How to apply for an Uruguay student visa?


Uruguay, or ‘The Switzerland of South America,’ is a stable and prosperous nation compared to its neighbors, making it an ideal place to pursue your study abroad. But you might need an Uruguay student visa depending on your nationality and the duration of your stay.

This article will explain who needs the Uruguay student visa, requirements, the application process, and receive the answer to FAQs.

Do you need an Uruguay student visa?

Whether the foreign applicants who want to study in Uruguay need a student visa is up to them:

  • Duration of stay
  • Nationality


A few countries are exempt from Uruguay student visas for three months. It means if they want to study in the country for up to 90 days, they do not need a visa. The resident of the following countries do not need a visa when they want to study in Uruguay for 90 days:

Andorra Estonia Malaysia Australia Brazil
Bahamas Argentina Belize USA Austria
Chile Costa Rica Hong Kong El Salvador Slovakia
Belgium Finland Spain Lithuania Norway
Denmark Greece Japan Honduras Canada


Turkey Panama Peru Luxembourg Venezuela
Great Britain Ireland Dominican Republic Bulgaria Lichtenstein
Barbados Bolivia Paraguay Portugal Colombia
Romania Luxembourg Israel Colombia Malta
Cyprus Trinidad And Tobago Hungary New Zealand Slovenia


Germany Switzerland Italy South Korea
Croatia France Sweden Bolivia
Czech Republic Guatemala Jamaica Nicaragua
Mexico Iceland Romania Poland
Ecuador Seychelles Latvia South Africa
Ireland Monaco Netherlands


If you have a valid passport from one of the above countries, then you do not need a visa for studies for up to 90 days in Uruguay. But if your course takes longer, you need a visa.

The people who are not on the above list need an Uruguay student visa if their course takes less than 90 days.


Who is eligible to apply for an Uruguay student visa?

To be qualified and apply for an Uruguay student visa, you need to fulfill the following principles:


Acceptance from an Uruguay university or education center

The first and foremost requirement is to apply for an Uruguay student visa. The university has requirements of its own that you need to fulfill and provide:

  • Transcript
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Language proficiency certificate
  • Educational background
  • Essay


The university requirements vary one by one, and you need to check the university’s official website.

  • Some of the famous universities are as follows:
  • University of Montevideo
  • University of the Republic (UdelaR)
  • ORT Uruguay University
  • Technological University
  • Business University
  • Christian Youth Association University Institute
  • University Institute Latin American Center for Human Economy
  • Bios University Institute
  • Faculty of Theology of Uruguay Mons. Mariano Soler
  • Francisco de Asís University Institute
  • Polytechnic of Punta del Este Maldonado
  • University Institute Center for Teaching, Research, and Information in Learning
  • Crandon University Methodist Institute
  • University Institute Center for the Study and Diagnosis of Disgnancies of Uruguay
  • University Institute of Postgraduate in Psychoanalysis


Have enough funds

Having enough funds to pay the tuition is one of the requirements. The applicant needs to prove it through the bank statements received from a verified financial source of the bank in his/her home country.


Medical insurance

You need to buy medical insurance valid in Uruguay and for your trip. It must cover all of your expenses and COVID-19 expenses if you get infected with the virus. It must undertake to pay all the medical expenses abroad so take care to buy a valid one.


Intention to return to the home country

Providing tie is necessary so to receive the visa. It could be financial or family ones. The officials need to ensure that you return to your home country after finishing your studies. So work on it and gather every piece of documents you can.


Uruguay student visa Requirements

The list of required supporting documents for an Uruguay student visa are as follows:


Application form

You need the short stay or long stay form and put all the relevant information in it. What you fill the form with must be compatible with your personal documents. It is particularly true with the spelling of your names. Applicants often make a mistake and miss or write it wrong.

You have the option to get the application form from the Uruguay embassy website in your home country.


Clean police record certificate

The applicant is supposed to provide a clean criminal record certificate from the country he/she is living. It can not be older than three months. If he/she has lived in a foreign country for longer than six months, it is obligatory to provide a certificate from that country as well.

The certificate is available from the police or judiciary officials.



It must be valid for a least six months over the date your course will finish in Uruguay. Also, the passport can not be older than ten years. If you have dual citizenship, you can provide the passport of the country that benefits from the visa exception for the short term as well.


Health card

An approved physician needs to confirm that you are healthy and pose no health threat to the public. You can find the address of a verified physician from the embassy or people who have applied for an Uruguay student visa in your home country.


Acceptance letter

Providing an acceptance letter from an Uruguay university is a must. It must indicate officials verification from the university and explain:

  • Name of the course
  • Date it begins and ends
  • Accommodation
  • Scholarship
  • Major
  • Level of education or grade


Proof of accommodation

Explain it in detail to the officials where you will stay during your study in Uruguay. If you have rented accommodation, provide a rental agreement of if the university provides you dormitory, ask them to mention it in the acceptance letter.



One of two passport-sized photos are required, and the officials could ask for a few more photos. It must be new and taken within the past three months.


Proof to have enough funds

Bank statements must prove that you have enough money to cover your expenses in Uruguay. You must have enough to pay the tuition and the living expenses in the country. The cost of living is about $28,906 without rent. However, you might need less as you will be living as a student.


Educational documents

Provide the university and school educational certificates you have received before.



A verified translator must translate your documents into Spanish.


Proof of paid visa fees

Provide the receipt that you have paid the visa fees.


Strong ties

Provide family or financial ties that you will return to your home country after finishing your studies.


Valid Insurance

Purchase medical insurance that will pay the expenses during your trip and inside the country.


Do you have to provide a Language fluency certificate for an Uruguay student visa?

The official language of Uruguay is Spanish, and you need to provide language proficiency proof but not for the visa and to the university. If the university accepts your application, it means you have passed language requirements, and the government has nothing to do with the language requirement. However, the course might be taught in English, and you could have to provide an English language proficiency certificate.


Uruguay student visa application process

The application process for an Uruguay student visa could vary a bit by the country you reside in, but a general procedure to follow is as follows:


1. Receive acceptance from an Uruguay university

The first step to applying for an Uruguay student visa is to receive acceptance from an Uruguay university or education center. The requirements got explained above, and they could vary by each university, or they could require further documents or a higher language proficiency certificate.

First, you need to receive the acceptance letter then begin the application process.


2. Gather the requirements

There is a list of supporting documents for the Uruguay student visa that you need to provide to the officials. You can see a standard list in the above section. Gathering all of them could take your time, so begin as soon as you can. You would better be fussy and pay attention to details when collecting them. The officials are severe with the requirements, and if one piece is missing, the application takes longer.


3. Complete the application form

Find the Uruguay embassy or consulate website in your home country and receive the application form from them. You should complete it with details from your documents. What you fill in the form must be compatible with your documents, and everything must match.

When you complete the form, print the date and sign it.


4. Schedule a visa meeting and attend it

Book a meeting with the embassy and prepare every piece of requirements by then. Bear in mind the exact date and time of the interview. You need to get there early and pass the security on time to meet the visa officer.

When you face the officials, submit them all the supporting documents. They must be complete and according to the list. There is also a fee for visa processing that you need to pay, so bring enough money. The cost of an Uruguay student visa could be different for each country so ask the embassy about it. If the officials provide further services, the cost could rise a bit.

You also need to answer a few questions about your studies in Uruguay and what you will do after it. Memorize your plans and the ties you have provided in your documents.


5. Enter Uruguay and apply for a Residence permit

When the officials decide to issue the visa, they will inform you to pick it up or stick the visa to your passport and send it to your address. The way you pick up the visa is up to the embassy.

Now you can enter Uruguay, but your visa is only valid for one month, and you have this period to apply for a Residence Permit to the immigration officials.


How long does it take to receive the Uruguay student visa?

The processing time for the Uruguay student visa is 14 days, but it could take longer if your documents are not complete. Also, if the embassy asks for further documents, it will take longer. Also, the processing time in each country could vary a bit.


How long is the Uruguay student visa valid for?

Uruguay student visa is only valid for one month since you enter the country. When you arrive in Uruguay, you have the period to apply for a Residence permit. The visa is authorization to enter the country, and the residence permit is permission to stay in the country. The permit is valid to finish your studies, and you could extend it as well.


Uruguay student visa for Indian citizens

The Indians are not exempt from the Uruguay short-stay visa. It means they need to apply for the Uruguay student visa without regarding the duration of their stay. Even if the Indians want to study in Uruguay and the course takes up to 90 days, they need a visa. When the course is about to take longer than 90 days, they have to apply for a residence permit when arriving in Uruguay.


Let’s sum up…

If you want to continue your education in Uruguay, you might need an Uruguay student visa.

The article explained who needs a visa and who does not, who is eligible to apply, the requirements, and the application process.

If you have questions about other types of Uruguay visas, look at the left sidebar, and you can find visa information of other countries on the top menu.

Your questions regarding visas will be answered in the comment section below.

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