary licensing could be examples of this. To meet Egyptian standards, you might need to have your credentials reviewed and possibly take additional training.

Step 3. Job Search and Offer

Obtain a job offer from an Egyptian employer. This might be a medical center that will sponsor your immigration, such as a hospital, clinic, or healthcare facility. The job offer is essential because it shows that you intend to work and support the nation’s healthcare system.

Step 4. Work Permit

Your potential employer in Egypt will need to assist you in obtaining a work permit. The employer will start the procedure by delivering the required papers to the relevant Egyptian authorities. You might need to present proof of your credentials and the fact that the position cannot be filled locally as part of the application process for a work permit.

Step 5. Residence Visa

You can apply for a residency visa after your work permit is approved. You can live and work legally in Egypt with this visa. You must present the necessary paperwork, which includes your passport, work permit, medical records, and any other papers the Egyptian embassy or consulate may specify.

Step 6. Medical Examination and Clearances

A medical exam and health clearances may be required of you as a healthcare professional as part of the immigration process. This ensures you are healthy enough to work in a medical setting.

Step 7. Documentation

Prepare all necessary paperwork, including birth certificates, academic transcripts, letters attesting to work experience, and any other papers the Egyptian government may require.

Step 8. Application Submission

Apply for a residence visa at the Egyptian embassy or consulate in your country of residence. Make sure you adhere to all requirements and give accurate information.

Step 9. Processing Time

Your visa application’s processing time may vary. To receive updates on the status of your application, stay in touch with the embassy or consulate.

Step 10. Arrival in Egypt

After your visa has been granted, you can depart for Egypt. Once you arrive, you must finish any outstanding administrative tasks, like obtaining a residence permit and registering with the local government.

How to Get a Nursing License in Egypt as a Foreign Nurse?

To immigrate to Egypt as a Nurse and obtaining a nursing license involves several steps:

  1. Eligibility check. Make sure that your nursing education and experience meet the standards in Egypt.
  2. Credential evaluation. Have the equivalency of your nursing credentials evaluated.
  3. Apply to the regulatory body. Submit the necessary paperwork to the Egyptian Nursing Syndicate (ENS).
  4. Examination. Pass a written and practical licensing test.
  5. Language proficiency. Prove that you are proficient in either Arabic or English, as needed.
  6. Registration. Once you have passed, you should register with the ENS to get your nursing license.
  7. Work permit. Through your employer, apply for a work permit using your license.
  8. Visa and entry. Application for a residence visa is required for entry into Egypt.
  9. Health check. Have a physical exam to ensure your health.
  10. Begin work. Finish up any outstanding administrative procedures and begin your nursing career in Egypt.

How Much is a Nurse’s Average Salary in Egypt 2023?

A nurse typically makes around 7,090 EGP per month. From 3,830 EGP to 10,700 EGP is the salary range.

Salary Based on Experience Per Month

  • A nurse with under two years of experience can expect to make about 4,450 EGP.
  • A nurse with two to five years of experience can expect to make 5,620 EGP.
  • A nurse with five to ten years of experience earns 7,410 EGP annually.
  • Professional nurses with ten to fifteen years of experience also receive a salary of 8,710 EGP.
  • The anticipated salary is 9,640 EGP for nurses with fifteen to twenty years of experience.
  • Nurses with more than 20 years of experience in their field are paid 10,300 EGP.


  • Bachelor’s Degree. The average salary for workers with this level of education is 5,760 EGP.
  • Master’s Degree. The average salary rises to 8,780 EGP at this level, a 53% increase over the previous level.

Ways to Find Nursing Jobs in Egypt

  • Online Job Portals
  • Hospital and Clinic Websites
  • Recruitment Agencies
  • Networking
  • Social Media
  • Healthcare Associations
  • Newspapers
  • Online Communities
  • Career Fairs
  • Cold Calling

Best Cities for Nursing Jobs in Egypt

  • Cairo
  • Alexandria
  • Giza
  • Sharm El Sheikh
  • Hurghada
  • Luxor
  • Aswan
  • Port Said
  • Suez
  • Ismailia

Immigrate to Egypt as a Nurse: Let’s Recap

Starting a nursing career in Egypt is a chance to develop professionally while learning about a fascinating culture. You can create the conditions for a fruitful and successful journey by adhering to these steps.


How long does it take to obtain a nursing license in Egypt?

The licensing process may take several months, depending on how your credentials are assessed and verified.

Is it necessary to learn Arabic before moving to Egypt as a nurse?

While it’s not required, learning Arabic can improve your ability to communicate with patients and coworkers.

How can I work as a nurse in Egypt?

You need a nursing degree and license in order to work as a nurse in Egypt. Obtain a job offer, obtain a work permit, submit a visa application, pass a medical examination, go to Egypt, finish entry procedures, and begin nursing.

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