Brazil Visitor Visa Requirements, Brazil Visitor Visa Application Process


You have made every arrangement, bought a ticket, reserved a hotel, and gathered enough money to visit Brazil. On the date, you get to the airport to move. But the officials ask for your visa. Darn. Did I need a visa? You might need a Brazil visitor visa to enter Brazil. Also, you might be free of it.

This article will answer your question, and introduce the requirements, Who needs it, application process, and different types of visitor visas.


Who Needs a Brazil Visitor Visa?

The lengths of your stay determine the answer. If you stay up to 90 days in Brazil, it is a short-term visit. When you seek to stay longer than 90 days, it becomes a long-term- visit.

A few countries do not need a Brazil short-stay visa. They can enter the country with a passport or travel document. See if your nationality is one of them or not. Remember that such countries need a visa for long stays.

If your nationality needs a short-stay visa, apply for one that suits you. The visa must fit the purpose of your visit to Brazil.


Brazil Visitor Visa Requirements

The required supporting documents for Brazil visitor visas are as follows:

  • Application form
  • Photo
  • Insurance
  • Passport
  • Proof to have enough money
  • Invitation letter
  • Clean record
  • Proof to have somewhere to stay
  • Related documents for your job
  • Permission leave from employer or university
  • Yellow fever Vaccination Proof
  • Banks statements for the latest six months
  • Cover letter
  • Civil status proof
  • Birth certificate and national ID card
  • Requirements according to your job status

Brazilian officials could require more documents. They might also ask for specific requirements. It is up to your case and their decision.


Brazil Visitor Visa Application Process

The Application Process for Brazil visitor visas is as follows:

1. Need a visa

Before applying for a Brazil visitor visa, see if you need it or not. Some countries might not need a visa for short-term visits to Brazil. REsearch to know if you are one of them or not.


2. Being eligible

When you need a visa, determine whether you are eligible for it or not. Being eligible is crucial in the application process. If you are not, the application will get refused.


3. Application form

Complete the application form for a Brazil visitor visa. You could get it from the Brazilian embassy or consulate in your home country. Print, date, and sign it at the end.


4. Requirements

Every Brazil visitor visa needs some supporting documents. You have to collect all of them and submit them to the authorities. Every piece must be complete and according to the given instruction.


5. Visa meeting

Set a meeting with the Brazilian embassy or consulate. Get there in person on the date. Bring all the gathered supporting documents. Also, pay the fee for visa processing. The visa officials might ask you to pass an interview. Provide true and honest answers to their questions.


6. Processing

When you leave, the embassy is the time to wait. Have patience and wait until the authorities process your application. The processing time is different and depends on different elements. You could also track your application. Call the embassy or visit the website to know about your visa. When your visa is ready, they will stamp it on your passport and send it to your address. Providing that the officials refuse your application, they will tell you why. The original form of your documents will get returned to you.

Types of Brazil Visitor Visa Requirements

The types of Brazil visitor visas are as follows:

Brazil tourist visa

When you wish to visit Brazil for a holiday or to visit its attractions, you might need a tourist visa. It falls under the short-stay category. It is that you can stay in the country for a short time. The ultimate time you could stay in Brazil under a tourist visa is three months. A tourist visa is only valid for visiting purposes. You could also use it to visit friends and family there.

Whether you need a tourist visa for Brazil is a matter of your nationality. Lots of countries do not need it. Most South American countries are some of them. Since June 2019, the below list of countries do need a visa for short-stays in Brazil:

  • The US
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • Australia

Before you apply for a tourist visa, see if you need one or not.

Brazil business visa

Tourism has influenced other parts of Brazil. It helped the economy to grow and become strong. So businesspeople consider investing in the country and developing ties. In case you are thinking of a business trip, you might need a business visa. Brazil business visa falls under the short-term category. It allows you to visit Brazil for whatever business intention you have. Yet, you may not work or study in the country. Apply for a work visa to participate in a paid job.

Like other short-stay visas, you might not need a business visa. When your nationality does not need a short-stay visa for Brazil, you do not need a business visa. Bear in mind that the longest validity of a business visa is 90 days.


Let’s sum up…

This article introduced you to a Brazil visitor visa. You got familiar with different types, whether you need it, requirements, and the application process.

You have the option to visit the Visa Library’s homepage to find out more about other countries’ visas.

Providing that you have some experience with visas, share them with us in the comments section. They are a huge help for visa applicants.

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