Do you want to become a pilot and you have picked Turkey to do so? You have clicked on the right page. This Visa Library article will bring you how to immigrate and work in Turkey as a pilot. This is your ultimate guide and will bring you the list of requirements, and the application process in detail at each step.

What are the requirements to become a pilot in Turkey?

These are the required items to immigrate and work in Turkey as a pilot;

English language fluency.

You have to get a language fluency certificate to become a pilot in Turkey. The requirement is with the flight school you want to study with. Determining the certificate you need and then finding the flight school, then figuring out the language fluency certificate you need and the required score. It’s often IELTS or TOEFL but the passing score is with the school.

An educational diploma or certificate.

You need to get admission to a Turkish flight school, and often they require you to have a diploma or educational degree. The least required egress is often a high school diploma. The least age you can register at a flight school is often 17, and you must have a degree to become qualified. You can find a list of the flight schools in Turkey in the below section. Visit their website or email them to know the required educational degree.

Have enough funds to pay tuition.

If you can not get scholarships or funds to study in a Turkish flight school, you must have enough money or funds to cover your tuition and cost of living. The tuition is up to the school and the program you want to enroll in. But your source of funds must be enough to cover all of the expenses. Visit the school’s website or email them to know the tuition and costs of studying. But on average, you have to pay about $8.000-413.000 in tuition. Remember that if you do not want to or can not pay the whole tuition once, you must provide proof of having enough funds to pay your tuition and to get a Turkey student visa.

Get admission to a flight school.

You have to study aviation to become a pilot in Turkey. So, it’s a must to get admitted to a Turkish flight school. You can find a list of them in the below section or google it to find more schools. The school you pick is up to your conditions;
  • Tuition.
  • Fulfill the requirements.
  • Language fluency.
  • The certificate you need.
  • Cost and living conditions in the city.
  • Etc.
You need to consider the above items and what is important to you and then apply and receive admission to a flight school.

Passing the “Yös” test or the “SAT exam.”

Turkish universities and education centers require students to pass the YOS test, which is in Turkish or SAT exam, which is in English. The one you have to pass is with the school or university. But it’s often needed to get admission to the Turkish flight school. You have to prepare yourself and pass the required tests to get admission to the Turkish flight school. Determine which test you have to provide and what is the passing score. It might be different with each aviation school.

Being able to get a student visa.

After you get admitted to a Turkish flight school or university, you have to apply for a Turkey student visa. You need the visa by the duration of your course and your nationality, and you foreign students need a visa most of the time. You must be able to gather the required documents for a student visa and submit them to the Turkish embassy/consulate in your home country. Look at the below section to learn about the student visa requirements and the process you have to follow. Note; this list of requirements is not an ultimate list. You might have to fulfill further requirements. It’s up to;
  • Your nationality
  • The flight school you apply to.
  • The certificate you want to get.
  • The job you want to work in the future.

What procedure do you have to follow to become a pilot in Turkey?

The steps you have to pass to become a pilot in Turkey come in this section. You’d better read the whole section once and determine the requirements and the time needed to pass them. Depending on your case and nationality, you might have to pass another stage as well. So the procedure could be a bit different for you. But the whole process you have to follow is like this.

Determining the job you want to work.

First things first, you need to determine the job you want to work. If there is a particular job you are interested in and want to work in, you must make it clear. This is because you need to find out what you need to work in this job. For instance, you might have to get a particular certificate for the position you want to work in or have a particular amount of flight hours.

Find the right flight certificate you need.

Determine the type of certificate you need. You have to find out what flight certificate you need to work in the position you want. There are various pilot certificates, and you need to figure out which one of them permits you to work in the position you want. Look at ye below section to know the various types of flight certificates available. It’s up to you to find out which one is appropriate to work as a pilot in Turkey. Also, you have to figure out the exact requirements of the certificate.

Find a flight school.

After you determine the job you want to work in and the certificate you need, you have to find a flight school in Turkey. You can find a list of them in the below section. It’s your responsibility to learn whether this school provides the course and certificate you need. Also, you should find out whether you can afford the tuition. You might have to compare the schools and their conditions to find one or two that are appropriate for your conditions. This is the part you need to research a lot. You can ask the students who are studying there or read testimonials or comments about the school. These are some of the options you have;
  • Flight School.
  • Aviation-related college degree program.
  • Airline cadet pilot program.

Determine the requirements and fulfill them.

After you find the flight school, you need to figure out the admission requirements and fulfill them. You might have to spend some time to fulfill the requirements. For instance, language proficiency or passing the entrance exams could take time. This is a sample list of the admission requirements;
  • Language proficiency certificate.
  • Latest educational degree.
  • Transctpst.
  •  “Yös” test or the “SAT exam” test result.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Clean record certificate.
  • A medical certificate.
  • Etc.
Visit the university or school website to know the exact list of requirements. Fulfill all of them and wait for the admission letter from the flight school.

Apply for a Turkey student visa.

After you get admission, you have to apply for a Turkey student visa. You need a student visa to study as a foreign person in Turkey. The step you have to pass here is to gather the list of visa-supporting documents. This is a sample list of the documents you have to collect; This is a sample list of the documents you have to gather;
  1. Completed Turkish student visa online application form.
  2. Paper application form if the embassy requires it.
  3. Valid passport.
  4. Biometric photos that meet the photo requirements of the Turkish visa.
  5. Evidence showing that you have booked flights.
  6. For the period of stay in Turkey, you must have travel insurance.
  7. An acceptance letter or admission letter: stating that a Turkish educational institution has accepted you. The letter should state the length of your stay.
  8. Proof of fees paid: for the education program you are about to participate in (if applicable).
  9. Diplomas, certificates, and previous transcripts.
  10.  Proof of financial resources: You are required to prove that you have sufficient money to live in the country by the Turkish authorities during the time of your studies, and you must be able to pay for your studies fees. You need to show some documents as proof. This can be:
  • Your bank statement proves that you have the required amount.
  • Scholarship letter, if applicable.
  • Sponsorship Letter, if your parents or other individuals sponsor your education and stay in Turkey.
  1. Proof of accommodation: It completely depends on where you are staying during your stay in Turkey; you are required to show a document as proof of accommodation.
  •  If you plan to live in a dormitory, please show documents proving that you have a reserved place.
  •  If you are invited to live in Turkey with a friend or family member, you must present an invitation letter from the host.
  •  If you rent a place for yourself, please show the rent agreement you and the landlord signed.
The above list of documents is a sample list of the documents you have to gather. You’d better visit the Turkish embassy/consulate website and find out if they have a checklist of supporting documents. If not, you can email them to know the full list of documents. Note; the above list is sample one, and the Turkish embassy or consulate in your home country might ask for further documents. You’d better visit their website to know if they have a checklist of documents or email them to get such a list. Also, the embassy might need further documents or a copy version of your documents. You might have to get one piece of your documents verified by an organization in your home country. For instance, the embassy might ask you to get the clean record certificate verified by the Ministry of OFrein Affairs or the judiciary officials.

Reserve a meeting with the Turkish embassy and visit them.

You have to schedule a meeting with the Turkish embassy/consulate in your home country. Then, you have to visit them in person to submit the hard copy of your documents. Figure out the procedure with the embassy, the cost of the student visa and how you have to pay it, the entrance rules, and the identity documents you have to carry. When you meet the officials, submit the documents and ask their questions regarding the purpose of your visit. This is the interview part, and you have to give true and honest answers. What you say in your interview must align with the documents you have provided. For insurance, a cover letter is one of the required documents. You write a letter and explain;
  • the purpose of your visit,
  • your course in this flight school.
  • Plans after completing your course.
  • How to cover costs.
  • Tuition.
  • Duration of stay and your course.
  • Background
  • Etc.
The answers you give in the interview must be according to the information you have provided in the cover letter and other parts of the documents. After you are done with the embassy, wait for processing. It’s up to the embassy and their workload and whether they ask for further supporting documents or not. When your visa is issued and ready, the embassy informs you to deliver or post your passport to get the visa label. After you get the visa label on your passport, you can move to Turkey and begin your studies. You can find more information about Turkey student visa from the Visa Library article as well.

Complete your flight school course.

After you land in Turkey, you have to study hard and complete your education to get your degree. Remember that you must obey the national law, rules, and regulations. If you break the law or get engaged in illegal activity, the security authorities might deport you from the country. Everything is lost. In the meantime, you can find information about Turkish flight companies or find friends in them. You might be able to get scholarships or funds to continue your education or find friends in these companies.

Look for a job offer as a pilot in Turkey.

After you complete your education and get your degree, you need a work visa to work as a pilot in the country. First, you have to find a job offer from a flight company or airline in Turkey. You can reach the companies directly or find a job on websites that advertise job positions in Turkey. You can find a list of them in the below section. It’s a must to find a job offer from a Turkish company as you need a work permit to work in the country. Only the employer can apply for a work permit. After you find the employer willing to hire you, you have to sign an employment contract with him/her. It’s part of the supporting documents. The contract must explain everything about your employment;
  • Job title
  • Duties
  • Salary or hourly rate
  • Raises, bonuses, incentive opportunities
  • Company stock options
  • Role requirements
  • Job description
  • Team & department assignment
  • Skill requirements
  • Health benefits
  • investment/retirement plans
  • Bonuses
  • Location of the job.
  • The date it will begin and end.
  • Etc.

Apply for a turkey work visa.

The employer applies for a work permit, and this is the document he/she has to submit;
  • Work Permit Application Letter.
  • Foreign Personnel Application Form.
  • The Trade Registry Gazette of Turkey.
  • A balance sheet and profit/loss statement for the most recent year.
  • Notarized power of attorney.
  • Employment contract.
  • CV/resume
  • Clean record certificate.
  • Educational documents.
  • Proof of work experience
  • Valid passport.
  • Other passports you have had.
After the work visa is issued, you can work in the company. If you are outside of Turkey at the time of application, you might need a work visa to enter Turkey. You have to submit some documents to the Turkish embassy to get the work visa label on your passport. The work permit is permission to work in Turkey, but the work visa is authorization to enter Turkey.

How to find a job as a pilot in Turkey?

There are different ways to find a job in Turkey as a pilot. This section tells you some of them so you can find a job and work as a pilot.

Websites to find a job in Turkey.

The first way to find a job in Turkey as a pilot is to look for a position through the websites that advertise job positions. This is a list of these websites and you can visit them to know if they offer a position for pilots or not.
  • Learn 4 Good
  • Turkey Talent
  • LinkedIn
  • Craigslist
  • Just Landed
  • indeed.com
  • eleman.net
  • isilanlarikariyer.com
  • yenibiris.com
  • kariyer.net
  • Snaphunt
  • TotalJobs

Employment agencies in Turkey.

The other way you can use to find a job in Turkey as a pilot is to get help from employment agencies. These are the recruiters who introduce employers and employees to each other. This is a list of them, and you can visit their website or reach them to know if they can help you or not.
  • Gini Talent
  • EchoGlobal
  • CUP IT
  • FMC Group
  • OneWorld Consulting
  • TGS Lydia
  • Empatik İnsan Kaynakları
  • Nicholson International Turkey
  • Pratik İnsan Kaynakları
  • AZKAN Group
  • CottGroup

Reaching companies.

There are various airlines and companies working in the aviation field. You can reach them directly or send your resume to know if they are willing to hire you or not. You can find the most famous airlines or companies by googling them. This is a sample list of them;
  • AnadoluJet
  • MNG Airlines
  • Corendon Airlines
  • Air ACT
  • Pegasus Airlines
  • Turkish Cargo
  • SunExpress
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Freebird Airlines
  • ULS Airlines Cargo
  • Tailwind Airlines

Training stages of becoming a pilot in Turkey.

You need to find out the training stage or certificate you need to work as a pilot in Turkey. You’d better determine the job position and find out its requirements and certificate. This is a list of the certificates you need to become a pilot in Turkey.
  • Student Pilot License (SPL)
  • Private Pilot License (PPL)
  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
  • Instrument Rating (IR)
  • Multi-Engine Rating (MER)

Pilots’ salary in Turkey.

Your salary as a pilot in Turkey is up to various factors. Different sources have mentioned different figures for your salary. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a pilot in Turkey is about TRY 37,070. This source indicates that the salary range is TRY 172,911 – TRY 182,807. According to Salary Explorer, the average salary of a pilot in Turkey is about 14,200 TRY per month. The salary range is 7,250 TRY, the lowest) to 21,900 TRY, the highest. According to Salary Expert, your salary is about ₺295.256. You can expect to get 11.072 ₺ as a bonus as well.

The cost of flight schools in Turkey.

Different sources have mentioned various figures for the cost of studying at a pilot program in Turkey. The cost is up to the school and the certificate you need. You can expect $8000 and $13,000 for your tutin, but you should ask the school to determine the exact fire. The tuition can rise up to $18,720.00 per year as well. In some cases, you might have to pay $65,260.00.

Flight schools in Turkey.

This is a list of the flight schools in Turkey. Visit their website to find more information or get admission to one of them;
  • AFA-Atlantic Flight Academy
  • Anadolu University Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Avion Training ATO
  • AYJET Anatolian Stars FTO Flight School
  • Er-Ah Flight School
  • ERAH Aviation Academy
There are other academics or schools and the above list is just a sample. You can find more centers by researching.

Let’s sum up…

This page of the Visa Library brought you information on how to become a pilot in Turkey. You learned about the required items and the process you have to follow. Each step got explained in detail land you learned how to complete them. This is your ultimate guide to immigrating and working in Turkey as a pilot. If you have questions about the process, write them down in the comment section. The Visa Library team will answer them.

Frequently Asked Questions about immigration to Turkey as a pilot.

Can I become a pilot in Turkey? Yes, you need to get admission to a flight school. Do I need a language proficiency certificate? Yes, you need to be fluent in English and submit the certificate to get admission. How much is the cost to become a pilot in Turkey? You can expect $10.000 to $30.000 in tuition but it’s up to the flight school’s tuition.

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