Canada is in demand of so many skilled workers, and food service supervisors are among them. This group is on the NOC list of occupations and can apply through the Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs. You should know about the immigration ways, requirements, how to apply, salary and FAQs. 

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Job titles for an immigrated food service supervisor in Canada

The following job titles are some of the ones you can work for as a food service supervisor. They might sound the same, but each one requires skills and experience on its own. 

You would better research and find out if you can work in one of them and have the skills required or not. 

  • cafeteria supervisor
  • catering supervisor
  • food assembly supervisor
  • canteen supervisor
  • food concession supervisor
  • food service supervisor
  • hospital food service supervisor
  • kitchen manager
  • railway dining car food service supervisor
  • shift manager – fast food restaurant
  • swing manager – fast food restaurant
  • unit supervisor – food services

What is the NOC code for food service supervisors?

The NOC code is 6311 for food service supervisors. This category is eligible for the Express Entry. It means if they can have the least points, applicants can apply for PR directly. 

Candidates work with preparing, portioning, and serving food in various places. It could be a hospital, restaurant, or hotel. They ensure that the food is the right size and the serving is fine.   

What requirements do you need to prepare to work as a food service supervisor in Canada?

The following list is some of the required items you need to have to work as a food service supervisor in Canada. 

The requirements could vary by your conditions and the immigration program you apply for: 

Proof to have enough funds 

Every applicant who wants to move to Canada needs to prove to have enough funds to stay in Canada. Applicants can submit bank account abalone or bank statements indicating their financial independence. 

The financial capability must clarify that you have enough funds to pay your expenses for one year. 

If you have a job offer, your employer can undertake to cover your expenses in Canada. 

Your partner’s ability

There are points for your spouse or law partner by his/her conditions: 

  • Language skills 
  • Living in Canada 
  • Educational certificate 
  • Age 

For instance, applicants aged 18-35 get the highest score for age. 

The higher score you can get, the higher it’s likely to immigrate to Canada as a food service supervisor. 

Work experience

Have you ever worked in Canada? If yes, it increases your points in the immigration methods. It indicates that you have adapted yourself to the Canadian culture and learned how to behave with others in the country. 

Also, it means you can communicate with people from different countries or walks of life. 


Cabada has cold weather, and the winters are harsh; winter is coming every year except for white walkers. Applicants must be able to adapt themselves to the weather conditions. 

If you cannot, it is impossible to work there and continue life. 

This is why it is required to have a medical certificate for being healthy and having no medical issues. If yes, it becomes hard to immigrate. 

Job offer from a Canadian employer 

Having a job offer from an employer or a company in Canada is often needed. You do not have to hold it, but it increases your score to a large extent. 

You can get 50-200 points by having a job offer. Also, the employer can cover your expenses. So you become exempt from financial capability proof or you can provide less amount. 

Education requirements

Applicants who have not completed secondary school education are not eligible to immigrate to Canada. This is true with the food service supervisors. 

Moreover, there are some jobs and positions that require further educational certificates. 

You need to find out about the position you want to work in. if there is a particular requirement with the job and you do not hold it, it becomes unlikely that your application gets approved. 

Moreover, an educational certificate increases your point in the express entry. 

Look at the CRS points for education down below; 

  • Less than high school – 0 points.
  • High school diploma – 30 points.
  • 1-year diploma – 90 points.
  • 2-year diploma- 98 points

Age requirements

The eligible age to work in Canada is 18 years old, and if you are younger, you cannot apply. In some special cases, it might be possible, often not. 

People aged 18-35 get the highest score in the Express Entry: 

Age range 

With spouse 

Without spouse 

20 to 29 years of age 100 



30 years of age 95



31 years of age 90



Language requirements

Language proficiency is a must for people who want to work in Canada. IELTS and CELPIP are the approved English language tests. TEF and TCEF Canada are the approved ones for French. 

This item can not be ignored or waived unless you have studied in one of the languages or you are from a country whose major language is English or French. 

The above factors together are required for anyone who wants to immigrate to Canada. That is true for food service providers. 

Canada Immigration methods for a food service supervisor

People who work as food service supervisors can immigrate to Canada in the following ways. 

Canada has various immigration ways to attract skilled workers to the Country. There is a lack of skilled workers in the country, and it has intensified after the Covid-19 pandemic. So it is a good time to try your chance and build a better future. 

Express entry

This program is the one you can call the most famous immigration way. It is online, and applicants get picked by a score bases system. 

The factors that determine your score in the Express Entry system are as follows: 

  • Type of skill you have
  • Education
  • Employment background
  • Language proficiency certificate
  • Financial independence proof

The Express Entry has some subcategories that you have to apply through one of them. They are different, and the requirements vary. 

The point is that you need to increase your score by the points to get invited to apply for PR. 

Canada Experience Class CEC 

People who have work experience in Canada can apply for CEC and receive PR. it is required that they have one full-time or three years of part-time work experience.

It might not be appropriate for people who are outside of Canada and have never worked in the country as the main point is with the Canadian work experience. 

Federal skilled worker program (FSWP)

Canada has a list of in-demand job skills that gets called NOC. If your skill is on this list, you can apply for FSWP.

The NOC for food service supervisors is 2011 – 0631. Candidates receive points by their conditions, and there is a fixed point for each factor:

  • Language proficiency in English or French.
  • Education
  • Enough work experience
  • Age
  • Job offer from a Canadian employer
  • Adaptability

The higher your points, the higher your chance becomes to get picked to apply for PR. 

Language requirements for FSWP are English and French, and the approved tests are as follows: 




  • TEF
  • TCF

Your score for the educational degree is higher if you have received a high degree: 



Master’s Degree


Bachelor’s Degree


 In terms of work experience, you will get 9 points for one year of work experience. The highest point is 15 for people who have six years of work experience and more. 

The younger the applicant, the higher his/her points. People aged 18-35 will get 12 points which are the highest. Candidates 46 years old get one point, and the ones 47 and older do not get any points for age. 

You also need to have enough funds to cover your expenses in Canada. The required fund for one applicant is $12,960, while two applicants need $16,135.

When your application is complete, you will enter a pool of applicants. The pens with the highest points will get picked to apply for PR.

In the meantime, you can work on your application to improve it; getting work experience or a language proficiency test are examples. 

Federal skilled trades program (FSTP)

The difference between FSTP and FSWP is that you do not need higher education in the first one, but you need it in the second one. The types of jobs on the NOC list are different in the two immigration programs. 

FSTP is to bring skilled workers in the industrial and service sector to Canada. 

The eligible applicants need to have: 

  • Language proficiency test 
  • Two years of work experience 
  • Fulfill the NOC job list 
  • job offer from a Canadian employer 

Language proficiency tests for FSTp is English and French. 




  • TEF Canada
  • TCF Canada

Provincial Nominee Program PNP

One of the subcategories of Express Entry is PNP. It permits Canadian territories and provinces to bring the skilled workers they need to their provinces. 

Although PNP allows applicants from all over the world to immigrate to Canada, not everyone is eligible to apply. Applicants need to have the required job skill by the province, work experience, and educational background. 

This is the list of provinces that provide the PNP program: 

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nova Scotia
  • Ontario
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Saskatchewan
  • Yukon

You can visit the official website of each province and find out more about job opportunities and the programs. Also, if you look for a job, try to find one in one of the above provinces to get nominated in one of the provincial programs. 

Quebec Experience Class (QEC)

People who have studied or worked in Quebec can apply for QEC and receive PR directly. They need to be fluent in French and meet the requirements of the program. 

QEC is not a score-based system and it is different from the QSW program. 

Applicants need to meet the qualifications to apply for it: 

  • Be 18 
  • Settle in Quebec 
  • Have a clean record in Quebec under CAQ
  • Have French fluency test 
  • Have a degree or certificate achieved in Quebec. 

The following are the accepted language tests for demonstrating French language skills. 

  • TCF-Québec
  • TEF
  • TEF Canada
  • TCF
  • DELF
  • DALF

Quebec skilled worker program (ASWP)

QAWP is a pathway that allows the Quebec province to bring skilled workers from outside of the country. It permits applicants to apply for PR directly. However, they need to have the required skill and work experience to be eligible. 

Like QEC, applicants of QSWP need to be fluent in French, particularly in communication skills. 

QSWP is similar to PNP, except it is only for Quebec province. It works on a score-based system, and applicants get evaluated based on: 

  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Age
  • language Proficiency
  • Having a family member in Quebec
  • Applying with or without a spouse 
  • Having a job offer 
  • Financial Independence

Applicants get a score for each one of the above factors. The final score varies by their conditions. The least required score is 59, but you need a higher point as the competition is tough and there are thousands of applicants. 


Without spouse

With spouse










Language Proficiency



Connection to Quebec



Accompanying Spouse Factors



Valid Job Offer



Employability Eligibility Score






Financial ability 



Least required point 



Application process for food service supervisor immigrating to Canada 

The way food service supervisors need to follow the below application process to immigrate to Canada. 

Step 1. Pick the appropriate immigration program 

The first step is to find out which immigration program is appropriate for your condition. It makes a huge difference whether you are inside or outside of Canada.

Reach the explanation for each method in the above section. You can find further details on the menu of Visa Library to know what is the appropriate immigration method for you. 

Bear in mind that you need to get a high score on the pathway you pick. Determine if you can increase your score or not.

For instance, if you have passed an IELTS test and submitted your results, you can take another test to get a higher score and improve your points on the Express Entry. 

Moreover, you can get a job offer from a Canadian employer to enroll in a Provincial nominee program. It skyrockets your points in the score-based system. 

Step 2. Are you eligible for this immigration program?

Each immigration method has requirements and eligibility principles. For instance, Quebec Experience Class requires you to have studied or worked in Quebec. If you do not hold such requirements, it is unlikely that you get accepted. 

Read every line of qualifications with care and determine whether you can fulfill them or not. 

As the Express Entry system is based on competition and a score-based system, you have to be eligible and get a high score to have a chance. So pick the immigration method wisely and gather as much information as you can. 

Step 3. Gather the supporting documents

To prove you are eligible to live and work in Canada, you have to submit a list of supporting documents. Each immigration program has its own list of requirements. You can find it out by going through the menu of the site and reading the related article. 

It could take time to gather the list, and you only have 60 days to submit them after being picked. 

You would better prepare some of the documents that do not have an expiry date and have them translated. For instance, a clean record certificate has an expiry date, and it can not be older than a month to forty days at the time of application. Consider these points when you collect and submit the requirements. 

Step 5. Create a profile and submit the documents 

You need to create a profile on the IRCC website and submit the requirements. Applicants have to submit the scanned form of documents and complete the forms. 

Complete each step with care and double-check everything. 

Bear in mind that there is no interview or meeting with the officials. So you have to complete everything with care and not to have a mistake. 

In case you insert false information, your application might not get processed. 

Step 6. Biometrics 

If you have not visited Canada in the past ten years, you need to submit your biometrics; digital photo, and fingerprints. 

You have to visit the VFS global center in your home country or a neighboring country to complete the procedures. 

Why in a neighboring country? There is no VFS Global center in Iran, and its people have to take the biometrics in neighboring countries: 

  • Iraq 
  • Turkey 
  • Dubai 
  • Armenia 
  • Georgia 

Step 7. Receive an invitation to apply for PR and move to Canada 

The processing time is different for each immigration method. For instance, the Express Entry took about two years during the Covid-19 pandemic. But the officials are trying to shorten it to six months like before the pandemic. 

When you get accepted, you will receive an invitation to apply for PR. The officials will inform you of the rest of the application process and moving to Canada.

Infographic How food service supervisors’ immigration to Canada is possible

CRS Ranking score. 

Create an account on the IRCC website.


Responsibilities and tasks for a food service supervisor in Canada

The range and type of responsibilities and tasks of a food service provider in Canada are different by the job position. 

Watching over the quality and quantity of the served food for the staff and the center is the main one. But you can get familiar with the various responsibilities and tasks with the below items; 

  • Schedule the activities of staff who work on food
  • Order the number of ingredients for meal preparation
  • Evaluate and register the number of required supplies for food preparation 
  • Prepare food order summaries for special people in this center such as patients 
  • Create a system to meet the daily or weekly tasks. 
  • Keep a record of all the expenses, orders, stocks, etc. 
  • Train staff with new techniques and required skills 
  • Prepare training sessions 
  • Watch over sanitary and safety measures. 
  • Ensure quality control standards
  • Plan menus 
  • Estimate labor costs.
  • Ensure quality of the served food 
  • Prepare developmental policies

Foodservice supervisors’ salary in Canada 

The average salary of s food service supervisor in Canada is about $27,986 per year according to the talent website. You can say they earn $14.35 per hour. The beginners get this amount and as you get experience in the job, you can expect to earn about $30,639 per year.

Foodservice supervisors’ salaries in different regions

 The salary or income is a bit different in Canadian regions. You have searched about them and want to pick one of them by your conditions. 

The salary is as below for the famous regions: 

Northwest Territories








British Columbia


Nova Scotia


The following job titles are similar to a food service supervisor.  You might end up working as one of them. So you would better get familiar with the average income to make a wise decision when you get in Canada: 

Department Manager


Store Manager


Assistant Manager


Food Manager


Restaurant Manager


Sous Chef


The following companies’ salary for food service supervisors might be interesting for you: 

EIA Outlet Foods Inc 

Edmonton, Alberta


Spice Hut Canada Franchise Ltd 

Medicine hat, Alberta 


Job bank 

Bentley, Alberta 


Is IELTS necessary for a food service supervisor immigrating to Canada?

The answer is up to the immigration program you want to pick. One of the approved language tests for Express Entry is IELTS. Applicants need to have a 6.0 score for each skill. Also, you need to ensure that your test result is valid until the date of application. 

The required score for each immigration program is different and you need to figure it out yourself. 

Moreover, having an IELTS will increase your score in the Expres Entry score-based system. The higher your score, the higher your point in the Express Entry. It will increase your chance of getting picked and receiving ITAs. 

Remember that you need a general IELTS for the express entry, and the Academic test is for people who want to register with a Canadian university. 

One point you need to know is about CLB 9. When you get listening 8.0 and 7.0 in the rest of the modules.

This score can increase your points in the Express Entry to a large extent. 

Look at a candidate with the following conditions and see what a CLB 9 does for him; 

  • CLB 8, IELTS 7.5 in listening, and IELTS 6.5 in other skills
  • 30 years old 
  • Hold a MA
  • Three years of work experience 
  • Do not have a job offer 
  • No family members in Canada 

The initial score for the applicant with the above conditions is 382. 

However, when the applicant provides CLB 9,  listening 8.0 and 7.0, the CRS score reaches 464 CRS points. 

The final score secures receiving an ITA. So you can say that IELTS is a doorway to the Express Entry and moving to Canada. 

Bear in mind that when your IELTS certificate becomes invalidated after two years, you can not stay in the pool of express entry, and you will be removed. 

If so, take a new test and submit the results as soon as possible. 

Besides the main applicant, your spouse or law partner also gets scores for language tests. There are 5 points for your spouse’s language test results. So IELTS is worth investing in for the Express Entry. 

How to find a job as a food service provider in Canada?

Why should you find a job in Canada as a food service provider before moving there? Well having a job offer from a Canadian employer or company is one of the factors that increase your score in the Express Entry. 

Having a job offer can bring you 50-200 points in the express entry. For instance, having a job offer from Montreal in the Federal skilled worker program brings you 8 points while the job offer outside Montreal is 10 points. 

The point for other areas is different. The Capitale-Nationale is 14 points while Gaspésie gets you 10 points. 

You can find a job offer in the below websites: 

  • Monster.ca
  • Ziprecruiter.ca
  • Eluta.ca
  • Jobbank.gc.ca
  • Careerbuilder.ca
  • Ca.indeed.com
  • Hotjobscanada.ca
  • Simplyhired.ca
  • Jobs.ca
  • Indeed.com

You can also visit the official immigration website for each Canadain province and look at the offer from Provincial Nominee programs. 

Where to find jobs as a food service provider in Canada?

Companies and employers need food service providers and it is one of the in-demand job positions.

Applicants can immigrate through the express entry and provincial nominee programs. Some of the job titles that they can work in are as follows: 

  • Tea room manager
  • Restaurateur – food services
  • Restaurant manager trainee
  • Restaurant manager
  • Restaurant assistant manager
  • Internet café manager
  • Hotel food and beverage service manager
  • Food services manager
  • Food and beverage service manager
  • Fast food restaurant manager
  • Dining room manager
  • Dining establishment managing supervisor
  • Cybercafé manager
  • Catering service manager
  • Canteen services manager
  • Canteen service district manager
  • Canteen manager
  • Cafeteria manager
  • Café manager
  • Beverage service manager
  • Bar manager
  • Banquet manager
  • Assistant manager – bar
  • Assistant bar manager

Canada has a good ranking in the tourism section. It became the second country most visited country in 2021 in the world. After the pandemic, things are going to be better and tourists will flock to the country. 

You can expect to find a job in tourist cities in Canada such as:





Quebec city 










What are the benefits of immigrating to Canada as a food service provider 

Canada is among the best countries in terms of safety, the standard of living and happy people. 

It is the sixth safest country in the world. In 2020, it was the first and best country in terms of quality of living in the world. 

While the UK is 17th, the US 16th, Canada is the 15th happy country in the world. 

The mentioned data and statistics are enough for the benefits of living in Canada for any job. 

But the below list are the particular benefits for food service providers immigrating to Canada: 

Strong tourism section 

Canada is the third most visited country after the US and Mexico with 21 million tourists. It makes the country favorable for people who work in this field, particularly food service providers. 

You can ensure to have a job, and job security will not be one of your concerns. Plus, you can make sure to have a good income in this field and take advantage. 

The federal government is investing in tourism. Great weather and other attractions bring more people to the country, and the trend is rising after the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Different immigration programs 

Canada welcomes skilled workers from all over the world. You just need to be eligible and meet the conditions. The rest is a matter of time and applying right. 

As there are various immigration programs, you can pick one and apply to Canada. There are a few countries that provide such an opportunity to you as a food service provider or any other skill you have. 

Free healthcare and education 

As food service providers immigrate through the express entry, they get PR directly. 

Healthcare and education are free for Canadian citizens and PR holders. 

Education and health costs are a concern for many people. But you can relieve about it in Canada while applying through the express entry. 

High standard of education system

 What is the third-best country in the world in terms of education? Yes, that is Canada, the country you are gathering information to move to. 

The quality of the education system doesn’t need any explanation. Famous universities like Waterloo and Mcgill have earned a name in the world. 

You can ensure your family and children will get the best education whether in school or university. 

There are plans to develop education and keep the quality growing. The main applicant has the opportunity to continue his/her education and improve in their career. 

May apply for Citizenship after three years 

When you move to Canada as a food service provider and get the PR, you may apply for citizenship after living in Canada for three years. 

You can get a job in security positions and public offices and vote in national elections. There will be no limits in leaving and entering the country, business activities, and the other limits you might have during PR.

May bring the family to Canada 

The express entry and provincial nominee programs allow you to bring your family to Canada. In fact, your spouse can increase your CRS score if he/she meets the requirements.  

Your family can have access to free education and healthcare and live and work freely. 

DO you know a better option?

A multicultural and diverse community 

People from all over the world have immigrated to Canada. You can find people from the Middle East, Europe, South America, everywhere. It is true even in small cities and even the coldest Eureka in Nunavut. 

You can meet new people and get familiar with new things. You can not see such a thing in European countries. So cultural shock and homesickness are less common in Canada. 

Immigrate to Canada as a food service provider from Iran

According to IRCC, 11 thousand Iranians entered Canada in 2021. This is while about six thousand Iranians received PR in 2019. 

The Iranians who want to immigrate to Canada as food service providers need to apply through Express Entry. The description of the program and eligibility principles got covered in the above section. 

The one thing they can do is to evaluate their score in the CRS ranking and determine if they are eligible or not. IELTS test is being held in the country, although the coutnry is being sanctioned by the US and most countries. However, there is no Canadian Embassy or VFS Global center for biometrics, and they need to visit the neighboring countries to complete the procedure. 

Let’s sum up…

Food service providers are among the in-demand skilled workers needed in Canada. They can apply through the Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs. 

You can find a full guide on the application processes, requirements, benefits, job responsibilities, and FAQs in this article. 

You can get familiar with the immigration programs from the top menu. If you have questions, write them down in the comment section. The Visa Library team will respond to them right away. 

Frequently Asked Questions about moving to Canada as a food service provider 

Do I have to find a job offer to immigrate to Canada as a food service provider? 

Not necessarily. It can increase your CRS score but is not mandatory. 

What is the average salary of a food service provider in Canada?

It’s up to experience and the region but the average is $27,986. 

Is a food service supervisor in demand in Canada?

Yes, it is on the NOC list of in-demand jobs. 

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