All you should know about Turkish Businessperson visa


Turkish Businessperson visa allows the Turk nationals to move to the UK to run a business or joint one. The article explains who is eligible for it, requirements, the application process, and FAQs.

Note: The update for the Brexit transition was added.

What is a Turkish Businessperson visa?

A Turkish Businessperson visa was introduced for above 18 Turkish nationals. It permits them to begin a new business or join an existing business.

The visa authorizes you to stay in the UK for one year. But you can extend the visa for up to three years.

The officials let you bring your family to the country as well.

As the name suggests, the Turkish Businessperson visa is only for Turkish nationals. The citizens of the other countries can not use it.

The great advantage of a Businessperson visa is it holds no minimum required funds. You don’t need to fulfill the financial principle to be eligible for it. You just need to show having the required money for your business.


Who is eligible to apply for a Turkish Businessperson visa?

The name of the visa reveals the first eligibility principle; being Turkish. Yet, you need to meet a few other factors, as follows:

Valid passport

You need to have a valid Turkish passport to apply for a Businessperson visa.


An applicant can not be younger than 18 years of age.

Obeying law

You, as the applicant, mustn’t have broken any immigration law before.

Businessperson visa

You must be able to set off a viable business in the UK. To do so, you need to have the required amount of funds.

Bear in mind that you must be able to pay the current costs for business.

Enough income

The income or share from your business must be enough to support you and your family. It must be enough so you won’t need to have another job. Not being to have a second job doesn’t mean you can work for your company. You have permission to work for the business set up in the UK. You also may not receive public funds through a Turkish Businessperson visa.

Keep in mind that you need to prove it at the time of application.

Business plan

You need to support your business idea with a viable business plan.


Join a business

If you can fulfill the above elements, you are eligible for a Businessperson visa.

Providing that you will join a current business in the UK:

  • You must have an effective and operating role in the company
  • The UK company must be in definite need of your investment or services.


What is the least required fund for a Turkish Businessperson visa?

Unlike the other types of UK visa (investor visa or start-up visa), the Businessperson visa has no required funds rule.

You just need to have the required fund to set off your business. The required amount depends on your business and what you will do. You also need to consider the money you will need during the first year.


Turkish Businessperson visa requirements

The requirements for a Turkish Businessperson visa are as follows:


Your Turkish passport must hold validity for at least one year at the time of application. It may not be older than ten years ago.

Financial independence

You need to prove to have enough funds to cover your expenses. It could be from savings or income from your business.

TB test result

A few countries require a TB test to enter the UK. If you are one of them, you have to take the test in a certified center and provide the result in your application.


You need one color photo of yourself. It can not be older than three months ago.

Do you need a health surcharge?

No. The Businessperson visa doesn’t require you to buy it.


Proof of setting up your business

Depending on your business plan, you need to provide various requirements. However, a general set of supporting documents is as follows:

  • A viable business plan
  • Related documents for business premises
  • Insurance (if required)
  • Partnership agreements
  • Document of HM Revenue & Customs (you might have to provide evidence of payment)
  • Educational qualifications or evidence of previous experience proving your eligibility to set up the business.
  • Proof to have made the investment in the UK company, such as:
    • The UK or overseas bank statements
    • Bank loans
    • Overseas money transfers,
  • Proof of financial help from family or a third person.
  • Your business involvement proof.

The mentioned requirements for a Turkish Businessperson visa is not the ultimate list. The British officials might require further documents by


Turkish Businessperson visa application process

You may apply for the Turkish Businessperson visa from inside of the UK or outside. Yet, you can not apply for it on a tourist or visitor visa.


1. Are you eligible?

Before you apply for the Turkish Businessperson visa, determine if you are eligible or not. As the article explained, only Turkish nationals may apply for this visa. However, they must comply with a few principles as well.

Look before you leap. If you are not qualified, you waste your time and effort. If eligible, follow the route.


2. Online application

You need to apply to the UK visa and immigration website (UKVI) for a Businessperson visa. To complete the form, you need a valid email address and the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Date and place of birth.
  • Information on your parents.
  • Travel history to the UK and other countries.
  • Criminal history record.



See the section above to know what the requirements for a UK Turkish businessperson visa are. You need to collect all and submit them to the authorities.

If you are in a hurry, and want to save time, get in touch with the visa center. Ask them about the list of requirements.


4. Visa interview

You need to pick a place to submit your supporting documents. You will choose the place on the UKVI website. The website currently shows the TLScontact center to submit your requirements.

Get a meeting with them and remember the exact date and time. You should have enough time to collect the requirements. Haste makes waste.


5. Processing

Wait until the officials process your application. The processing time is a bit different for each applicant. Yet, the standard required time is about 90 days.

The visa center or British officials will inform you of the decision. When you receive the visa, you can move to the UK.


6. Getting to the UK

When you arrive in the UK, you have to register with the Police. You need to do it in the nearest police station in your town or city.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most travelers need to self-isolate for ten days. If you don’t want self-isolation, you can use the Test to release scheme. You take a COVID-19 test to see if you need isolation or not.

You also need to fill in the “passenger locator” on the UKVI website.

If you have been to South Africa in the last ten days, you may not enter the UK.

Further decisions due to the pandemic will be announced later.


Turkish Businessperson visa extension

You can extend the Turkish Businessperson visa when it’s about to expire. To do so, you need to keep running your business or have maintained your investment in the company. You may extend your visa for another three years.

After living in the Uk for five years, you will have to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). The ILR also gets called Permanent Residency. You can stay in the UK with no time limit and are eligible to do what you want.


Can you study under the Turkish Businessperson visa?

Yes, the Businessperson visa permits you to study in the UK. Yet, the studies mustn’t interfere with your business.


How long is the Turkish Businessperson visa valid for?

The initial validity of the Turkish Businessperson visa is one year. If you seek to stay longer than one year, use every opportunity to work on your business. Your investment or company is the qualification to extend the visa and stay longer.


Can you bring your family under the Turkish Businessperson?

Yes, you have permission to bring your spouse or law partner and children. Yet, the child must be under 21.

You need the items to bring your family:

  • Evidence that you can financially support your family.
  • Proof of appropriate accommodation for family.
  • Evidence of permanent life with you in the UK.


How much does the Turkish Businessperson visa cost?

Turkish Businessperson visa is exempt from charge.


Turkish businessperson visa after Brexit

Turkish businessperson visa will be closed on December 31, 2020. The Turks can no longer apply for it. Yet, the Turk nationals who are currently in the UK can extend their permit. After the transition, the UK official will grant Extension to ECAA businesspersons. The Businessperson title won’t be used anymore.


Let’s sum up…

The article explained who is eligible for a Turkish businessperson visa, requirements, the application process, FAQs, and more.

If you are a Turk national, you can use the program to join a business or set up yours in the country.

If you have experience or knowledge with visas, please write it down.

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