How to get a Russia Temporary Residence Permit


If you want to obtain any type of Russia visa, you should definitely apply for a Russia temporary residence permit beforehand. This document means you have gained the authority to enter the country for a short stay.

On this webpage we will walk you through the reason why you need a Russia temporary residence visa, highlighting the process.

What is a Russian temporary residence permit?

The visa which helps to obtain a temporary residence permit in Russia is based on the written decision of the local office of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia (MVD of Russia).

This visa is valid for 4 months and can only be used for a single entry.

As for the decision of the MVD of Russia, the local office comes straight to the Russian consulate of the local MVD office, or the applicant can provide it in person. The decision also identifies the addresses of local MVD offices that foreign citizens must apply to after entering Russia.

To obtain the decision of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the applicant must strictly comply with the requirements published on the official website of the General Administration for Migration Issues of the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation


How to obtain a Russia temporary residence permit?

A temporary residence permit can be acquired within the quota issued by the government every year or without quota.

To use the simplified procedure, there must be one of the following reasons:

  • You have a Russian spouse living in Russia
  • You were born on RSFSR territory and hold a Soviet passport
  • Your father and mother or children are citizens of the Russian Federation
  • you are considered as a highly qualified specialist who holds a work permit and visa
  • Worked in Russia for more than six months in one of the occupations approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation
  • You have completed a degree in a Russian University with honors

Bear in mind that the period of application review is 2 to 4 months.


Where to apply for a Russia visa

There are two areas in the Netherlands where you can apply for a Russia visa:

  • Consular Section of the Russian Embassy

You have to make an appointment before going to the embassy. Applicants should visit in person.

  • Russian Visa Application Center

You do not have to make an appointment to collect the passport; you can pick up your passport without any kind of appointment. The applicant should visit in person and hold the payment receipt.


Processing time of Russia temporary residence permit

The processing time for issuing a visa to obtain a temporary residence permit in Russia at the consular office ranges from 3 working days to 20 calendar days.


Visa fees

All information about visa fees, including Russian temporary residence permit fee can be obtained from the Russian embassy in your home country.


Russia temporary residence permit General Regulations

Before entering Russia, you should beware of some regulations which are as follows:

  • The Consular Department has the authority to issue visas for the Russian Federation only.
  • The consular office does not accept mailed visa documents and never mails passports with visas.
  • The application for a visa should be submitted at the latest, eight calendar days and not earlier than three months before going to the Russian Federation.
  • All payments in the consular section can only be made through bank cards. Cash and other payment methods are not accepted.
  •  The fee that you have paid for the visa is non-refundable.
  • When you are collecting your passport with a visa, we recommend that you carefully review the personal information indicated on the visa.
  • The law of the Russian Federation authorizes the consular department to refuse to issue visas without explaining the grounds for the refusal.
  • Before reading the information on the required documents, we recommend that you make an appointment first.
  • Very important! The applicant can cancel (stop) the ongoing visa process at the Russian consulate. To this end, the visa candidate must submit a written statement to the organization that submitted the visa documents. All fees paid in this case are non-refundable. The without a visa passport will be given back to its holder no less than two to three working days.
  •  Very important! Are you banned from entering the Russian Federation?
  • Suppose a foreign citizen fails to pay duties and taxes on time during his or her stay in the Russian Federation, including vehicles temporarily imported for personal use in the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union. In that case, the competent officials of the Russian Federation may decide to prohibit a foreign citizen from entering the Russian Federation.


The Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation has established an information service that permits online verification of non-payment of customs duties and the decision of the customs authorities to prohibit entry into the Russian Federation. To start verification, click on the link.


List of required documents for a Russia temporary residence permit

The following list is the mandatory documents you should provide:

  • A Written decision of the MVD of Russia (original document);
  • Travel passport (original). The passport must include at least two blank visa pages and should be valid within six months after the last day of validity of the needed visa;
  • The visa application form should be printed and signed by the applicant (very important! When submitting the documents, the location of submitting will be asked from the applicant; you must choose the Embassy of the Russian Federation or the Netherlands or the Visa Center (the choice depends on the place of appointment for the applicant’s visa);
  • One passport photo which takes recently. The photo must be pasted (not stapled!) in the visa application form;
  • The original and photocopy of an authentic and valid Dutch permanent residence permit (the application does not require this if he or she is a European Union citizen.)
  • Original HIV Test (AIDS) endorsement made inside the previous recent three months. The HIV Test Certificate ought to be signed by a specialist and by the applicant and stamped by a clinical association or medical organization.

Bear in mind that further documents may be required due to special cases.


Let’s recap!

A Russian temporary residence permit authorizes your stay in Russia for a short lapse. This document is necessary for anyone seeking to travel to Russia. As you have seen, we have reviewed the requirements to get the document. However, in case you have further questions, feel free to chat with our consultants or leave a comment.

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