Canada welcomes skilled workers from all around the world, and there are numerous immigration programs that pave the way for them. The pharmacist can immigrate to Canada if they are qualified for one of these immigration procedures. 

This article brings you all you need to know on how a pharmacist can immigrate to Canada. 

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Pharmacists Gateway Canada website 

Provincial pharmacy regulating body.

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Express Entry System for pharmacists immigrating to Canada 

Canada has provided the online Express Entry program to welcome skilled workers to the country. There are three subcategories with the Express Entry: 

Canadian Experience Class 

This category is for people who have working experience in Canada and want to apply to become PR residents. 

Applicants are evaluated by a few score factors and get picked to apply for Canada PR. 

Language proficiency 

English or French 


No education certificate is required but you can improve your score by a certificate achieved inside Canada or one got outside and get its equivalent. 


Applicant and the spouse or law partner receive scores by their age; the younger, the higher score. 

Canadian work experience

Applicants get 70 scores if they have work experience inside Canada and 80 points if they have a partner. 

The NOC code for pharmacists is 3131

The other factors which influence your score in the CRS and Canadian Experience Class are as follows: 

  • Brother or sister living in Canada 
  • French language skills
  • Post-secondary education in Canada
  • Arranged employment
  • PN nomination

If you are eligible and have a minimum score, create an account in IRCC and wait until you get picked to apply for PR. 

Federal Skilled Worker Program

FSWP permits foreign nationals who have the required job skill to immigrate to Canada and gt its PR. 

Applicants get picked by a few selection factors: 

  • age
  • education
  • work experience
  • have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer 
  • English and/or French language skills
  • adaptability (how well you’re likely to settle in Canada

The total point of the Federal skilled worker program is 100 and applicants need to have at least a 67 score.

The other essential item is that applicants need to have enough funds to cover their expenses in Canada. They are exempt from it unless they have a job offer from a Canadian employer or are currently in Canada. 

Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program 

Manitoba province has a list of in-demand occupations a pharmacist is one of them. The program is a subcategory of Express Entry, and if you are eligible, admission is highly likely. 

The draw for the MPNP happens twice per year. 

You need to check the official immigration website of Manitoba and apply as early as possible to get picked up. 

The point to remember about Manitoba is that French is more important than English for its immigration program. SO improve your French as much as you can. 

British Columbia PNP Skills Immigration for Healthcare Professionals

This immigration program is one of the best ones that lead to PR directly and is faster processed than a normal visa. The application process for the Express Entry took more than one year during the Covid-q9 pandemic. However, the IRCC has announced that they are working hard to decrease the processing time to six months, just like before the pandemic. 

Pharmacists who want to move through the British Columbia PNP Skills need to meet the eligibility principles: 

  • Have a job offer from an employer in British Columbian
  • Being qualified to work as a pharmacist 
  • Have two years of work experience 
  • Meet the minimum language requirements

CRS calculator for Canada immigration as a pharmacist 

Express Entry system works on a score based. Applicants need to meet the eligibility principles and get a minimum score to be qualified for the program. 



Level of education


Official languages proficiency


Canadian work experience


The above points are for applicants who apply with a spouse or law partner. If you do not have a spouse or law partner, add 10 points to each one of them. 

Applicants need to get a 67 score from 100 to be eligible. 

IRCC, the official Canadian immigration and visa website, have a free online tool. It tells your score in the Express Entry. 

The questions are as follows: 

  • Marital status
  • Spouse or common-law partner, a citizen or permanent resident
  • Will the spouse accompany you?
  • Your age 
  • level of education
  • Do you have a Canadian degree, diploma or certificate
  • Type of degree earned in Canada 
  • Language proficiency; English or French 
  • Type of language test 
  • Each score of skills 
  • Other language results
  • Work Experience
  • Certificate of qualification from a Canadian province
  • valid job offer
  • NOC skill type
  • nomination certificate 
  • Family members in Canada 
  • Your highest level of education
  • Duration of skilled work experience
  • Spouse language test

Remember that the order of the questions could change by your conditions. The tool could ask you other questions not mentioned above. 

In the end, the tool will tell your final score and whether you are eligible for Express Entry or not. 

What do immigrant pharmacists have to do to work in Canada?

Immigrant applicants need to adapt to Canadian standards. There is a qualification criterion that they need to meet so they become eligible to work as a pharmacist: 

Pharmacists Gateway Canada registration

For the first step, applicants need to register with the Pharmacists Gateway Canada (PGC).

PGC provides licensing information and self-assessment tools. They will help you with the application and registration process. 

PGC assists international pharmacy graduates that want to work in Canada. 

PEBC reviews the application 

In the next step, the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) examines or reviews the application. They want to ensure that the applicant, training, and ECAmeets the Canadian standards.

They will also review the pharmacist’s work experience, and he/she has to pass a test called  OSCE(Objectively Structured Clinical Examination). 

Pharmacy regulating body registration 

Applicant needs to register with the provincial pharmacy regulating body. Then, he/she passes a practical training program. In the end, candidates will get a license; then they can begin working as pharmacists in Canada. 

How can pharmacists find a job offer in Canada?

Having a valid job offer from a valid employer in Canada increases your score in the Canada Express Entry program. 

The following websites are the most famous websites you can find a job offer in Canada and reach a deal with an employer. 

  • Monster.ca
  • Alberta Pharmacists’ Association
  • Ziprecruiter.ca
  • Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan
  • Eluta.ca
  • Association des pharmacies des établissements de santé du Québec
  • Jobbank.gc.ca
  • Pharmacists Manitoba
  • Careerbuilder.ca
  • New Brunswick Pharmacists’ Association
  • Ca.indeed.com
  • Hotjobscanada.ca
  • Simplyhired.ca
  • Ontario Pharmacists Association
  • Jobs.ca
  • Pharmacists’ Association of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Indeed.com
  • Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada

What job positions are there for a pharmacist in Canada?

The pharmacists who immigrate to Canada can expect to work in one of the following job titles: 

  • Pharmacist
  • Clinical pharmacist
  • Dispensary department supervisor 
  • Community pharmacist
  • Drug information pharmacist
  • Retail pharmacist
  • Health care institution pharmacist
  • Hospital pharmacist
  • Industry pharmacist
  • Pharmacist
  • Druggist
  • Industrial pharmacist
  • Retail pharmacist
Infographic How can Pharmacists immigrate to Canada

Where can pharmacist work in Canada?

Canada is the land of opportunities, and you may not be able to predict what will happen. However, you can expect to work in one of the following places as an immigrated pharmacist; 

  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Community Pharmacies
  • Government departments
  • Long-Term Care and Assisted-Living Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Quality assurance
  • Family Medicine Clinics
  • Insurance companies
  • Canadian Armed Forces
  • Regulatory affairs

Is immigration to Canada as a Pharmacist without a job offer possible?

Yes. in case you have a high score in the Express Entry by other selection factors, you don’t have to hold a job offer to immigrate to Canada as a pharmacist. 

The minimum score in the Express Entry is 67. As long as you reach it, you do not have to have a job offer. However, a job offer increases your score to a large extent, and it doesn’t seem impossible to get one. 

What are the benefits of immigrating to Canada as a pharmacist?

Canada is one of the leading countries in terms of immigration and attracting skilled workers. The benefits of moving to this amazing country are countless of course, but there are drawbacks to living everywhere. However, the advantages of living in Canada make you forget to leave behind your home country and your past. 

Amazing job opportunities 

Canada has always lacked skilled workers, and the situation has gotten a bit worse after the pandemic. It means further opportunities for immigrants, including pharmacists. 

The rate of unemployment has been at its lowest rate in the past few years. 

At the moment, there are about 900.000 vacant job positions waiting for the right skilled workers. 

Companies, the government, and everyone expected that the pandemic would hurt them so badly. But they were able to recover and pull themselves together. 

Startups and entrepreneurs are moving to Canada, and they require skilled workers to fill the job positions. 

A secure steady political system 

One of the most stable countries in the world is named Canada. According to Economist Intelligence Unit, Canada ranked number five in terms of the world democracy index. It managed to pass behind the other North American countries. 

The country was able to get the top score in the Qualify of Life and Social Purpose metrics.

Safe and secure 

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection has reported that Canada has got the title of the third safest country in the world. 

What is the safest city in the world? Yes, Montreal. It has made it a unique and interesting palace for the immigrants to live and work in. 

Access to free healthcare 

Citizens and PR cities have access to the free health care system. The health coverage and insurance policy are a bit different in each province. 

If you are new, you need to register with the insurance system and get a health card. 

You won’t have to pay for most of the emergency and medical services under the free healthcare system. 

The third-best education system in the world

The government has been able to create one of the top education systems in the world, the third-best one. At least five Canadian universities are among the top 100 universities in the world. 

The rest of the universities, colleges, and education centers enjoy a high education standard. If you get admission to one of them, you can ensure brilliant future job employment. 

A multicultural and diverse community 

Canada was among the first countries to pass the Canadian Multiculturalism Act into law. It has helped to become a diverse country with people from all around the world. You can expect people from various parts of the world to live in peace and happiness together. 

There are people from over 200 countries residing in Canada, so you may feel homesickness less than in European countries. 

Various immigration programs 

There are over 100 Canadian immigration programs. They are to bring skilled and talented people to the country, as Canada has always lacked a skilled workforce. 

The IRCC has just announced that the application process with Express Entry will become faster, and the processing time will go back to six months. It is the average processing time before the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Also, each Canadian province has its own immigration program. They enable the local provinces to bring the required skilled workers they need easily. 

A robust, dynamic, and developing economy

The economy is flourishing fast. The thing you can ensure is the future economic situation and calm down. This is the point that immigrants and especially the ones from the Middle East, will understand. They know how horrible it is to wake up and see new higher prices every day. You can not plan and progress in life. 

Since 2016, there has been a  growth of 4.3% in the economy. It has been going on since then, and startups are helping to make it better. One of the G8 members and a powerful production and export rate calms you down that you have made an appropriate choice. 

Getting PR sooner than in European countries 

When you apply through Express Entry, you receive PR or permanent Residency right away. You can live and work in the country like its citizens but without a few points. 

The PR is valid for five years, and you can extend it as long as you want. You may work and live in any province or city you want. After that, you get to apply for citizenship. 

The point is that Canada provides PR sooner than other countries, especially the EU. 

Pharmacist salary in the best Canadian provinces  

How much you earn as an immigrant pharmacist is up to different factors:

  • The province or city you work in
  • Work experience 
  • Skills and knowledge 
  • Qualification 
  • Language proficiency 

However, pharmacists can expect to earn between $54,112.00 per year and $144,300.00 per year in Canada. 

According to Canada Job Bank, a pharmacist earnings in Canadian provinces is as follows: 

















Nova Scotia




Newfoundland and Labrador




New Brunswick








British Columbia








The average base salary of a pharmacist in Cadan is about $47.76per hour, according to the Indeed website. 

The followings are some of the top companies that have pharmacy job opportunities. You can see the salary they are willing to pay according to the previous source

Costco Wholesale


Yukon Hospital Corporation








What Canadian cities pay the highest salary to pharmacists?

Taxes, the standard of living, and salaries are different in Canadian cities. You should expect to earn differently in each of the Canadian cities. 

The below list is some of the most famous cities in Canada. You can take a look at seeing how much you will get as a pharmacist. In case the city you want to move to is not there, you can subtract the paid amount by a few percent and get the average earned salary. 

You can expect to earn the following in Canadian cities as a pharmacist: 

Nanaimo, BC


Calgary, AB


Ottawa, ON


Victoria, BC




Windsor, ON


Do pharmacy job positions earn differently?

Job positions earn differently by the work they do. Also, the company pays differently for the position, and it is inevitable. 

If you are looking for a higher salary as a pharmacist, you can see the below table. You can work a bit harder, find out how to get that position, and prepare yourself for it. 

The following related job positions to a pharmacist earn differently: 

Pharmacy Manager




Staff Pharmacist


Clinical Pharmacist


Pharmacy Technician




What are pharmacist job responsibilities?

Your responsibilities and tasks as a pharmacist in Canada depend on various factors. The job you have and the company are determining factors. 

You can visit the websites introduced in the above section to find a job in Canada and to know the full details of job responsibilities. 

However, you can expect to take the below list of responsibilities in Canada: 

  • Check prescriptions for proper dosage
  • Compound-prescribed pharmaceutical products
  • Advise customers 
  • Keep or prepare medication profiles of customers
  • Watch over proper preparation, packaging, distribution, and storage
  • Keep stock of pharmaceutical supplies
  • Coordinate and supervise the activities of staff 
  • Research in the development of new drugs
  • Clinical investigations
  • Control the quality of drug products
  • Evaluate labeling, packaging, and advertising

Move to Canada as a pharmacist from Iran

Iranian pharmacist who wants to move to Canada need to apply through one of the immigration programs mentioned above: 

Each of the above immigration programs got explained at the beginning of this article. You can find out more about them and know what to do. 

Also, the Iranians have to go through the license and registration procedures. You can see this section above too.  

The quality of the education system in Iran is good in the region, and the people work hard. If they are qualified, they can immigrate to Canada as a pharmacist easily. 

Best universities to study pharmacy in Canada

Students of pharmacy will study Health Sciences, medical formulations, and drug information. The MA in pharmacy mixes the gained academic knowledge with practical first-hand experience. 

The following list of universities is ideal for studying pharmacy in Canada. Although there are other universities that provide the program. 

You would better visit the university’s website and find out the requirements for admission. As the following list are the best and most famous universities to study pharmacy in Canada, the competition is tough and hard. You need to have a great resume, a high GPA, a language fluency test, and the other requirements to compete with the other candidates. 

  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Waterloo
  • University of Alberta
  • Dalhousie University
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • University of Toronto
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • McGill University
  • University of Manitoba
  • Western University (Canada)

Do you need IELTS to immigrate to Canada as a pharmacist?

IELTS is one of the approved language tests by Canadian universities and the federal government. There are other approved language tests as well: 


  • CELPIP: Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program
  • IELTS: International English Language Testing System


  • TEF Canada: Test d’évaluation de français
  • TCF Canada: Test de connaissance du français

Canadian universities accept different language tests, and it is up to their standards. But the following are some of them: 

  • IELTS 
  • TOEFL 
  • PTE 
  • Duolingo 
  • CAEL
  • Cambridge Assessment English

You need to visit the website of each university and find out the approved language tests and the required score. 

Let’s sum up…

This article explained how pharmacists can move to Canada and what they need to do in the meantime. The immigration procedures, licenses and certificates, job positions, opportunities, and everything else got covered. 

With this guide, you know everything to immigrate to Canada as a pharmacist.

You can visit the explained immigration methods article from the left sidebar to know more about them. 

If you have questions, write them in the comment section. The Visa Library team will respond to them ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions about moving to Canada as a pharmacist

Is pharmacist an in-demand job in Canada?

Yes, it is highly in demand, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Can pharmacists work anywhere they want in Canada?

Yes, Express Entry allows them to work anywhere they want. 

Do I need a job offer to work as a pharmacist in Canada?

Not necessarily. But it increases your score in the Express Entry.

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