Restaurant manager careers in the UK are in high demand, particularly among individuals who appreciate working with people from varied backgrounds and are interested in food production processes and associated subjects. As a result, employers are continuously looking for young qualified foreign employees and professional and experienced people to move to the UK as restaurant managers who can work efficiently and stay in the UK for an extended period.

The work of a restaurant manager is fulfilling and pays well. As a result, candidates seek a restaurant management work visa in the UK to advance their careers. Due to the increasing number of vacancies for restaurant managers in the hospitality sector, restaurant manager positions in the UK with work permits are regarded as an appropriate platform for securing a brighter future.

Move to the UK as a Restaurant Supervisor from the UAE

Employers in the UK are also looking to employ restaurant supervisors from the UAE and Dubai, especially those with experience and training with five-star hotels and well-known brands. Another advantage of employing UAE and Dubai restaurant managers is that experts from other nations are eager to migrate to any region of the UK. That is, it provides both employees and employers with flexibility. 

Furthermore, hiring trained experts and skilled individuals from outside the UK is more secure when a Certificate of Sponsorship (or a genuine employment offer) is issued. A genuine job offer guarantees securing restaurant management employment in the United Kingdom from Dubai.

Reasons to Move to the UK as a Restaurant Manager

  • The hospitality industry in the UK is quickly expanding.
  • In terms of employment and career prospects, the hospitality industry ranks third.
  • In 2016, the hotel business contributed around £65 billion to the UK GDP. This is why the hotel industry is regarded as one of the important pillars of the UK economy.

Skills Required to Move to the UK as a Restaurant Supervisor

  • Leadership skills
  • Hygiene, health, and security
  • Detail-orientedness, notably in food production and preparation
  • Understanding of food production processes
  • Communication skills
  • Capability to work under pressure
  • Positive demeanor
  • Ability to motivate and manage employees
  • Issue-solving and conflict resolution
  • Client-handling abilities
  • Team leadership
  • Business management abilities
  • Customer service and friendliness

Restaurant Manager Job Description in the UK

Here you can see the restaurant manager duties checklist:

  • Keeping the restaurant’s income stable
  • Controlling food production, meal quality, and customer service requirements.
  • Coordination of everyday restaurant operations
  • Providing excellent food and beverage service while boosting client satisfaction
  • Addressing restaurant customer concerns in a timely and factual manner
  • Increasing client satisfaction
  • Estimating the amount of cooking and cleaning supplies needed.
  • Actively engage in restaurant promotion initiatives in local areas.
  • Training new and existing restaurant personnel to give high-quality service to clients.
  • Organizing and overseeing staff members; assuming responsibility for the restaurant’s financial success.
  • Assessing and anticipating restaurant revenue and profitability
  • Planning marketing efforts, including promotional events and discount programs
  • Making reports on staff control, food control, and sales
  • Constructing and carrying out departmental sales, profit, and employee development strategies
  • Determining budgets
  • Menu planning and coordination, in collaboration with the head chef
  • Coordinating the restaurant’s operation, ensuring that the kitchen, bar, and waiting staff all work together to meet and welcome guests, handle table bookings, and give menu and wine recommendations.
  • maintaining strong quality control, cleanliness, and health and safety standards
  • Checking inventory levels and placing orders for supplies
  • Obeying licensing regulations and other legal obligations

Visa Options and Work Permit to Move to the UK as a Restaurant Manager

Employers in the United Kingdom hire young professionals, skilled employees, and experienced individuals to work through the Tier 2 visa program or point-based skilled worker visa program to recruit efficient personnel and produce excellent business. However, it is vital to remember that the business must obtain a Home Office Sponsor Licence to grant an applicant a Certificate of Sponsorship (a job offer). 

Due to a lack of competent labor in the hospitality industry for restaurant management positions in the UK, companies are looking for the best and most qualified applicants. The skilled worker visa program or Tier 2 (General) sponsored immigration channel must adhere to the government’s yearly intake limitation and meet “shortage occupation” standards.

The skilled worker visa program enables working professionals, educated youth, skilled employees, and experienced workers to make a good living and advance their careers in the United Kingdom. It should be noted that the UK skilled worker visa scheme permits restaurant executives to work and reside in the nation for five years. Furthermore, visas can be renewed if applicants can locate a new work or workplace in the United Kingdom.

What are the Eligibility Criteria and Qualifications for Restaurant Managers in the UK?

Applicants interested in obtaining a skilled worker visa should have a Certificate of Sponsorship or a valid and legitimate job offer from a Home Office Licensed Sponsor. It is crucial to remember that qualified applicants must satisfy the requirements for a restaurant management position in the United Kingdom.

Applicants for restaurant supervisors and assistant restaurant executives must fulfill the qualifying requirements listed below.

  • 12th-grade education (minimum)
  • A legitimate Sponsorship Certificate from an employer with a valid Sponsor License
  • Language skills are required (IELTS – 5 band score in each section)
  • Prior job experience in a similar profession (hospitality industry) of 8-10 years 
  • Certificate of security clearance
  • Adequate money

Applicants get points for education, sponsorship certificate, previous job experience, and language competency under the skilled worker visa program’s point-based system. To qualify for the visa program, applicants must have strong academic records, a solid IELTS score, and 8-10 years of relevant professional experience. It is vital to remember that applicants for restaurant management roles must have a minimum of 70 points to be considered for UK immigration.

How to Move to the UK as a Restaurant Manager With a Work Permit?

Interested individuals can apply for a UK work permit about three months before starting their jobs in the UK. The time of visa application will be stated on the sponsorship certificate (job offer). Along with visa applications, applicants must provide necessary papers such as evidence of identification, job experience evidence, academic transcripts, a language proficiency assessment, skill training verification, and so on.

Suppose candidates match all qualifying criteria for the post of the restaurant manager. In that case, those residing outside the UK will get a response on visa applications in three weeks, while those residents in the UK will receive a response in eight weeks.

Along with the skilled worker visa application of the primary applicant, dependent visa applications can be submitted (for children and spouses).

After meeting specific requirements, skilled worker dependents are permitted to work. After satisfying the qualifying requirements, they are permitted to study or seek postgraduate academic courses.

What Documents are Required to Move to the Uk as a Restaurant Manager?

Applicants competing for jobs as restaurant manager/assistant manager in the United Kingdom must hold the following papers:

  • Age verification
  • Valid Sponsorship Certificate from an Employer 
  • Passport status and travel history
  • Certificate of security clearance
  • Former salary and work duties as a restaurant supervisor
  • Language proficiency proof
  • Evidence of sufficient finances
  • Relevant restaurant management experience
  • Certificates of education

Candidates must apply for the skilled worker family visa to bring their spouses and children to the UK. In this situation, the principal applicant must submit the documents below to get a skilled worker-dependent visa:

  • Certificate of marriage
  • Birth certificates are required for minors under the age of 18

It is vital to highlight that dependents of skilled workers do not have access to any public or welfare funding. Similarly, main applicants do not have access to pension plans or welfare money.

Working Hours of Restaurant Managers in the UK

Working hours generally exceed 40 hours per week. Many restaurant owners and managers work late nights and weekends. Working on weekends and holidays is also typical. Overtime may be required in some occupations, and it is critical to be prepared to work until the job is finished, regardless of the time.

How Much is the Salary of Restaurant Managers in the UK?

  • Salaries for fine-dining restaurant managers often vary between £22,000 and £40,000.
  • Managers of casual dining restaurants may expect to earn between £20,000 and £30,000 per year.
  • Fast food restaurant executives often make between £18,000 and £30,000 per year.

Salaries are determined by your region, job, and the sort of business you work for. For instance, wages in boutique restaurants and high-end brasseries are relatively better than those in themed or brand restaurants.

Many restaurant executives also get bonuses if they meet their company’s goals. Other perks may include a pension, complimentary lunches on shift, staff discounts, and private medical insurance.

Working Conditions of Restaurant Managers in the UK

  • The job is mostly done indoors in a warm, although often crowded, atmosphere. Many restaurant owners and managers split their time between the front of the house, the office, and the kitchen.
  • Your level of responsibility is determined by the sort of restaurant you work in.
  • Dressing codes range from formal attire to business uniforms.
  • Responding to client complaints, directing many tasks at once, and coping with a fast-paced work environment make restaurant management a varied but often difficult profession.
  • Managers may be asked to cover other locations, so you must be mobile, flexible, and eager to travel. Overseas, there are some chances for restaurant management.

Qualifications of Restaurant Managers in the UK

There are several paths to move to the UK as a restaurant manager, and the industry welcomes applicants with a mix of practical experience, good interpersonal skills, and commercial knowledge. Training on the job and working up to the restaurant manager position without a degree or HND is feasible.

A degree is required for entrance into a graduate recruiting plan, though. Large restaurants and fast food franchises are more likely to provide graduate training programs. The following topics may be useful:

  • Hospitality management
  • Management or business
  • Hotel and catering operations

By accepting an apprenticeship in hospitality, you may learn on the job while also earning money. These are accessible at various levels, and if you’ve gained some experience, you might take the:

  • Advanced Apprenticeship at Level 3 Hospitality Supervisor
  • Higher apprenticeship level 4 hospitality manager

Use the GOV.UK website. To locate relevant opportunities, look for an apprenticeship service.

If you already work in a restaurant, you might improve your management abilities by pursuing a hospitality certification such as:

  • Hospitality Supervision and Leadership Level 3 Diploma
  • Hospitality Leadership Diploma at Level 4

Joining a relevant professional organization, for example, the Institute of Hospitality, allows you to stay current with industry trends and can give valuable training and advancement opportunities.

Although formal degrees might help you get a job, companies frequently value relevant practical work experience, personal qualities, and business skills more. Examine job postings to learn what experience and abilities businesses are seeking.

Work Experience of Restaurant Supervisors in the UK

To move to the UK as a restaurant manager, it is critical to have appropriate practical job experience. Some restaurant brands provide official work experience positions frequently advertised on their websites.

It is also feasible to get part-time, weekend, or summer work in restaurants, so you can gain experience while studying or applying for opportunities. Relevant job experience includes cooking, waiting, or bartending in restaurants, cafés, and hotels, as well as catering or customer service employment.

Infographic How to Move to the UK as a Restaurant Manager

What Employers Hire Immigrant Restaurant Managers in the UK?

Commercial businesses provide opportunities such as:

  • Brasseries
  • Pubs 
  • Independent restaurants
  • Cruise ships
  • International and national restaurant chains
  • Hotels
  • Clubs
  • Cafés
  • Conference venues

It is one of the geographically distributed sectors, with jobs available on every main street in every city and town and in many rural areas.

Many restaurants are owned and operated by sole entrepreneurs or partnerships. There are many chain restaurants, but there are also many independent enterprises.

Although competition for these initiatives is expanding, several regional and national restaurant companies provide management training possibilities for graduates.

Look for employment openings at:

  • Hospitality Jobs UK
  • Travel Weekly Jobs
  • Caterer.com
  • Restaurant Jobs

The Best Cities to Move to the UK as a Restaurant Manager

  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Bristol
  • Swansea
  • Liverpool
  • Glasgow 
  • Leeds
  • Edinburgh

What are the Career Prospects for Immigrant Restaurant Managers in the UK?

The prospects for advancement are determined by the size and kind of business you work for. However, in larger firms, you may normally go from waiter/waitress to staff trainer, supervisory/assistant manager, and finally to restaurant/general manager. Therefore, by obtaining suitable training and in-house certificates, you can develop more swiftly.

As a seasoned restaurant manager, you may further your career by moving to a larger or more prominent restaurant. However, there is also potential to advance into area management jobs, which need a thorough knowledge of a specific chain and significant practical experience. Based on the business size, an area manager may be in charge of four to six restaurants.

You might advance to operations management or head office positions. Suppose you want to be something other than an area manager. In that case, you might shift to other restaurants within the same chain or transfer to supervise a struggling or less successful associated business. With enough experience, you can open and manage your restaurant.

What are the Benefits of Moving to the UK as a Restaurant Manager?

  • Receiving legitimate employment offers as a restaurant manager.
  • Receiving your salary in foreign currencies.
  • Gaining the opportunity to work in a sophisticated economy.
  • Having job opportunities
  • Having the option of acquiring professional training while working.
  • Having the option of acquiring professional training while working. 
  • High quality of life 
  • Having a platform for collaboration with well-known and respected businesses.
  • Working in a safe and secure environment
  • Having opportunities to visit European nations
  • Having a high-quality work environment

After five years, candidates can apply for permanent residency in the UK. If candidates are willing, they can work, study, and live in the nation while receiving government social, educational, healthcare, and welfare benefits.

How Long is the Processing Time for Restaurant Manager Work Permit in the UK?

Ideally, prospective individuals should apply for a visa three months before beginning employment in the UK. The certificate of sponsorship supplied by the UK employer will include the applicants’ starting date at employment in the UK.

If all necessary supporting papers are included in the visa application, skilled workers’ visa applications are completed within three weeks after filing or submission. The processing time for visa applications is determined by the papers presented.

Let’s Sum Up

Restaurant managers ensure that a restaurant works effectively and financially while upholding its good reputation and ethics. As a restaurant manager, you will be accountable for the restaurant’s financial performance, quality standards, health, safety, and employee and customer happiness.

The function is business-like and creative, integrating organizational strategies and day-to-day management tasks, notably in marketing and company growth. You can work at various restaurants, from high-end, fine-dining establishments to casual dining and fast-service restaurants. See the fast food restaurant manager for further information about working in a fast food business.


Some occupations available in this area include operations management, recruiting, customer service, etc.

Restaurant management is ideal if you appreciate diversity in your career, work hard, and interact with others.

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