Mexico Tourist Visa, requirements and application process 


Mexico is a beautiful country in the Southern part of North America. It shares its northern borders with the United States and its southern borders with Belize and Guatemala. Mexico welcomes many visitors every year. Therefore, the Mexican government authorized Mexican tourist visas to foreigners for tourism, business, visit, and cultural events.

In this article, we will explain about Mexico tourist visa, its requirements, Mexican tourist card, and how to apply for Mexico tourist visas.

Who Needs a Mexico Tourist Visa?

If you are about to submit an application for a tourist visa, you need to check the Mexican visa-waiver list. National tourists who are from the following countries do not need to receive a tourist visa from the Mexican government to stay in Mexico for 180 days or less:

Countries in the European Union Andorra Argentina Australia
Bahamas Barbados Belize Brazil
Canada Chile Colombia Costa Rica
Ecuador Hong Kone Iceland Israel
Jamaica Japan Liechtenstein Macau
Marshall Islands Malaysia Micronesia Monaco
New Zealand Norway Palau Panama
Paraguay Peru San Marino Singapore
South Korea Switzerland Trinidad and Tobago United Arab Emirates
United States Uruguay Vatican City Venezuela

Note: If you are not from the mentioned countries but have a Schengen or US visa, you don’t need to apply for a tourist visa.


What is a Mexico Tourist Card?

The Mexico tourist card or FMM (Forma Migratoria Múltiple) is a Residence permit. All foreign travelers visiting Mexico by land or air must obtain an FMM tourist card.

This card includes information, such as the number of days travelers are allowed to stay in the country. Remember that the FMM card only provides temporary residency for tourists, and they cannot work with this card.

Travelers can obtain an FMM card

  • When they arrive in Mexico.
  • From their airlines along with their ticket price.
  • Online up to 7 days before they travel.

Tourists from countries with visa exemption only need to acquire the FMM card. However, tourists from other countries must obtain both the Mexico tourist visa and the FMM card.


What are the Requirements for a Mexico Tourist Visa?

Mexican embassies ask tourists to collect and present certain documents. These required documents are as follows:

  • A complete Mexico Tourist Visa Application Form (must be printed and signed)
  • An FMM card
  • A passport with blank pages (must be valid for at least six months)
  • A copy of relevant pages of the passport
  • Pictures (must be passport-size)
  • Reserved round-trip travel tickets
  • Evidence of sufficient financial status via bank statements (the last three months).
  • Evidence of a hotel booking. If tourists plan to stay with their friends or family members, they must state their name and address.
  • Employment status documents
  • A Cover letter which explains the reason for the tourist’s travel, details of the trip like the arrival and departure dates and tourist’s accommodation.
  • Evidence of paid Mexico visa fee

Note: Depending on the reason for the travel and tourists’ employment status, embassies might also ask for other documents.


How to Get a Mexico Tourist Card?

Tourists must have an FMM card to be able to enter Mexico. Tourists can get FMM cards in different ways.

  • If tourists are traveling by land, they can get their tourist card:
    • From the plane crew. The cabin crew distributes these cards when the plane is about to land (only if the price of the Tourist Card is included in the cost of tickets).
    • From clerks of immigration desks inside the airport.
    • At a Mexican embassy before their flight.
  • If tourists are traveling by sea, they can get the Tourist or FMM card at the Mexico port of call.
  • If tourists are traveling by land, they can get the Mexico Tourist or FMM Card at the point of entry.
  • If tourists are applying online, they must print the Tourist Card and bring it when they travel.


Mexico Tourist Card Fee

A Tourist Card can cost between 25 to 35 US Dollars, depending on tourists’ countries.


Mexico Tourist Card Validity

A Mexico Tourist Card can be issued for 30, 60, 90 up to a maximum of 180 days based on the decision of the immigration officers at the point of entry. Tourists must leave Mexico before their tourist Card expires.


How to Extend a Mexico Tourist Card?

If a tourist visa card is issued for less than 180 days, tourists can go to the immigration officers and extend it to the full 180 days from inside Mexico. However, if a tourist card is issued for 180 days, it cannot be extended.


How to Apply for a Mexico Tourist Visa?

Acquiring a tourist visa includes several steps. First, tourists need to find a Mexican embassy nearby. Then, Tourists have to:

  1. Set a time for an appointment at the embassy.
  2. Fill out the Mexico Visa Application Form. This form is also accessible from the website of the embassy.
  3. Gather the required documents.
  4. Set another appointment at the embassy.
  5. Submit the documents, application form, and make the visa fee payments at the Mexico embassy.
  6. Wait for the embassy to complete the visa process and reach a verdict.
  7. Take their passport to the embassy because the Mexico visa will be affixed to their passport.

Note: Method for paying the Mexico visa fee and opening hours and days of the embassy can depend on the country tourists are applying from.


What is SAE?

SAE (Sistema de Autorización Electrónica) or the Electronic Travel Authorization is another method to apply for a Mexico tourist visa. This online method is valid for one entry and is only available for Turkey, Russia, and Ukraine citizens.


How much is a Mexico Tourist Visa Fee?

The Mexico Tourist Visa fee is typically about 36 US Dollars. However, the visa fee and the payment method may differ depending on the country tourists apply from.


Let’s sum up …

The Mexican government provides tourist visas for international travelers who are willing to visit this magnificent country. In this article, we mentioned some information regarding the Mexican tourist card, how to apply for it, and how to apply for a Mexico tourist visa and its required documents. We also answered some common questions.

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