What UK Biometric Residence Permit and who needs it?


You are going to apply for a UK visa, or you will stay there for the long term; you definitely need a UK Biometric Residence Permit. It’s It verifies that the holder can stay in the country legally.

The article explains what exactly is a UK Biometric Residence Permit, who needs it, and general questions related to it.

What is UK Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)?

A biometric residence permit is a biometric document that is generally provided to all foreign nationals and their dependents applying for an extension of their current visa. It is proof that the holder has the right to stay, work or study in the UK, and can also be used as proof of identity.

Additionally, candidates will provide their information, fingerprints, and digital photos, to the authorities when applying for the visa.

The BRP will retain the personal information of the candidates, such as:

  • Name
  • Date of birth and place of birth
  • Fingerprints and photo
  • Information about their current visa and related conditions of stay,
  • Information about the possibility of obtaining public funds, specifically Health Services
  • Your National Insurance number (although not all, it depends on the candidate’s situation).

BRP holders can use this type of documents to reveal:

  1. Information about identity
  2. Category of employment or study rights
  3. Public services access level

This document is obtained automatically after the candidate’s visa application is approved. Therefore, it is not necessary to apply separately.

Check for errors immediately after receiving your permit. If you find any information incorrect, please notify the Home Office at the first chance that you find it so they can correct it and issue you another permit with correct information.


Who needs a biometric residence permit?

Almost all foreigners outside the European Economic Area who have obtained a long-term authorization to enter the UK must get a biometric residence permit within ten days of arrival in the UK. If the applicant must obtain a BRP, it will be noted on their visa.

The candidates who must apply for the BRP are as follows:

  • Applied for a visa to stay longer than six months in the UK.
  • Applied for an extension of their current visa for more than six months
  • Applied for an Indefinite Leave to Remain permit (ILR).
  • Transferred their visa to a new passport
  • Applied to the Home Office to get certain travel documents from them


 Biometric Information for BRP

The facial image of Children under six will only be taken. All individuals over the age of six must also provide fingerprints when applying for a biometric residence permit. In addition, the law requires children under 16 to have a “responsible adult” to accompany them.

If foreign residents living in the UK refuse to provide their biometric information, their application to the Home Office will be rejected, which may result in their deportation to their home country.

However, if you are unable to provide your biometric information or fingerprints due to a physical disability (you have no fingers or hands), in that case, you will be registered in the database as a person who cannot provide fingerprints due to physical issues. However, your facial image will be recorded in the database.

Your biometric information will be saved in the “UK Central Government Database” and processed under strict UK data protection laws.


Biometric residence permit extension

When your biometric residence permit is about to expire, but you still want to stay in the UK for a longer period, you must apply for an extension before it expires. Because if it expires and you don’t apply for an extension, you will no longer be able to stay in the UK.


What happens if you lose your BRP?

If you lose your BRP, you must use the service at “BRP Lost” to report the issue as soon as possible.

If you lose your BRP in the UK, you must apply for another within three months. However, if you lose it abroad, you must apply for a replacement BRP visa to have permission to re-enter the UK.


What should you do if you find someone else’s Lost BRP?

If you happen to find a biometric residence permit that belongs to someone else, you should mail it to the following mentioned address as soon as possible:

  • Freepost RRYX-GLYU-GXHZ
  • Returns unit
  • PO Box 163
  • Bristol
  • BS20 1AB

The posting fee is free, which means you don’t have to pay anything when you send other people’s BRP cards to this address. Be sure that you will not be charged in the future.


Let’s sum up…

When you apply for a Uk visa and intent to stay for longer than six months in the country, you need a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP). It holds your personal information and the things you are allowed to do and not to do in the country. There are also other people who need it, which is mentioned in the text. If you don’t receive your BRP, you might face deportation.

The article explained who needs a BRP, how to receive it, and the general questions you might have about it.

If you need to know about other types of UK visas, go through the left sidebar. In case you want to know about other country’s visa rules, go through the menu. You can find everything you need there.

If you have information or knowledge over visas, please share them with readers to help them in their way.

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