Mexico Permanent Visa, application and requirements 


What is the Mexican government’s plan for foreigners who come and live in Mexico and wish to stay in Mexico forever? The answer is the Mexico Permanent Residence Card.

A Permanent Resident Card is ideal for people who:

  • wish to live more than four years in Mexico.
  • are retired.
  • have an immediate family member (child, parent, or sibling) in Mexico.

In the piecework, we will discuss Mexico Permanent Card, its eligible applicants, its benefits,  how to apply, and its requirements.

What are the Benefits of the Mexico Permanent Resident Card?

Having a Permanent Resident Card gives cardholders the ability to do everything just like Mexican citizens. For example, Permanent Residence cardholders:

  • have all rights except the right to vote.
  • can work without the need for a work permit.
  • can apply for free health insurance.
  • don’t need to renew their residency.
  • can cross Mexican borders without any limitations.


However, Permanent Residents cannot:

  • purchase land close to borders or beach
  • import foreign plated vehicles.


Who is Eligible for a Mexican Permanent Residence Card?

A foreigner can apply for a Permanent Card if they:

  • have certain immediate family members in Mexico. For example
    • They have a child (a Mexican citizen or permanent resident child)
    • They are children or adolescents, and they have a parent in Mexico (a Mexican citizen or permanent resident parent)
    • They are children or adolescents and have a step-parent in Mexico (a Mexican citizen or permanent resident step-parent)
  • intend to retire in Mexico and can prove they have adequate  income
  • have lived in Mexico for four years as a Temporary Resident
  • are studying in a Mexican educational institution/university
  • have lived in Mexico for two years as a Temporary Resident, and their Temporary Visa was issued because they married a Mexican citizen or a Permanent Resident Cardholder.
  • are in Mexico on humanitarian grounds, or they seek political asylum.


Here are some examples of people who might apply for a Mexico Permanent Permit:

  • Retirees
  • Investors
  • Professionals technicians or scientists
  • Prominent people such as scientists, researchers, humanists, artists, sportsmen and women, or journalists


How to apply for the Mexican Permanent Resident Card?

Acquiring a Mexico Permanent Card has two steps:

  • Applying For a Mexico Permanent Visa
  • Applying For a Mexico Permanent Card


Applying For a Mexico Permanent visa

First, applicants have to apply for a Permanent Resident Visa at a Mexican embassy in their country. The application process can be different based on the purpose of travel. Here is a list of typical steps of the process for the Mexico Permanent Visa or Permit:

  • Set a time for an appointment at the embassy.
  • Fill out the Mexico Visa Application Form. This form is also accessible from the website of the embassy.
  • Gather the required documents.
  • Set another appointment at the embassy.
  • Submit the documents, application forms, and make the visa fee payments at the Mexico embassy.
  • Wait for the embassy to complete the visa process and reach a verdict.
  • Take the passport to the embassy because the Mexico visa will be attached to their passport.


Apply for a Mexico Permanent Card

When The Permanent Resident Visa is approved, foreigners can use it to enter Mexico. When they arrive in Mexico, they have 30 days to exchange it for a Mexican Permanent Resident Card at the National Immigration Institute or INM.


What are the Requirements for Mexico Retirement Visa?

When foreigners arrive in Mexico, they need to exchange their Permanent Residence Visa for a Permanent Residence Card. In this section, you can see the requirements for applying for a Mexico Retirement Visa.

  • A Letter addressed to the Mexico embassy. This letter must include the following information:
    • The reason for requesting the visa
    • Applicant’s full name, ID, address, and passport number
    • Information applicant’s pension, such as the amount of it
    • Information about investments and evidence of assets like bank statements from the last twelve months
    • Applicant’s accommodation in Mexico and their home country
    • Applicant’s departure information and the method they will travel with
  • Evidence of a set monthly income like a bank statement for the last six months (around 2,000 to 3,000 US Dollars)
  • If an applicant has a dependent:
    • Their monthly income must have an additional 25%.
    • They must have birth certificates and marriage certificates to prove their family connections.



  • Applicants’ documents must all be legalized.
  • Applicants’ documents must be both original and translated into English and Spanish.
  • Mexican Embassies and INM might request additional records.


What are the Requirements for the Mexican Permanent Resident Card?

Applicants must collect different documents for their application process. Here is a list of those documents:

  • A complete Mexico Tourist Visa Application Form (must be printed and signed)
  • A passport
  • A copy of relevant pages of the passport
  • Pictures (must be passport-size)
  • Evidence of paid Mexico visa fee
  • Reserved (not necessarily bought) flight ticket.


How to Change a Temporary Residence Card into a Permanent Residence Card?

Applicants who are already in Mexico for work, studying, business, etc., and have a Temporary Resident Card can get a Permanent Residence Card. When their Temporary Card is about to expire (it has at least 30 days), they need to visit the INM and exchange their Temporary Card for a Permanent Resident Card. Keep in mind that they have to live as a temporary resident for four years before they apply.


How to change a Permanent Residency to Mexican Citizenship?

Residency Cardholders can apply for citizenship after five years of living in Mexico. The type of their Residency does not matter, and they can be both temporary or permanent residents.

As Mexican citizens, applicants will have full rights to vote and live without any fears. They can also use the Mexican passport to travel to over 100 countries because the Mexican passport has visa-free access.


Mexican Permanent Resident Visa processing time

A Mexican Permanent Resident Visa can take from one week to a month based on the Mexican Embassy.


Mexican Permanent Resident Card processing time

A Mexican Permanent Resident Card application takes about 10 to 15 working days to be processed and approved.


Mexican Permanent Resident Visa Fees

Based on the origin country of the applicant, the Mexican visa fee is about 36 US Dollars. The payment method can be a visa, a bank transaction, or cash.


Mexican Permanent Resident Card Fees

Obtaining a Permanent Resident Card at the National Immigration Institute costs around 5,000 Mexican Pesos or 250 US Dollars.


Bottom Line …

Mexico Permanent Card is applicable for foreigners who either lived in Mexico for some years or wish to move there and stay in Mexico indefinitely. This article discussed different steps of acquiring a Permanent Visa and Card in detail.

If you are willing to learn more about Mexican Visas, check out the left sidebar. You can also share your experiences with our readers in the comment section.

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