What are the Requirements for a brazil family visa? How to apply for a brazil family visa?


Do you have a relative in Brazil who wish to join? You must be confused and looking for information. The first step is that you can move to the country through a Brazilian family visa.

This article will bring you everything you should know about Brazil’s family visa, Who needs it, who is eligible for it, the requirements, the application process, and more.

Can you apply for a Brazilian family visa?

Brazil’s family visa allows its citizens to bring their family members. Not anyone can apply for it. If you have a Residence Permit in Brazil, you can bring the following relatives:

Spouse or law-partner

The couple must have legal proof of marriage


The child must be under 18 and single to be eligible. If the child is older, he/she must need medical care. For example, disabled children are eligible even if they are older than 18.


The parents must need the sponsor’s help to be eligible. Also, you have to prove that they need your financial support. You could prove it by providing money transfers.

Other relatives

Your sibling, grandchild, or great-grandchild are also eligible. It is when they are orphans and unmarried. The age limit is true in this case as well.


What are the Requirements for a family visa?

The requirements for a Brazil family visa are as follows:


The Brazilian authorities want your passport:

  • Not to be older than ten years.
  • Have one blank page.
  • Be valid for at least six months over the date you enter Brazil.


Two photos of yourself are mandatory. They must:

  • Be identical
  • Taken recently. They would be better from the latest three months.
  • Clear-white background.

Proof of relationship

It could be a birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc. It must prove your relationship between the sponsor and the guest.

Clean record certificate

Application form

The guest must complete it with the correct and true information.



The sponsor must provide:

  • Passport
  • Legal residence permit
  • ID card
  • Registered address in Brazil
  • Proof to have enough funds.
  • Proof to have enough funds.

Attention: Bear in mind to have the documents legalized in the Consulate General of Brazil to be valid in Brazil.

Brazilian officials might ask for additional documents. So bring everything that might be necessary with yourself to Brazil.

How to apply for a family visa?

The application process for a Brazil family visa is as follows:

1. Are you eligible?

Find out you are eligible before applying for a family visa. As explained above, only a few groups of relatives are eligible for a family reunion visa. Before you waste your time and energy, figure out this point.

Bear in mind that your sponsor or relative in Brazil must be at least 21. It is the rule for sponsors set by the Brazilian government.

2. Tourist visa

You have to apply for a Brazilian family visa inside the country. First, you must apply for a Brazil tourist visa. It allows you to enter the country and stay for up to 90 days. There you can apply for a family visa.

3. Application

The Ministry of Justice in Brazil is the center to apply to. Visit them in Brazil, and they inform you what you have to do.

4. Requirements

The Ministry of Justice requires some supporting documents for the Brazil family visa. See the section above to know what they are. Bear in mind that you might have collected some of them in your home country. So, before you move to Brazil, gather all of them. If none of them gather the parts, you can. Remember that the Brazilian authorities are strict with the visa rules. It is true with the requirements. It is because they prove you are honest with your application.

5. Processing

The application might take a bit long. So apply as soon as possible—also, the processing time to issue the visa.


Let’s sum up…

This article explained all you should know about the Brazil family visa. It explained who is eligible for it, its requirements, the application process, and FAQs.

In case you need to know about other countries’ visas, go to the Visa Library’s home page.

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