Are you going to move to Germany as a food service supervisor? This article brings you whatever you must know and answer the related questions. 

How can you immigrate to Germany as a Food service supervisor?

Food service supervisors are like the other careers that want to move to Germany; they need a job offer and must apply for a work visa. Although EU and Swiss nationals don’t need a visa to work in Germany, non-EU nationals must apply for a work permit and work visa. 

Here are the steps they have to follow to move to Germany as a food service supervisor: 

Step 1. Look for a job offer with a German employer

The first step for everyone who wants to move to Germany as a food supervisor is to find a job offer. The offer is a must for everyone who wants to work in Germany. It’s true for food service providers, and the first requirement is to find the offer. 

There are websites that advertise job positions, and you can apply through them for the position. Read the below section to get familiar with these websites. 

Prepare a good resume and apply for the related positions. Whether you have to be fluent in German or not is up to the position and the employer who wants to hire you. 

You can also move to Germany to look for a job. If you are among the visa-waived countries, you don’t need a visa and can enter and stay in Germany for up to 90 days. It’s enough to look for a job and reach an agreement with an employer. You can find the list of visa-waived countries on the right sidebar and the article on who needs a Germany visa. 

If you are not among the visa-waived countries and need a visa, you can apply for a tourist visa or job seeker visa. They permit you to stay in Germany to look for a job. But you have no permission to work. If you do, German officials won’t be kind, and there are heavy repercussions. 

Step 2 sign an employment contract with the employer

When you find a job offer with a German employer, it must lead to an employment contract. The contract you sign is part of the requirements for a work permit and work visa. It must clarify the detail of your employment and mention every point: 

  • Duration of employment 
  • Salay 
  • Working hours 
  • Type of job 
  • Duties and responsibilities 
  • Perks and bonuses 
  • Etc. 

When you sign the employment contract, it might have to be legalized in Germany by the employer. 

Step 3. The employer applies for a work permit 

Now is the stage that the employer applies for a work permit. It is permission to work in Germany as a non-EU national. 

There are also other requirements that the food service provider must send to the employer so he/she can apply for the work permit. 

When German immigration officials that the non-EU food service provider can come to the country, they issue the work permit. A large part of the process is done here. Remember that it takes time until the authorities work on the application and decide whether to issue the work permit or not. So you must wait, and in the meantime, you can work on your language proficiency or gather the supporting documents for the work visa to speed up the process. 

Step 4. The worker or food service supervisor applies for a work visa.

You, as the food service provider, must apply for a Germany work visa at the German embassy, consulate, or the visa application center responsible for visa processing in your home country. 

You can see the list of supporting documents on the right sidebar and the Germany work visa article. 

You should remember one point. 

German embassy or visa center might ask for further supporting documents, and you must submit whatever they ask. Also, they could have a list of supporting documents by your nationality.  

You would better check the German embassy website in your home country to see if they have such a list or not. When you submit a full list of supporting documents, you speed up the process. If the embassy asks for further supporting documents, the processing time will take a bit longer. 

Step 5. Visa appointment with the embassy

You must schedule a meeting with the embassy or visa center and visit them in person. Bring all the gathered supporting documents and prepare a copy if needed. 

Submit everything to the officials and pay the fee for visa processing. The fee might be up to change by your nationality. You would better ask the embassy how much the visa costs and how you must pay it. It could be through a credit card or by transferring money to a bank account. 

Step 6. Processing and moving to Germany 

It takes time until the embassy works on your application and issues the visa. When you have a work permit, you will get a work visa. But if something is wrong with your application, things might get a bit complicated. 

The embassy informs you of the results and how to get your work visa. When you have it on your passport, you can move to Germany and begin your work. 

Websites to look for a job in Germany

The following websites are some of the most famous ones where you can look for a job in Germany. You would better work hard and keep up with the job positions and apply as early as possible,” the early bird catches the worm.” 

If you see a company that has advertised a position, you can visit the company’s website and follow its staff on LinkedIn to check news, policies, or hiring procedures. 

You might get connected with one person, and he/she leads you to a job offer. 

  1. Indeed
  2. StepStone
  3. Arbeitsagentur
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Meinestadt.de
  6. Jobrapido.de
  7. Kimeta
  8. Xing Stellenmarkt
  9. Monster Deutschland
  10. Stellenanzeigen.de
Infographic How to Immigrate to Germany as a Food service supervisors

Food service provider salary in Germany

According to the Salary Explorer website, a person working in Food Service Sales in Germany gets about 2,790 EUR per month. This is while the lowest salary is about 1,280 EUR and the highest is about 4,430 EUR. 

According to the Salary expert website, the average income of a food service worker is about 25.834€ per year. But a supervisor can expect to earn higher.

How much you earn in Germany as a food service provider is up to many factors. You can not be sure that two people get the same amount of income, but the working rules are in favor of the workers, and the government supports them. 

Food service provider duties and responsibilities in Germany 

You can read some of the tasks and responsibilities of a food service provider in Germany here to know the working condition and atmosphere in this field:

  • Coordinate and supervise the daily activities of people working to prepare and portion food. 
  • Give an estimate of the proper ingredients and supplies of the required food material. 
  • Prepare food orders based on customer requirements like dieticians, patients in hospitals, or other customers
  • Create procedures and work schedules
  • Prepare a history and record of the wastage, sales, repairs, and stock. 
  • Teach or train staff and new recruits in safety and sanitation procedures.
  • Ensure the food quality and ingredients meet the standards. 
  • Plan the menu of the cafe or restaurant 
  • Estimate the cost of the final food 

The above items are only samples of the duties and tasks of a food service provider. Your tasks and responsibilities vary by the place you work and the type of your job. 

Do I need German language proficiency to immigrate to Germany as a food service provider?

Whether you need to be fluent in German or not is up to your employer and the palace you work with. But it’s likely that you must be fluent in German. The places a food service provider will work with are mostly related to inside the country and might not be connected with the international sector or people coming from abroad. So it’s likely that people speaking German and English is not common. 

Also, if you are not fluent in German, your work options might become limited. You won’t be able to choose from a wide range of available positions and become limited. So you would better work on your German language proficiency. 

Let’s sum up…

This article brought you how to immigrate to Germany as a food service provider. It explained the application process and requirements to get to the country. Also, you found answers to some of your questions related to the process. 

If you have questions, write them down in the comment section. 

The Visa Library team will answer them right away. 

Frequently asked questions about moving to Germany as a food service provider

How should I immigrate to Germany as a food service provider?

The first step is to get a job offer from a German employer. 

Do I need a German language proficiency certificate to move to Germany as a food service provider?

No, you don’t need a certificate but must convince the employer 

How can I find a job position as a food service provider?

Websites are introduced in the article to find a position.

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