A visitor visa is given to tourists and people who have a particular purpose of traveling to Russia, like those willing to attend a conference or meeting, those who want to trade, or those destined to other countries.

Russia special purpose visa

It is suitable for those who do not have enough time to obtain full business support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Federal Migration Service. It is ideal for participation in exhibitions, conferences, and trade presentations. You can only use a Special Purpose Visa as a visitor.

Russia visitor visa application process

Russia refugee visa

To acquire asylum in Russia, you have to submit an application for refugee status at one of the available regional offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Main Directorate for Migration.

Russia transit visa

The transit visa is for foreigners who intend to transit through Russia to a third country. Obtaining a transit visa is generally inexpensive and straightforward, and you can get it without getting into a lot of trouble.

Russia E-visa

Russia’s electronic visa or E-visa is a new form of visa that will help you save time. List of nations established by the Government of the Russian Federation. You can only visit three regions: St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, and the Far East with these visas.

Russia tourist visa

A Russia tourist visa is issued for the visitors who have tourism purposes in Russia, such as visiting sight-seeings, tourist attractions, etc. A Russia tourist visa will be issued quickly if you meet the eligibility criteria and provide the requirements.

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