Some students may need to take practical internships as part of their program. These people must apply for a Student and trainee work visa.

In the following, we will examine the Student and trainee work visa requirements, the application process, how to renew, work and travel permits, and other details.

What is the Student and trainee work visa?

If you need to get practical work experience as part of your study program, you must apply for the Student and trainee work visa. You will also need this visa if you want to work in the following areas:

  • Formal religious training
  • Practical Dental
  • Medical Training
  • Apprenticeship as a jockey

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The validity of Student and trainee work visa depends on the type of your program:

  • People who work as interns in the medical and dental fields can stay under this visa for six months.
  • Students taking practical training can also stay in New Zealand for up to six months on this visa.
  • Religious trainees can initially stay for up to 36 months.
  • Apprentice jockeys can also stay under this visa for up to 4 years ( jockeys must be at least 16 years old)

Please note that your partner and dependent children cannot come to New Zealand under this visa. They must apply for their appropriate visa based on their relationship with you.

What are the requirements for a Student and trainee work visa?

  • The applicants for Student and trainee work visas must submit a suitable photo along with their other documents. In some cases, sending one photo is enough, but in some other cases, you have to send two photos.
  • Applicants for all New Zealand visas must provide a valid passport with a certified copy of it. Note your visa applications will not be processed if the passport is not received within the specified time frame.
  • To prove your good health, you need to do some medical examinations and chest x-rays. You do not need to provide a chest x-ray if you want to stay in New Zealand for less than six months. Citizens of some countries must meet this requirement if they wish to stay in New Zealand for more than six months. Also, anyone planning to stay in New Zealand for more than 12 months, regardless of their country, must submit chest x-rays.
  • All individuals over the age of 17 need to present a police certificate to prove their good character. This certificate is required if you plan to stay in New Zealand for more than 24 months.
  • If you intend to do practical work experience, you should have enough money or an acceptable sponsor. Your monthly income must be at least NZ $ 1,000 per month to be able to pay your accommodation expenses. To show that you can afford these costs, you must provide the following documents:
  • Proof of accommodation pre-payment, like hotel pre-paid vouchers or receipts
  • Bank statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Bank drafts
  • Travelers’ checks
  • A ‘Sponsorship Form for Temporary Entry’ completed by an acceptable sponsor.

If your sponsor covers your expenditures, the following documents must be provided by the           sponsor:

  • Recent bank statements
  • Payslips
  • Employment agreement
  • Accommodation ownership or payment of rent

If you are a religious, medical, dental trainee, you do not need to provide this requirement. An apprentice jockey is also exempt from this requirement.

  • Individuals wishing to work as religious apprentices must consider the following items:
  • You must first obtain proper admission from the formal religious training program and then provide written confirmation of your place.
  • As your sponsor, the religious organization must complete the Sponsorship Form for Religious Workers.
  • The sponsoring organization must be registered as a charity with Charities Services.
  • The main goal of this organization should be the advancement of religion.
  • This organization must have at least five years of religious training experience.
  • The sponsoring organization should be able to support you in the financing, if necessary.
  • If you want to work as a medical or dental trainee, you should consider the following:
  • You must have the necessary qualifications and experience.
  • You need to get an appropriate offer from a hospital in New Zealand.
  • You need to have enough funds to support your expenses or find a suitable sponsor.
  • If you already have a student or visitor visa, you can not apply for this visa.
  • If you want to work as an Apprentice Jockey, you need to consider the following:
  • You must first obtain a suitable offer from a New Zealand trainer and provide evidence such as an employment agreement or letter of offer.
  • If you are unable to complete the Apprenticeship course, your trainer must be able to pay your return expenses to your home country. For this purpose, your trainer must provide a written guarantee or mention this in your employment agreement.
  • New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing Incorporated agrees to pay your accommodation costs while you are in New Zealand. In this case, a written guarantee must be provided.

How to apply for this visa?

The process for obtaining the Student and trainee work is similar to other New Zealand visas. You must first choose whether you intend to submit your documents online or by paper, then you should consider the following:

  1. First, carefully study the requirements of this visa that we mentioned in the previous section and prepare the necessary documents.
  2. You can then scan your documents along with your passport and photo and convert them to PDF format. Next, you must create a private account on the New Zealand Immigration website and submit your documents through it. In this way, you can follow up the status of your application through this account. If you decide to submit your visa application by paper submission, you must submit your documents to the nearest visa application center.
  3. Once your documents have been submitted, the New Zealand Immigration Service will process your application and decide whether to grant you a visa. You may be asked to send additional documents.
  4. After receiving the visa, you can make arrangements to travel to New Zealand, and after entering the country, you can apply for an entry permit.

Can a visa holder travel to or from New Zealand?

Yes, but the visa holder must obtain the Multiple-entry travel condition to be able to return to New Zealand.

Can the visa holder work?

Holders of the Student and trainee work visas are only allowed to work for the institution or trainer from which they received their admission.

Can the visa holder apply for a visa renewal?

As a visa holder, you must leave the country before your visa expires. People who are religious trainees can apply for another  Student and

Let’s sum up…

In the previous sections, we explained the requirements of the Student and train work visa, the application process, the fees to be paid, and other details. In other sections of the Visa Library website, you can read about other New Zealand visas as well as different types of visas from other countries.

If you have experience in obtaining New Zealand visas, including Student and trainee work visas, share it with other readers through the comments section. You can also put your questions in this section, and we will answer as soon as possible.


How long is my training visa valid?

It’s up to your program; look at the article to know the exact duration. 

Do requirements vary?

Yes, they vary by nationality and the area you wanna work in.

Can I apply online?

Yes, the online application has been explained, and it is faster. 

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