What you should know about Turkish worker visa after Brexit 


Turkish worker visa was an opportunity for Turkish nationals to work in the UK. However, due to Brexit, they may not apply for it. It remains to be seen what happens in the future for the visa rules and whether the Turkish people will be able to apply for them or not.

The articles explain details about the people who are in the Uk with a Turkish worker visa and how to extend their visa.


Turkish Worker Visa

The Turkish Worker Route is not exempt from legislation concerning the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. This article explores the current situation during the transitional period to December 31, 2020, and speculates on the future of the Turkish Worker visa route for Turkish workers after Brexit.


Who is eligible to extend a Turkish worker visa?

To be eligible to apply for a Turkish worker visa extension, you must:

  • Hold a valid Turkish worker visa
  • Prove that you have not violated any immigration laws


Documents you need to prove for applying.

When applying for a visa extension, you need to provide:

  1. You have to show a valid passport or other documents that prove your identity and nationality being Turkish.
  2. A biometric residence permit proving your Turkish worker visa
  3. All proof of employment during your current stay in the UK, including bank statements and payslips for the entire period you have worked.

You require a completely blank page in your passport to affix your visa.

If you are considered an Au Pair, you can provide a letter from your host family if you don’t have a payslip or bank statement.

If you have not already gotten a police certificate, you may need to obtain one for yourself and your family in the UK.


 Requirements for your job

You must also provide evidence that the same employer has legally employed you in the UK for three years at least and that you intend to:

  • Continue to do the same type of work if you have been legally employed for between 3 and 4 years
  • Work for any employer in any job, if you have been legally employed for four years or more

Evidence may comprise, for example, a letter from your current or future employer or an application letter from your current employer.


How to extend your visa?

Suppose you are in the UK and all the following conditions are met. In that case, you can generally apply for a  Turkish worker visa extension, and we have mentioned the required conditions at the beginning of the article.

Your partner or child must submit a separate application, including children who have turned 21 while you were staying in the country.

You should not leave the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man until the authorities give you a decision. If you do this, your application will be withdrawn.


How to apply for a UK Turkish worker visa?

You must apply for an extension of your visa online on the UK Visa and Immigration website.

Your partner and children (“dependents”) can individually apply for a dependent visa extension (if they already have one).

  1. Apply online at the official UK government website. Completing the online form is free.
  2. Make an appointment with the UK Visa and Citizenship Application Service (UKVCAS) service point.
  3. Gather the necessary documents. Find the list of documents required for a UK visa.
  4. Provide your biometric information, photograph, and fingerprint at UKVCAS.
  5. Your documents should be scanned at the UKVCAS appointment.


How long does it take to extend the visa?

As part of the application, you must prove your identity and provide your documents.

If you require an appointment for doing this, you may need to allow additional time. When you start applying, you will know if you need one or not.


What you can and cannot do under a Turkish worker visa?

With a Turkish worker visa extension, you are able to:

  1. Include your family members (“dependents”) in this extension if they are already in the UK and have a dependent visa
  2. Study
  3. Do volunteer work
  4. If you have lived and resided in the UK for five years and meet other eligibility requirements, apply for permanent residence in the UK (also known as ‘indefinite leave to remain’)

You cannot:

Apply for most benefits (known as public funds) or state pension

If your application proved successful, you would get a complete list of what you can and cannot do with a Turkish worker visa from the authorities.


Bringing Family Members to the UK with a Turkish Worker Visa

You can include your dependents on your UK Turkish Worker Visa application. However, to do so, they must already be legally in the UK. You must apply for this before the expiration of your permission to stay in the UK.

Please note that only your partner and children who are under 21 are eligible to be dependents.

To apply, you must prove your family relationship with your dependents:

  1. Your partner’s marriage certificate.
  2. Your child’s birth certificate.
  3. Prove that your dependents live with you permanently.


Let’s sum up…

After Brexit, the Turkish may not apply for a Turkish worker visa, yet they can extend their stay. The article explains all you should know about the new rules and regulations.

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