What you need to know about Switzerland Residence Permit

Are you going to stay in Switzerland for the long-term? You need a Switzerland Residence Permit to stay and taste your chocolate.

This article will explain who needs a Switzerland Residence Permit, requirements, the application process, and more.

Who needs a Switzerland Residence Permit?

Whether you need a Switzerland Residence Permit or not is a matter of your nationality. The EU and EEA nationals don’t need a Residence permit. However, they need to register with the local officials to stay longer than 90 days.

Evert non-EU national needs residence Permit to stay longer than 90 days in Switzerland.

Remember that you have to be in Switzerland to apply for its residence Permit. Applying for a permit from your home country is impossible.


What are the requirements for a Switzerland Residence Permit?

The requirements for Switzerland Residence Permit are different. Each Swiss Canton may require various supporting documents. Also, the requirements could vary by your conditions. Yet, a general set of requirements for Switzerland Residence Permit is as follows:

Application form

You will get the application form from the local canton officials.


Your passport needs to have the same eligibility principles for a Switzerland visa.


You need private or public insurance.


Two photos of yourself are needed. They must be identical, passport-sized, and not older than three months.

Legal stay proof

It depends on the sort of visa. If you have a work visa, provide an employment contract. In case you have a student visa, submit proof of registration with the university,

Proof to have enough funds

You need enough money to cover your expenses. The amount depends on the Canton you live in. But bank statements could prove it.

Proof of accommodation

Provide a rental agreement or proof of ownership.


Note: The mentioned list is general and not complete. The 26 cantons of Switzerland will require various visa types. You would better bring the requirements for a Switzerland visa, just to be on the safe side.


Switzerland Residence Permit application process

The application process for Switzerland Residence Permit is ad follows:


1. Moving to Switzerland

You may not apply for a Switzerland Residence Permit from outside of the country. You need to be inside. You need to have a Switzerland long-stay visa. The type of visa depends on your situation. For instance, it could be a work visa, student visa, start-up visa, etc.


2. Contact the cantonal officials

As explained, Switzerland has 26 cantons. They have different rules and regulations. You need to contact them to receive the required instructions. Bear in mind that you have to apply to the local officials of the Canton you live.


3. Requirements

The Swiss officials have set some requirements for Residence Permit. You need to gather them for your application. See a general list of supporting documents in the above section.

Remember that the local officials will require various requirements.


4. Meeting

Now you need to set a meeting with the Canton’s officials. You have to bring the documents. They notify you of the procedures to follow.


5. Processing

Wait until the authorities process your Permit. Once they issue the Permit, they will notify you to pick it up.


Different types of Switzerland Residence Permit

There are different types of Switzerland Residence Permit. Each one of them is appropriate for various applicants. You need to know the rules and regulations over them. If you break them, you must face heavy consequences.


Residence Permit L

Permit L is valid for one year. Yet you can extend it for another year. You receive it if working for a particular Swiss company or a specific job.


Residence Permit B

Permit B is valid for one year for non-EU nationals. Its validity is five years for five years. You will receive it if you have a work contract or a study course. Permit B might have restrictions. For instance, working for a particular Seiss employer or living in the same Canton.


Residence Permit C

If you have lived in Switzerland for five years, you can apply for permit C. It is the other name for Permanent Residency in Switzerland. If you are an American or Canadian, you will become eligible for Permit C after five years.

The advantage with Permit C is to change jobs,


Residence Permit G

Workers who live in another EU country but work in Switzerland receive Permit G. Its holders have to return to the country they live in at least once a week. The workers often commute once a week or every day. Bear in mind that you don’t have the same rights as Swiss nationals.

The G permit is valid as long as you have a job in Switzerland. Yet, you may not extend it longer than five years.


Residence Permit Ci

The Ci permit is for members of:

  • Families of intergovernmental .organizations
  • Foreign representations

The family members include spouse and children up to 25 years old. It is valid as long as the foreign member can stay in Switzerland.

Residence Permit F

You have to leave Switzerland. But if you do so, your life will be endangered, or you cannot do it. The Swiss government permits you to stay in the country until you can return. In this situation, you receive permit F.

Depending on your situation and officials, you may have the right to work.


Residence Permit N

You have applied for asylum in Switzerland. The authorities are processing your application. You can stay in the country under Permit N. It gives you the same rights as a Swiss national. In some cases, you might get permission to work.


Residence Permit S

You are in Switzerland provisionally. You might don’t have the authorization to leave and return to the country until further notice. in this case, you have Permit S.

The holders of Permis S don’t have the same rights as Swiss citizens. If its holders want to get a job, they must get officials’ permission.


Let’s sum up…

When you need to stay longer than 90 days in Switzerland, you need to apply for a Switzerland Residence Permit. The Permit is the authorization to stay long-term.

This article explained who needs a Residence Permit, requirements, the application process, and different types.

In case you want to get information on Switzerland visas, go through the left sidebar.

You have knowledge? Let it be the light of other candidates’ application.

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