Mexico Family Visa Application Process


Residency in Mexico is possible with different methods. If you have a child, parent, spouse, or partner who is a resident or Mexican citizen, you can apply for a Mexico Family Visa for the purpose of family unity.

This article will discuss Mexico family visa, how to apply for it, and its requirements.

Mexico Visa Exemptions

Foreigners who plan to reunite with their family members in Mexico must apply for a Mexico Family Visa. If foreigners intend to stay in Mexico for more than 180 days, they need a Mexico family visa. However, if they plan to stay for less than 180 days, they can get a Mexico tourist visa instead.

Some foreigners who plan to do the latter (stay for 180 days or less) and from certain counties can benefit from Mexico’s visa waiver program. Those certain countries are:

Countries in the European Union Andorra Argentina Australia
Bahamas Barbados Belize Brazil
Canada Chile Colombia Costa Rica
Ecuador Hong Kone Iceland Israel
Jamaica Japan Liechtenstein Macau
Marshall Islands Malaysia Micronesia Monaco
New Zealand Norway Palau Panama
Paraguay Peru San Marino Singapore
South Korea Switzerland Trinidad and Tobago United Arab Emirates
United States Uruguay Vatican City Venezuela


Mexico Family Visa Application Process

Applying for a Mexico family visa needs some effort from the family member as well. The applicant’s family member must visit the National Immigration Institute or INM and submit a family reunification permission request.


How to Apply for a Mexico Family Visa?

After that, the applicant must set an appointment at a nearby Mexican Embassy and apply for a visa. In addition, applicants also need a residency card. They can make a request for it when they arrive at the National Immigration Institute in order to stay more than 180 days.

Applicants need to visit a Mexican Embassy and apply for a Mexico family visa. Keep in mind that the family member must accompany the applicant when they apply. The applicants have to:

  1. Fill out the Mexico Visa Application Form. The application form can be found at the Mexican Embassies or on their website.
  2. Gather the required documents.
  3. Submit the application to the Embassy (they might have an interview)
  4. Make the visa fee payment
  5. Wait for the visa process to finish, and the Embassy reaches a verdict.
  6.  If their application is approved, they need to take their passport to the Embassy and attach the visa to their passport.
  7. Travel to Mexico and apply for a Residence Card.


Mexico Family Visa Requirements

An applicant for Mexico family visas must collect several documents so that they can perpetuate their application process. These documents are:

  • A Valid passport (must be valid for at least six months)
  • A Mexico Visa Application Form or L1 form (must be completed and signed)
  • A picture (must be passport-size, with white background, and no eyeglasses)
  • A copy of your passport
  • A reserved round-trip ticket
  • Evidence that an applicant has family relations in Mexico
  • A Marriage Certificate by a proper national authority certified by the Mexican Embassy
  • A Birth Certificate of the son, daughter, parent, or siblings by a proper national authority certified by the Mexican Embassy
  • The original and copy of the family member’s Resident Card
  • A letter from the school/university for family members who are international students
  • Evidence of sufficient financial stability like bank statements
  • Proof of a paid Mexico family visa fee


Note: Keep in mind that:

  1. The Mexican Embassy might ask for additional documents based on the country foreigners are applying from.
  2. All certificates, such as birth and marriage certificates, must be legal.
  3. All submitted documents must be written or translated into English or Spanish.


The Residence Card Requirements

After foreigners arrive in Mexico, they have 30 to visit the National Immigration Institute and submit a request for a Residence Card. This Residence Card allows them to stay for more than 180 days in Mexico and makes their stay legal in the eyes of the law. The following documents are needed for making an application for a Residence Card:

  • The Resident Card request form
  • Applicant’s  passport (The Mexico visa must be attached to it)
  • The tourist or FMM card (they are given to foreigners at the airport or on the airplane)
  • Proof of a paid Resident Card fee
  • A letter to the National Immigration Institute or INM to request for the Resident Card
  • Evidence of family member relations (such as marriage and birth certificates)
  • Possible additional documents

Applicants might receive a Temporary Resident Card or a Permanent Resident Card. A Temporary Resident Card is valid for a year and is renewable. On the other hand, a Permanent Residence Card is indefinite.


Permanent Residence Card

Applicants will receive a Permanent Residence Card if they:

  • have a child
  • are a child or adolescent
  • are the sibling

In all those scenarios, the applicants’ parent, child, step-parent, or sibling must be a Mexican Citizen or have a Permanent Residence.


Temporary Resident Card

Applicants will receive a Temporary Residence Card if they:

  • Are the parent or 18-year-old child of a Temporary Resident in Mexico
  • You are the spouse of a Mexican national or Permanent Resident or a Temporary Resident in Mexico.


The Temporary Resident Card is initially issued for one year, and it can be renewed for another three years. Once you have four years of temporary residence in Mexico, you become eligible for a Permanent Resident Card. If you are the spouse of a Mexican citizen or permanent resident, then you become eligible for permanent residency after only two years.

The Permanent Resident Card, as the name suggests, does not have an expiry date.


Let’s answer some common questions and clear some misunderstandings:

Mexico Family Visa processing time

Depending on the Embassy, the process can take from one week to a month.


Mexico Family Visa fee

The Mexico visa fee is around 36 US Dollars. This fee is paid at the Mexico embassy.

Additionally, the fee for a Resident Card ranges from 3,000 to 7,000 Mexican Pesos. This fee depends on the number of years the Residence Card is issued for.


How Long is a Mexico Family Visa valid for?

The Mexico Family Visa is a single entry visa and is valid for up to 180 days. The Residence Card can be valid for

  • Up to four years, for a Temporary Residence Card
  • Indefinitely, for a Permanent Residence Card


Can I Renew a Mexico Family Visa?

The Mexico family Visa cannot be renewed. On the other hand, Temporary Resident Cards can be renewed for up to four years. After four years, Temporary Residence Cardholders can apply for a permanent Card.


Can I Work With a Mexico Family Visa?

A Mexico Family Visa does not give anyone permission to work, except Permanent Resident Cardholders.

If Temporary Resident Cardholders find an employer when they arrive in Mexico, they can apply for a Mexico Work Permit at the National Immigration Institute. If approved, then the Temporary Residents are allowed to work.


Let’s sum up…

The Mexican government allows foreigners to visit their immediate family members considering the foreigners can obtain a Mexico Family Visa. This article mentioned how to apply and gather the required documents for a Mexico Family Visa and a Residence Card. We also answered some common questions.

If you want to learn more about the Mexico visa types, check out the sidebar on the left. You can also share your experiences regarding your application process for Mexican visas.

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