Parents of international students studying in New Zealand can be with their children during their studies. To do this, they must obtain a Guardian of a Student Visitor Visa. Holders of this visa benefit from restrictions and benefits. For example, they can be with their child while he or she is in New Zealand. However, these people are not allowed to work during their stay.

In the following, we intend to review the requirements of the Guardian of a Student Visitor Visa, the application process, the fees to be paid, and the process of visa renewal and other details.

What is the Guardian of a Student Visitor Visa?

The Guardian of a Student Visitor Visa lets legal guardians and parents of New Zealand student visa holders reside in the country while their child is studying. Therefore, it is quite clear that the visa’s validity depends on the status of the student visa of your child. Holders of this visa can live in New Zealand and take care of their children during this time. Holders of this visa permit are not allowed to work or study in New Zealand.

What are the requirements for a Guardian of a Student Visitor Visa?

Applicants for the Guardian of a Student Visitor Visa need to submit the following documents:

  • If you submit your documents online, you must submit one photo, and if you submit documents as a paper submission, you must submit two photos. In the case of paper applications, the dimensions of your photo should be 35 by 45 mm. If you send the photo online, its size should be between 500 KB and 3 MB.
  • If you are applying as a paper submission, you must send the original passport with a certified copy. However, in the case of online submission, only a certified copy of the passport is sufficient. To send your passport, you can go to the nearest Visa Application Center. You must submit your passport within the designated time frame; otherwise, your visa application will be delayed or rejected.
  • To prove good health, you need to do a chest x-ray and a medical examination. If you intend to stay in New Zealand for less than six months, you do not need a chest x-ray, but if you need to stay for more than 12 months, you must do a chest x-ray, no matter where you apply from.
  • You have to present a police certificate to prove your good character. If you are over 17 years old and intend to stay in this country for more than 24 months, you must provide this certificate. For information on where you can get a police certificate, go to the New Zealand Immigration Website.
  • Your intention must be genuine. In other words, you need to show you do not intend to reside permanently in New Zealand. Your purpose in traveling to New Zealand should also be legal. On the other hand, you must comply with the conditions set out in your visa. You must complete your visa application form and entry card honestly; otherwise, you will not be granted a visa, or you will not be allowed to enter New Zealand. Providing documents that show family ties, work, and financial obligations in your home country are among the documents that you can provide.
  • To be qualified for this permit, your child must have a valid student visa. You must also provide your child’s current visa as part of your documents.
  • You must provide evidence that you are the parent or legal guardian of your child. Birth certificate, adoption documents, court documents, or other legal documents can be enough to prove your relationship with your child. Please note that this visa is only issued to a parent or legal guardian, even if you have more than one child in New Zealand. Other family members need their own visas.
  • You must be able to cover your financial expenses in Australia. You need at least NZ $ 1,000 or NZ $ 400 per person to cover your expenses. Bank statements, bank drafts, travelers ‘chequeens, and credit card statements are some of the documents you can provide to prove your financial ability.
  • You need to prove that you can buy a ticket. If you have a sponsor to cover these costs, documents such as your sponsor bank statement, payslips, employment agreement, and accommodation ownership or payment of rent must be provided.

How can I apply for this visa?

The general procedure for applying for a New Zealand visa, including the Guardian of a Student Visitor Visa, is:

  1. You must first prepare the documents you need.
  2. In most cases, a New Zealand visa application must be submitted online. So you need to scan all your documents and convert them to PDF format. Then complete your visa application form and submit it along with other documents. To upload your documents, you must create an account on the New Zealand Immigration Website.
  3. Your visa application will then be evaluated. You may be asked to provide additional documents. You will then be informed of the outcome of your visa application.

How long does it take to evaluate the submitted documents and issue a visa?

The processing time of Guardian of a Student Visitor Visa depends on various factors, but on average, it can be said that it takes about 25 working days for your documents to be assessed and the final decision on granting a visa to be made.

How much does it cost to apply for a Guardian of a Student Visitor Visa?

The cost of applying for a Guardian of a Student Visitor visa varies depending on your country and nationality. So go to the New Zealand Immigration website for details on what you have to pay. You can find out the application fee, VAC Service Fee, and Courier Fee by selecting the country, nationality, and type of visa on this website.

Can visa holders work in New Zealand?

Holders of Guardian of a Student Visitor Visa are not allowed to work in New Zealand.

How is the Guardian of a Student Visitor Visa renewed?

You should leave the country before the expiration date of your visa. If you need to stay longer in New Zealand, you must apply for another visa. Note that you cannot apply for the following visas:

  • The Essential Skills Work Visa
  • a Specific Purpose or Event Work Visa
  • a Student Visa

Do Guardian of a Student Visitor Visa Holders Need Health Insurance?

In your visa application process, you must state that you can cover your medical expenses in New Zealand. Therefore, we recommend that you get full medical insurance for the duration of your stay in this country.

What should you do after arriving in New Zealand?

You must apply for an entry permit as soon as you arrive in New Zealand. To do this, you must complete the arrival card. You are not allowed to enter the country if:

●     Unable to meet character requirements

●     Your circumstances have changed since you were granted the visa.

●     You can not provide evidence of onward travel or travel expenses.

Note that if you move away from your child and do not support him/her, your permission will be revoked, and you will have to return to your home country.

Let’s sum up …

We reviewed the Guardian of a Student Visitor Visa application process, requirements, how to renew, fees to be paid, and other details in the previous sections. In other sections of the Visa Library website, you can find different types of New Zealand visas as well as immigrant and nonimmigrant visas from other countries.

If you have experience getting a New Zealand student visa, share it through the comments section. This way, other people on this path can benefit from your experience.

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