Mistakes you don’t want to make about UK transit visa

You are going to catch a flight at a British airport on your next trip. Did you know you might need a UK transit visa to do so? Some countries can not do so without a visa. Are you sure you aren’t one of them?

This article will explain whether you need a UK transit visa, different types, requirements, the application process, FAQ, and more.

Who needs and doesn’t Need a UK transit visa?

Whether you need a transit visa or not depends on a few items. You need to determine a few things. Then you can find out you need it or not:



Not everyone needs a transit visa. Many countries are exempt from it. For example, the EU, EEA, and Switzerland nationals are free of it. They don’t require a visa to transit through the UK.


UK Border Control

Whether you will go through the UK Border Control is a key factor. You might not need a transit visa if you don’t go through Border Control. You can ask about the airline you are traveling with about this.

If you pass through the UK Border Control, you need a transit visa. But if you won’t pass the Border Control, you need to apply for a Direct Airside Transit Visa (DATV).


UK visa

If you have one of the Below UK visas, you don’t need a transit visa:

  • UK Standard Visitor visa
  • UK Marriage Visitor visa
  • Home Office travel document


How to make sure I don’t need a UK transit visa?

When you determine the above factors, visit the UK visa and immigration website. Put your nationality in the first field. If you have dual citizenship, write the nationality that you will travel with its passport.

Second, choose the purpose of your trip. In this case, it is “Transit (on your way to somewhere else).” Then choose your destination.

The third part will ask you whether you will go through the UK Border Control or not. In the end, it will tell whether you need a UK transit visa or not. Remember that the system might ask you different questions. It depends on your conditions. But they are easy to answer.

You are not going through the Border Control

If you won’t pass UK Border Control and will change flights in the UK, you might need a Direct Airside Transit Visa (DATV). The DATV allows you to change your flight in the UK.


How to apply for the DATV?

To apply for a DATV, you need to have the below documents:

  • A valid passport or travel document.
  • Visa to enter your destination. A valid residence permit or any other form of legal Residence Permit will suffice.

Remember that the British officials might ask about the purpose of your visit to the third country. It is true when you are not a resident or national of that country.

The flight you are going to take must leave the UK in 24 hours.

The application process for a DATV is online. You must also submit your biometrics to the center the UK visa and immigration center tells you.

If you are going through Border Control, you have to apply for a UK transit visa.

Note: If you want to visit the UK and spend some time in the country, you can apply for a UK visitor visa.


What are the requirements for a UK transit visa?

There aren’t many requirements for the UK transit visa. Yet, you should make sure they convince the officials. The requirements for the transit visa are as follows:


It must be valid at the time of application and when you pass through the country. The passport can not be older than ten years.

Entrance proof

Provide proof that you have the authorization to enter your destination. It could be a visa, Residence Permit, etc.

Proof of journey

Provide evidence that you intend to leave the British airport. You could provide:

  • Tickets
  • Verification from a third party, like a travel agent.


Attention: The mentioned documents are only a general set of requirements. The British officials might ask for more documents.


UK transit visa application Process

The application process for a transit visa is as follows:


1. Do you need a transit visa?

As explained above, not everyone needs a transit visa. Many countries are free of it. But a few need it. So, make sure you need one before applying. The section above explained how to make 100% sure that you need a transit visa.


2. What type of visa do you need?

There are two types of transit visa:

  • A UK transit visa
  • DATV

Figure out which one you need. If you apply for the wrong type, you might not be able to pass through the UK. So, make a deep focus on the details of each type.


3. Gather requirements

There are a few requirements for the UK transit visa. They are to prove you are eligible for the visa. Collect everything, as explained. If you can provide additional documents, don’t hesitate. They will raise your chance to get a visa.


4. Application form

Complete the online application form. The application has a few procedures that you have to complete. But be careful while going through every step. When you complete the form, print, date, and sign it.


5. Submitting supporting documents

The UK visa and immigration website will ask you to set a place to submit requirements. Find it in your home country. S

schedule an appointment with them. Get there on time and bring every piece of requirement. It would be wise to bring additional documents to satisfy the officials.


6. Processing

The British embassy or center will work on your visa. When they issue the visa, they will inform you.


UK Transit visa fees

The standard fee for the transit visa is £64. If you have to apply for the DATV, you must pay £35. But, bear in mind that the fee is always subject to change. Also, you might have to pay more. It depends on the country and the embassy or center you apply to.


UK Transit visa Validity

The UK transit visa is often valid for six months. It permits you to catch connecting flights in the UK several times. But, bear in mind that you can stay in the British airport for a limited time. If you have a transit visa, you may only stay for 48 hours. If you have a DATV, you may only stay for 24 hours.


Let’s sum up…

This article explained whatever you should know about the UK transit visa.

It covered whether you need a visa or not, different types, requirements, the application process, FAQs, and more.

If you should know about other types of UK visas, just visit the left sidebar.

In case you wish to know about other country’s visas, go to the Visa Library’s home page.

Did you know that visa applicants wish to know your experience or information with visas? If you have any, share them with us in the comment section. They are valuable tips for candidates.

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    How long is a UK transit visa valid for?

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      Hey there.
      Thanks for leaving a comment on our website. The validity of a UK transit visa is a maximum of 6 months.

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