Uruguay Family Reunification Visa, application and requirements 

When you live in Uruguay under a study permit or work permit, you have the permission to bring your relatives to the country through Uruguay Family Reunionification Visa. It allows your family members to live in the country as long as you are allowed to live. This article explains who is eligible to apply for Uruguay Family Reunionification Visa, the requirements, the application process, and answers to FAQs.

What is Uruguay Family Reunification Visa?

The foreign nationals who live in Uruguay under a leag residence permit have permission to bring their relatives to the country. Spouse, law partner, and children are among the relatives you can bring to the country. For the rest of your relatives, you need permission from the authorities. Ask them whether you can bring the other family members or not. If you have a study permit or work permit in Uruguay, Uruguay Family Reunionification Visa allows you to bring your family members. However, you need to have enough funds and an appropriate place to be eligible. Also, providing legal documents that prove the relationship is a must.  

Uruguay Family Reunification Visa Required Documents

The list of requirements for an Uruguay Family Reunionification Visa might vary by the country you reside in. Also, the Uruguay officials could ask for further requirements. But a general list of the supporting documents is as follows:  

Proof of relationship

The applicant needs to provide a birth certificate or marriage certificate that proves the legal relationship.  

Immigration status

The relative living in Uruguay needs to provide proof of legal residency status. It could be a study permit or work permit.  

Proof to have enough funds

The relative need to have enough money to cover the expenses of the person moving to Uruguay. Payslips or bak statements could prove it.  

Proof of accommodation

The house you will bring your relative to Uruguay must have enough space so people can live in it.  

Invitation letter

The host needs to write a letter and explain the process of bringing the relative to the country. The host should explain:
  • Who the applicant is
  • The relationship
  • The date he/she will enter Uruguay
  • The financial means to support him/her
  • The accommodation and address
  • Residential status, study, or work permit.
  The applicant residing in the foreign country needs to provide:

Clean record certificate

The candidate needs a certificate from the police or judiciary officials proving he has no criminal background.  

Application form

It is required to apply for Uruguay Family Reunionification Visa at the embassy or consulate.  


One or two photos of the applicant are essential. They must be recent, not to be older than three months. The applicant’s face must cover most part (60-7-%) of the photo.  


Having a valid passport that is valid for at least six months to one year is obligatory. It can not be older than ten years ago.  

For Minors

Copy and English translation of either:
  • birth certificate
  • proof of adoption
  • custody decree
  If parents are divorced, the death certificate of the dead parent is required. Note: The provided list of supporting documents for the Uruguay Family Reunionification Visa is not complete. The officials could ask for further documents.  

Uruguay Family Reunification Visa application process

The application process for an Uruguay family reunification visa could be a bit different by country and applicants’ conditions. But a general process the applicants need to follow is as follows;  

Step 1. Are you eligible for an Uruguay family visa?

First, you need to determine whether you are eligible for an Uruguay family reunification visa or not. The host or the relative you want to join in Uruguay must have enough funds to cover the expenses for the relative he/she is going to bring to the country. Also, it is necessary to provide proof or evidence to prove the family relationships. The host needs to have appropriate and enough accommodation for the relative staying in Uruguay. If you can cover the eligibility principles, then you can apply for the Uruguay family visa.  

Step 2. Receiving approval from the Uruguay authorities

The relative residing in Uruguay needs to receive the approval of the immigration officials. He/she needs to apply to the authorities and provide the necessary documents. The relative residing in the foreign country and the one living in Uruguay need to exchange documents and provide whatever the officials need. When the Uruguay immigration officials approve that the relative can move to the country, they inform the Uruguay embassy in that country. Now the applicant can apply for Uruguay Family Reunionification Visa.  

Step 3. Gathering the supporting documents for a family visa

The Uruguay embassy requires a list of supporting documents to issue the visa. The applicant living abroad needs to provide them. Also, the relative loss in Uruguay might have to provide some supporting documents. Both relatives need to be in constant contact, exchange information, and keep the application status updated.  

Step 4. Schedule the visa meeting and attend it

It is necessary to book a meeting with the embassy to submit the requirements. The date should provide you with enough time to gather the requirements and should not be too long. So you need to schedule a date that suits your timing. Write down the exact date and time of the interview as you should not miss it or be late. It might have a bad impression on you and your application.  

Step 5. Complete the application form

The applicant needs to receive the application form from the embassy website and complete it. It’s an essential part of the application, so complete it with care. Whatever information you put in the form must be the same as your documents. There mustn’t be any contradiction. When you complete, print the form, then date, and sign it.  

Step 6. Attending the visa interview session with the embassy

When the time of the meeting comes with the embassy, attend it in person. You can not send another person on your behalf, and the applicant must be present. When you enter the embassy, submit the requirements to the officials, and do not forget to bring all of the documents. There is an obligatory fee for visa processing that you need to pay, so bring enough money or your credit card. It takes time, so the embassy works on the visa and issues it. When it’s ready, the officials inform you to pick it up or post it to you.  

Step 7. Moving to Uruguay and applying for a residence permit

When you receive your visa, you can move to Uruguay. Uruguay Family Reunionification Visa is valid for one month, and you need to apply for a residence permit. The visa is valid and has formal permission to enter the country, and the permit is the authorization to stay in the country. Visit the local immigration officials and submit the requirements. Then you will receive the residence permit, which states how long you can stay in the country.  

How long is the Uruguay Family Reunification Visa valid for?

Uruguay Family Reunionification Visa is valid for one month only. You have one month to apply for the residence permit. The permit will be valid as long as your relative is allowed to stay in Uruguay.  

Uruguay Family Reunification Visa processing time

The processing time for Uruguay Family Reunionification Visa is up to several factors. First, the relative residing in Uruguay needs to receive verification by immigration officials. It could take time until the theory was announced and informed to the embassy. Then the applicant living abroad needs to apply for a visa. The application process takes time, and the processing time for the visa could take more than one month.  

Uruguay Family Reunion Visa Fee

Uruguay Family Reunification visa fee is approximately 42 USD. However, the fee could vary depending on your nationality or your country of submission. Also, the officials might provide further services and require a further fee for the processing.  

Let’s sum up…

When you live in Uruguay under a legal residence permit, such as a study or work permit, you have the permission to bring your family members to the country through Uruguay Family Reunion Visa. This article provided you with whatever you need to know about the program; requirements, the application process, and answers to FAQs. If you need to know more about other types of Uruguay visas, look at the left menu. In case you should know about other countries’ visas, go through the top menu.


How should I get PR in Uruguay?

You must move through one visa and live for at least 2 years. 

Is it hard to immigrate to Uruguay?

No, if you find the right program for your condition and fulfill the requirements. 

How long can I stay in Uruguay?

It’s up to your visa type and the duration of stay on your visa.

Is English common in the country?

Only in major cities to a small extent. You’d better learn the language if you wanna immigrate to.

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