How to Apply for a Mexico Student Visa?


As one of the largest Spanish-speaking countries in the Southern part of North America, Mexico welcomes many students from all around the world. International students who plan to pursue their educational goals in Mexico need to receive a Mexico student visa to study in Mexico for longer than 180 days.

In this article, we will take a look at the Mexico student visa, how to apply, and answer some common questions.

Who Should Apply for a Mexico Student Visa?

Mexican government offers two types of Mexico Student Visas:

  • The Temporary Resident Student Visa
  • The Visitor Student Visa


A Temporary Residence visa is suitable for students who want to stay in Mexico for more than 180 days. On the other hand, The Visitor Visa is for students who plan to stay for a course that takes less than 180 days.

Students from the following countries do not need a visa specially when their course is less  than 180 days. These countries are:

EU members Andorra Argentina Australia
Bahamas Barbados Belize Brazil
Canada Chile Colombia Costa Rica
Ecuador Hong Kone Iceland Israel
Jamaica Japan Liechtenstein Macau
Marshall Islands Malaysia Micronesia Monaco
New Zealand Norway Palau Panama
Paraguay Peru San Marino Singapore
South Korea Switzerland Trinidad and Tobago United Arab Emirates
United States Uruguay Vatican City Venezuela

Mexico Student Visa Application Process

Here is the application process for a Mexico Student Visa:

  • Applying for a Mexico Student Visa
  • Switching the Student visa into a Mexico Temporary Resident Card


Applying for a Mexico Student Visa

First, students need to apply for a Mexico Student Visa in the following order. Students have to:

  1. Set up an appointment at a Mexican Embassy.
  2. Fill out the Mexico Student Visa Application Form (Students can get this form from the Embassies or their website).
  3. Gather the required documents.
  4. Apply to the Embassy (Students might have an interview).
  5. Make a payment for the visa fee.
  6. Wait for the visa process to finish.
  7. Take their passport to the Embassy and attach the visa (when their application is approved).


Switching the visa into a Mexico Temporary Resident Card

When the students arrive in Mexico, they have 30 days to visit the National Immigration Institute or INM in Mexico and request a Temporary Residence Card.


Mexico Student Visa Requirements

Students need to submit the following documents to the Mexican Embassy in order to apply for a Mexico Student Visa:

  • A Mexico Visa Application Form (must be completed and signed)
  • Students’ passport
  • Copies of passport (including pages with stamps)
  • Recent picture (must be passport-size)
  • A reserved flight ticket
  • An invitation and acceptance letter from the educational institution/university. This acceptance letter must be addressed to the Mexico Embassy and include some information like
    • Students’ full name
    • The area of students’ study, along with the level and degree
    • The name of the course which Students were accepted for
    • The length of the course
    • Information about the amount of the tuition fiend students’ scholarship status
    • The school’s contact information
  • A statement from a bank or a list of investments
  • Evidence showing the students have steady earnings (at least US$400 for each month)
  • Evidence of students’ bank savings accounts or investments
  • Evidence proving if a student has received a school scholarship
  • Birth certificate and the IDs of legal guardians (for minor students)
  • A legal residence permit (for students who are not nationals of the country they are applying from)
  • Evidence of a paid student Visa processing fee

Note: Students must submit all the documents in English or Spanish.


Mexico Temporary Residence Card Requirements

Applying for the Temporary Residence Cards require the following document:

  • The request form for a Temporary Resident Card
  • The student’s passport with the attached Student Visa
  • The student’s FMM or tourist card
  • Proof of a paid Resident Card fee
  • A Temporary Resident Card request letter (must be addressed to the INM)
  • Proof of student’s registration into a Mexican educational institution/university


How Much is a Mexico Student Visa?

A Mexico Student Visa costs close to 36 US Dollars. This fee might change depending on the particular Embassy a student visits. Embassies differ in their payment method. Some Embassies require a bank transfer; however, others require a cash payment.

Moreover, students have to pay for the Mexico Temporary Resident Card as well. A Temporary Resident Card price ranges from 3,000 to 7,000 Mexican Pesos. The number of years for which a visa is issued can affect the final fee.


What is the duration of The Mexico Student Visa Process?

The specific Embassy to which you apply can affect the processing period. Also, the time of the year is a determining factor, the processing time is longer in peak tourist seasons. A Mexico Student Visa typically takes from one week to a month. To be on the safe side, it is better to apply for a visa at least a month before you start your journey.


What is the Duration of a Mexico Student Visa?

A Mexico Student Visa lets a student stay in Mexico for 180 days. The student visa is the single-entry type. However, for a stay of more than 180 days, students need to apply for the Temporary Residence Card at INM. A Residence Card lets students leave and enter Mexico more multiple times.


Can I Renew a Mexico Student Visa?

  1. You cannot renew a Student Visa. On the other hand, A Temporary Residence Card is typically issued for one year and can be renewed for the entire duration of your study in Mexico. However, you must start your renewal process at least 30 days before your Residence Card expires.

Can you work under a Mexican student visa?

No. You cannot work in Mexico even with a Student Visa. If you find a job, your employer must apply for a Mexico Work Permit for you. The National Immigration Institute handles the application for work permits. Here is a list of needed documents for a work permit application:

  • A request form for the Work Permit in Mexico
  • The job contract, on the company’s letterhead. This contract must include:
    • Salary,
    • Duration of work,
    • Job position,
    • The company’s address
  • A photocopy of your passport
  • Your diplomas and legal certifications
  • Your resume’
  • Proof that the company is genuinely hiring you
  • Additional documents related to your job and studies


Let’s sum up…

Education in Mexican universities is possible by acquiring a Mexico Student Visa and a Temporary Residence Card. We explained these requirements for the Mexico Student visa and answered some common questions about fees, duration, and the renewability of Residence Cards.

Suppose you have any questions about Mexican Visas, write them in the comment section below. You can also look at the sidebar on the left for more articles about other types of Mexican visas.

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