New Zealand Community Sponsored Refugee Resident visa


The New Zealand Community Sponsored Refugee Resident visa is a pilot visa program that aims to complete the New Zealand refugee quota. If you need to apply for this visa, you should know that the applications are currently closed.

There are many advantages to having this visa, including unlimited residence, study, and work in New Zealand.

We review the requirements of the New Zealand Community Sponsored Refugee Resident visa, visa application fee, immigration levy, and other details.

What is a New Zealand Community Sponsored Refugee Resident visa?

UNHCR-mandated refugees can apply for residency using this visa. If you want to get this visa, a qualified community organization must nominate you. You must also have three years of work experience and be able to meet English language requirements. Keep in mind that an expression of interest is required before applying for this visa. If you want to get this visa, pay attention to the following points:

  • Applicants in the 18-45 age range are eligible for this visa.
  • Under this visa, you can work, study, and live in New Zealand.
  • You can include your family members, including your partner and dependent child, in your visa application.
  • This visa is a pilot program that has been launched since the 2017-2018 and aims to complete New Zealand’s refugee quota.
  • You must first write an expression of interest. If your expression of interest is selected, you will be invited to apply for a visa.
  • Applicants for Community sponsored refugee residents visas are exempt from paying the visa application fee and immigration levy.
  • The Community Sponsored Refugee Resident visa application is currently closed, and you can not apply for it.

Let’s sum up…

In this section, we review the requirements for a Community Sponsored Refugee Resident visa. We reiterate that you are currently unable to submit your visa application. Therefore, information on how to apply for this visa is not available. In other sections of the Visa Library website, you can find information on visas for New Zealand and different countries.

If you came to New Zealand as a refugee under this visa, you could share your experiences on how to apply for a visa through the comments section. This way, they can use your experience. Also, through this section, you can ask your questions and give us your constructive feedback.

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