Although Uruguay is a small country but benefits from an export-oriented agricultural sector and a well-educated workforce. You might be interested in developing business ties in the country, and a trip could make everything easier. But an Uruguay business visa might be needed to visit the country.

This article will explain who should apply for an Uruguay business visa to visit the country and who is free, the requirements, the application process, and so on.

Do you need an Uruguay business visa?

Whether you need an Uruguay business visa is up to your nationality. First, you need to know that the Uruguay business visa is valid for three months. It’s a short-stay visa, and you can stay in Uruguay for up to three months.

The nationals of a few countries are exempt from Uruguay short-stay visas. It means they can visit the country by their passport or ID card. The nationals of these countries do not need an Uruguay business visa either. It is that they can visit the country for whatever business purposes they have. However, they may not work or get engaged in paid activities.

The list of the countries that are exempt from the short-stay visa is as follows;

AndorraChile*HondurasMonacoSaint Kitts and NevisTrinidad and Tobago
Argentina*Colombia*Hong KongMongolia***Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesTurkey
ArmeniaCosta RicaIcelandMontenegroSan MarinoUkraine
AustraliaDominicaIsraelNew ZealandSerbiaUnited Arab Emirates
BahamasEcuador*JamaicaNicaraguaSeychellesUnited States
BarbadosEl SalvadorJapanNorwaySingaporeVatican
BelizeGeorgiaLiechtensteinPanamaSouth AfricaVenezuela
Bolivia*GrenadaMacau**Paraguay*South Korea***


*Citizens of the mentioned countries have permission to cross the border with an ID card only.

The members of the EU countries (for a maximum stay of 90 days within a 180-day period)

**holders of an MSAR passport or an MSAR Travel Permit)

***A maximum stay of 30 days)

If you have a passport from the above list of countries, you can go to Uruguay without applying for a visa. You have the authorization to stay for up to 90 days. It exempts you from applying for a business visa as well.

If your nationality is not among the above list, you need to apply for the visa and follow the below procedure.

Uruguay business visa application process

The application process for an Uruguay business visa could vary a bit by the country you reside in. You might have to go through a different stage in the process mentioned below. But a general procedure to apply for an Uruguay business visa is as follows:

Step 1. Figure out you are among visa-free countries or not

The first step you need to go through is to figure out whether you need an Uruguay business visa or not. This article explained in the above section that a few countries do not need a visa for short stays in Uruguay.

See the above list and determine whether your nationality is among them or not. If yes, you do not need to follow the below procedure. You can visit the country with your passport.

So do your research for a few minutes and save yourself all the trouble and time to apply for the visa. If not, follow the below steps.

Step 2. Gather the supporting documents

There is a list of supporting documents or requirements for an Uruguay business visa that you need to collect. The officials want to know that you have a genuine business trip and you have no criminal or terrorist intent. So the documents prove that you are eligible, and the officials issue the visa.

Remember that it could take a bit of time to gather the requirements. You would better start collecting the requirements a bit earlier so you can attend the meeting or fulfill deadlines. You can see a list of the requirements in the above section. However, the authorities could ask for further supporting documents.

You would better ask the embassy about the full list of requirements to save time and effort. If your list is not complete and the officials aks further requirements, the application process for the Uruguay business visa takes longer.

Step 3. Complete the paper application form

The application form for an Uruguay business visa is an essential part, and you need to complete it with care. You need to find the Uruguay embassy website in your home country and download the electronic form. However, the embassy might provide the form in paper format, and you might have to get it in person which is unlikely.

Fill in the form with true and exact data from your documents. Whatever you put in the form is essential and must not contradict your documents, particularly your birth certificate and passport.

When you have completed the form, print the date and sign it. The signature must match your official one.

Step 4. Schedule a visa meeting with the embassy

Now is the time to schedule a visa meeting with the Uruguay embassy or consulate in your home country. You could do this part a bit earlier to save time. But you should be able to gather all the documents by your meeting. Write down the exact date and particular time of the meeting. Set deadlines on your smartphone or put sticky notes somewhere you can see as you should not miss or be late for the meeting.

You would better contact the embassy earlier and ask them for the full list of requirements. Also, if they require copies, prepare them as there might not be such services with the embassy.

Step 5. Attend the interview with the Uruguay embassy or consulate

When the time of the meeting comes, get to the embassy about half an hour early. It will take you time to go through the security check and enter the embassy. So you would better have time until you meet the officer.

Submit all the documents to the officials and pay the visa processing fee. The fee is up to the country and the services provided by the embassy. You could ask the embassy how much the visa will cost and how they will accept the payment; cash or credit card, the local currency, or the US dollar.

Step 6. Wait for the visa processing by the officials.

It takes time until the embassy works on your visa and issues it. The processing time is up to a few factors;

  • Whether the embassy requires further documents or not
  • The workload of the embassy
  • The country you apply from
  • Time of the year
  • Applicant’s particular case

When the visa is issued, the embassy sends it to you or informs you to pick it up.

Uruguay business visa requirements

The commonly required documents for an Uruguay visa are as follows:

Application form

You can receive it from the embassy website. The instructions to complete it got explained above.


One or two passport-size photos are required, and they must have been taken recently. The applicant’s face must cover 60-70% of the photo, and no particular facial feature must block the face. Sunglasses, unusual cover, or veil is not allowed.


It must be valid for the entire time you want to stay in Uruguay and hold the validity for six months to one year over the date you will leave the country. The passport must have been issued less than ten years ago.

Invitation letter

The Uruguay company you will visit should provide an invitation letter. It should clearly explain the purpose of the trip and the things the applicant will do.

The letter must be on company letterhead, and the authority who issues it must sign it. The general information about the person who sings it must be mentioned, including the responsibility.

Also, the dates that the applicant will enter and leave the country must be mentioned.

Identity document

The Identity document of the person who writes or sends the invitation letter needs to be provided.

Medical certificate

The Uruguay embassy or consulate seats medical centers so you can take a test and prove to be healthy to visit the country.


You need to purchase verified insurance that covers all of your medical expenses in Uruguay and during the trip until returning to your home country.

Employment letter

Provide a letter from the company you work in that explains:

  • Visitor’s position
  • Permission to attend the business trip
  • Who covers the cost of the trip
  • Duration
  • The dates you will enter and leave the country
  • Travel itinerary
  • Where you will stay during the trip

Proof to have enough funds

Provide evidence that you have enough money to cover your expenses. If the host will cover the expenses, he/she needs to explain it in the invitation letter. In case the employer or the company covers the cost of the trip, the permission leave letter needs to explain it.

Proof of accommodation

Make it clear where you will stay during your trip. A hotel reservation could suffice.

Let’s sum up…

Uruguay is a small country with an export-oriented agricultural sector and a well-educated workforce. You might be interested in developing business ties in the country, and a trip could make everything easier. So an Uruguay business visa might be needed to visit the country.

The article explained who needs an Uruguay business visa, the requirements, and the application process.

If you need to know about other types of Uruguay visas, look at the left sidebar.

Visa information about other countries’ visas is also provided on the top menu.

If you have questions about visas and the application process, write them down in the comment section below, and the Visa Library team will respond immediately.

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