Uruguay tourist visa, application, and requirements  


Uruguay is a small country in South America and known for its virtually unspoiled coast, high standard of living, stunning cities, and Colonia del Sacramento, one of the country’s oldest towns and a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1995 is worth visiting once in your lifetime. While many countries are visa-free, you might need an Uruguay tourist visa to visit the country.

This article explains who needs a tourist visa and who doesn’t need it, requirements, and the application process.

Do you need an Uruguay tourist visa?

Whether you need an Uruguay tourist visa is up to your nationality. A few countries and states do not need a tourist visa for Uruguay. It means they can visit the country with their passport and stay for a limited period of time.

The nationals of the following countries have the permission to enter Uruguay and stay for 90 days:

Andorra Chile* Honduras Monaco Saint Kitts and Nevis Trinidad and Tobago
Argentina* Colombia* Hong Kong Mongolia*** Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Turkey
Armenia Costa Rica Iceland Montenegro San Marino Ukraine
Australia Dominica Israel New Zealand Serbia United Arab Emirates
Bahamas Ecuador* Jamaica Nicaragua Seychelles United States
Barbados El Salvador Japan Norway Singapore Vatican
Belize Georgia Liechtenstein Panama South Africa Venezuela
Bolivia* Grenada Macau** Paraguay* South Korea***
Brazil* Guatemala Malaysia*** Peru* Malta
Canada Guyana Mexico Russia Switzerland



*Citizens of the mentioned countries have permission to cross the border with an ID card only.

The members of the EU countries (for a maximum stay of 90 days within a 180-day period)

**holders of an MSAR passport or an MSAR Travel Permit)

***A maximum stay of 30 days)


Uruguay tourist visa requirements

The list of Uruguay tourist visa requirements varies by nationality and the authorities’ decision. But a common list of requirements is as follows:

  • Application form
  • A recent passport-size photo
  • Passport, valid for six months over the date you will leave Uruguay.
  • Accommodation proof, a reserved hotel
  • Proof to have enough funds to cover the trip expenses.
  • Travel ticket or ticket reservation (round trip)
  • Medical insurance, covering all of the expenses in the country, including COVID-19 expenses.
  • COVID vaccine or vaccination certificate, 15 days must have passed since receiving the second dosage
  • PCR test certificate
  • Uruguay Health Declaration, apply online for it, and everyone must have it. (see the section below for further information)
  • Personal documents
    • birth certificate
    • marriage certificate


Note: If you have been infected with the COVID-19 during the past 90 days and have a positive PCR test that indicates the result, you do not need to take a PCR test before going to the country. But you are not exempt from the second PCR test, which you have to take on the 7th day of arriving in Uruguay.


How to apply for an Uruguay tourist visa?

The Uruguay tourist visa application process could vary by the country you live in and your case and conditions. But a common standard way to follow is as it comes below:

1. Gather the requirements and prepare arrangements

Each applicant needs to collect and provide some supporting documents for the Uruguay tourist visa. You can see some of the requirements in the section above. It could take some time for you to gather all of them. So, begin the process a bit earlier and consider some delays.

Bear in mind that the authorities could ask for further documents. If you can, ask some of the applicants in your home country or visit the embassy or consulate website. Thye often has a full list of requirements.

When you gather most of all of the supporting documents, get to the next stage.


2. Complete the application form

Completing the Uruguay tourist visa is a sensitive stage in the application form. You need to get them from the embassy or consulate website. The form is often available online, and you can complete it on your computer.

Complete the form with the true data from your documents, then print and date it at the end. You need to submit the form to the authorities during the visa meeting.


3. Find out where to apply for an Uruguay tourist visa.

The applicant needs to find out where to apply for an Uruguay tourist visa. You can apply to the Uruguay embassy or consulate. The authorities might have outsourced the process to a visa center. It’s up to the country you reside in. So it’s you that should find out where to apply.

When you find the center, visit them in person or find their website.

Arrange a meeting with them to submit the requirements. Bear in mind that it could take a bit long, so you get the meeting and if you want to visit the country sooner, arrange it in advance.

The way you can book the meeting varies by the embassy. You might have to take one through their website, a phone call, or visit them in person.


4. Attend the visa meeting with the officials

When the time of the meeting comes, get to the embassy in person and bring all the supporting documents. Remember that you have to carry all the supporting documents, and there are no forgetting things. The officials might not accept excuses and incomplete documents. There might be no copy service with the embassy so prepare all the copies you might need.

You can not send someone else on your behalf to the embassy, and it’s necessary to visit them in person.

You would better get there early for half an hour to an hour. It often takes time to go through the security and get checked by them. If there is a line of people trying to get in, you might have to wait longer.

When you meet the visa officer, provide all the documents and receive the receipt. Then you have to pay the fee for visa processing. When you get in touch with the officials, ask them about the fee or cost and bring enough money to pay the fee. The way the officials receive the fund is up to them and could accept cash or credit card. Whether the fee is in local currency or US dollar is up to them.

The authorities could ask about the purpose of your visit to Uruguay. You should tell them the places you will visit, why you have chosen Uruguay and prove that you know what to do in the country.

If you are in a rush and want to receive the visa sooner, ask the embassy how to track visa processing and the standard processing time.


5. Wait until the officials decide on your visa.

Now you need to wait until the embassy works on your visa and decides whether to issue it or not. If everything is complete, you are likely to receive the Uruguay tourist visa. But the embassy could ask for further documents, and the process could take longer. However, the bureaucracy with the Uruguay embassies is often short.

When the visa gets issued, the embassy will inform you to pick it up or will send it to your address.


Do you need a COVID-19 vaccination certificate?

Yes, you have to provide a vaccination certificate for COVID-19 to enter Uruguay. People who are 18 years and older need to provide the certificate of receiving the second dosage. The certificate must have been issued from verified authorities in your home country.


Do Uruguay tourist visa applicants have to enter a quarantine?

If the applicant has not received the second dodge of one of the verified vaccines, he/she needs to enter a 7 days quarantine and take a PCR test. Taking the PCR test is necessary on the 7th day of arrival. The vaccinated people have to take the PCR test after being in Uruguay for 7 days.

Also, children under 6 years old are exempt from taking the PCR test, but older people have to take the PCR test 72 hours before traveling to Uruguay. The negative test results must be provided to the officials.


What’s the Uruguay Health Declaration?

The Uruguay Health Declaration is one of the requirements to enter the country and is a form of document for travelers before getting to the country.

It permits the Uruguayan officials to contact the foreign visitor if he/she has a health problem and the people that the foreigner has been in contact with.

For example, if the PCR test that is mandatory after being in the country for 7 days becomes positive, the authorities contact you wherever you are and require you to enter quarantine or visit medical centers.

It also enables the officials to warn the people who have been in contact with foreign tourists to take safety measures.

You need to apply for the Uruguay Health Declaration online. It costs you $35 to receive it. The application process is easy, and you will receive the certificate in 8 hours; and you can use the super rush processing time to receive the certificate in 4 hours, but you have to pay $60 to use this service.

The process informs you of the procedure to follow and the necessary steps to take.

Children who travel to Uruguay also need to apply and receive the Uruguay Health Declaration even if they are exempt from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.


Uruguay tourist visa validity

The validity of an Uruguay tourist visa depends on your nationality and the authorities’ decision. There are two types of validity 30 days and 90 days. The visa for some countries is valid for 30 days, while for most is valid for 90 days.

When you receive the visa, you will see the validity stick to it.


Uruguay tourist visa processing time

The standard processing time for an Uruguay tourist visa is about two weeks. But it could take longer due to an unwanted problem. For example, if the embassy requires further documents or your requirements are not complete, the processing is longer.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, people want to travel, and the rate of requests might be higher. So there could be a larger number of applicants. So you could expect a longer processing time due to the larger workload for the embassy.


Uruguay tourist visa for Indian citizens

Indian citizens need a visa to visit Uruguay for tourism. They are not among the visa-exempt countries and require to apply in their home country for a visa. They need to have a valid passport for at least six months and provide proof to have enough funds.

The Uruguay embassy is located in New Delhi, and the citizens need to apply to it. As there might be a large number of applicants, you would better apply a bit early and consider some delays.


Let’s sum up…

When you want to visit Uruguay for tourism purposes, you might need an Uruguay tourist visa. The article explained who needs a tourist visa and who does not the requirements, and the application process.

If you need to know more about other types of Uruguay visas, look at the left sidebar.

You can find the latest updates about other countries’ visas by going through the top menu. All the visa information in the world is provided on the Visa Library.

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