The United Mexican States, also known as Mexico, is a beautiful country in the Southern part of North America. Mexico shares its northern border with the United States of America.

Mexico is known as the land of color and contrasts. Due to its festive culture, jungles, and crowded beaches, Mexico has become a popular tourist destination.

Mexico’s popularity grows increasingly among tourists. Statistics indicate that Mexico hosted 23.3 million international tourists in 2020.

In this article, we will share some information about types of Mexican visas, the required documents, and how to apply for Mexican visas.

Types of Mexico Visas

Mexico offers different types of visas. Here are three main types:

Mexico Tourist Visas

This visa type is issued for foreign travelers who want to visit Mexico for tourism, business, or a visit without employment purposes. This visa is for a short stay of up to 180 days.

Mexico Temporary Resident Visa

This visa type is issued to foreigners who travel to Mexico and stay more than six months but less than four years.

Temporary resident visas are categorized into the following types:

  • Mexico Student Visa
  • Mexico Work Visa
  • Mexico Family Visa

Mexico Permanent Resident Visa

This visa type is issued to foreigners who want to move to Mexico and live there permanently. This type of visa is most common and ideal for retired people with a pension who want to live in Mexico with an independent income (This is why this visa is also called Mexico Retirement Visa).

How to apply for a Mexican visa?

Travelers from nearly 170 countries need a consular visa to enter Mexico. These travelers must make an appointment at their nearest diplomatic government office of Mexico and complete the process in order to obtain a travel document. This process must be completed without regarding the purpose and duration of the trip.

The process includes these steps:

Making an appointment at the Mexico embassy

When you apply for a Mexico visa, the first step is to contact an embassy and make an appointment because The application process can be different based on travelers’ country.

Each Mexican embassy may have its specific requirements. These differences may include fee payment methods and opening hours.

To ensure adequate time for the process, travelers need to make an appointment for a Mexico visa at least four weeks in advance.

Completing the Mexico Visa Application Form

Travelers must complete the Mexico Visa Application Form. They can fill the application form on the Mexico embassy website. In some cases, travelers can receive the application form at the embassy at the time of submitting the application.

Collecting the required documents

Travelers need to collect several required documents in order to support their application. In addition, there might also be some documents related to your purpose of travel.

Submitting the application

Travelers must submit their documents and forms to the Mexico embassy authorities on the day of the appointment. Travelers must also pay a Mexico visa fee.

The minimum cost for a visa is about $36. However, depending on the type of visa, the visa fee may change. Furthermore, the traveler’s country may change the visa fee and the payment method. In addition, a traveler must also pay for the Tourist Card, which costs between $15-$30.

Mexico visa requirements

Applicants who have a permanent residence permit or a valid visa form:

  • The Schengen Area
  • The UK
  • The USA
  • Canada
  • Japan

DO NOT require a visa. Moreover, applicants from the mentioned countries must travel to Mexico under the following conditions:

  • Their travel purpose is tourism, studies or business.
  • Their travel duration is not more than 180 days.
  • They are not about to receive any remuneration from Mexico.

Travelers must acquire these documents for their application process:

  • A Mexico Visa Application Form (It can be collected form Mexican Embassy offices or their website.)
  • A valid passport with one blank page (Mexican authorities require a passport with more than six months of validity or for the duration of the stay in Mexico).
  • A copy of the traveler’s passport.
  • Pictures (Must be passport-size)
  • A completed Multiple Migratory Form. The Multiple Migratory Form (FMM) can be acquired either at the port of entry or from the airline. (When travelers are about to depart from Mexico, They will be asked for their FMM. Therefore, the FMM must be kept in a safe place.)
  • Reserved round-trip travel ticket
  • Evidence of accommodation
  • Employment status documents
  • Cover letter
  • A statement of a paid Mexico visa fee
  • Evidence of sufficient financial means

At the port of entry, travelers need to present some documents to prove the purpose of their visit to Mexico. The Immigration Authorities will inspect these documents. These documents are based on the following conditions:

  • Tourists must have hotel information, travel plans, and return tickets.
  • Business people must have letters in Spanish from the foreign company proving that the traveler is an employee or an invitation from a public or private institution, proving the purpose of the trip (for non-remunerated activities), duration of travel, and holding accountability for the travel and lodging costs.
  • Students must have a letter of invitation from an institution related to the National Educational System. Students can use this letter for taking courses, conducting a research project, or undertaking academic training. The maximum time length is 180 days.

Let’s sum up…

Mexico is one of the most popular travel destinations for tourists. In this article, we mentioned the types of Mexican visas, the steps of submitting an application process, and the required documents. So, if you like to learn more about Mexican visas, visit the left sidebar or contact us for more information.

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