Having a Russia migration card is necessary to enter Russia as it proves your identity. The migration card is divided into two parts. Getting one is not difficult at all.

On this webpage, we have guided you through all the steps to get a Russia migration card easier than you expected.

What is a Russia Migration Card?

Migration Card (Миграционнаякарта) is considered as a state identity Document of the Union State of Russia and Belarus for foreign nationals. They were originally bilingual (Russian / English), but nowadays, they are only in Russian. Therefore, the answer to the questionnaire can be completed in English.

How to get a Russia migration card

Russia migration card parts

The cards are issued in two similar parts. Part A goes to the Immigration officer when you want to enter Russia. However, the officer should record and stamp Part B along with the passport. It should also be shown to the officials of Russia or Belarus when the identity check is requested. In addition, for each union state crossing the border, the arrival/departure should be stamped on the migration card. Alternatively, the card can be shown when you want to depart, and you can receive a new one upon arrival.

Processing time

A migration card should be issued along with your passport to register foreign citizens. Registration will take about seven business days after arrival in Russia. However, registration in Belarus takes 5 business days (this term is extended to the citizens of a particular country). The process is also called “registration of one’s visa” and will apply to exempt foreign nationals.

How to get a Russia Migration Card

This short-form must be completed to overlap after Russian passport control. This process will happen automatically for you at the major airports. In passport control, they will hand you a printed and stamped migration card.

If you are going to enter Russia by train, you have a migration card, which the driver will give you before reaching the border. Otherwise, you can find migration cards in the waiting halls of the passport control section at the border point.

The form of the migration card is quite self-decimal. “Address (Host Organization) in Russia” is the address of the organization that will issue your visa support documents. For example, suppose you want to reserve accommodation and ask for visa support through this site. In that case, the address is as follows: SaintPetersburg.com, Inc., 154, Prospekt Engelsa, St. Petersburg.

When a migration card is presented to passport control, it is stamped, and half of it is returned to you. You must keep this during your trip, and you must submit this at the passport control when you want to leave the country. It is strongly recommended to copy your migration card in case of emergency and copy the other travel documents you have.

If Migration card is lost

Foreign citizens who lost the migration card cannot remain in the territory of the Russian Federation. You are only authorized to stay three days without the card. Therefore, you must request to reissue it and receive the duplicate version of the migration card.

To do that, you should:

  1. Go to the nearby police station and complete the application form for losses and duplications of migration cards.
  2. Get a police certificate on the loss of the migration card.
  3. Take your passport, Passport Copy, Police Certificate, Address to your Ranepa coordinator, to the place of your Study or Work, or in case of a rental flat, to the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian, local office address.
  4. In less than three business days, you will be re-registered at the location of the property. For this purpose, address the place of your coordinator at the Ranepa institute. In case of a rental flat, to the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian, local office address.

How do I complete a migration card?

Fill in two identical sections (A and B) of the migration card. According to the data on your travel document, the card must be completed using the ink pen without obstructions or correction in the characters of Russian blocks or English.

the gender is indicated in a corresponding column with “X.” Be sure to indicate the invitation party and the mentioned period, as described in the current visa.

What should be done with a migration card?

Visa migration cards and passports are delivered to the controlling documents for inspection and additional approval to the migration officer. The migration officer takes section A, and the other section, section B, will be returned.

The dates of stamps are considered the first day of stay in Russia. Therefore, ensure it is easy to read. You must maintain your migration card carefully during your stay in Russia. They will be given back when you want to leave. Each time a foreign national enters Russia, they must complete a new migration card.

What must a migration card include?

Consider the following points:

  • The migration card must contain the foreigner’s passport, their purpose of visit, and registration stamps.
  • Migration cards are delivered to the Border officer of controlling documents, along with passports and other travel documents (such as aircraft/rail tickets, tourist companies documents, etc.).
  • A serial number is written on the migration card and consists of two parts (“A” and “B”).
  • Part “A” (Віезд / arrival), is stamped only when you pass Russia’s border.
  • Part “B” (выед / Departure), is stamped only when leaving Russia.
  • Part “B” must be stored in a foreign passport until it passes through passport control when leaving Russia.
  • Foreigners must keep the migration card during their stay in the country and submit this with other registration documents at the residence location.
  • According to current Russian law, foreigners entering Russia must register with the administrative unit of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs within seven working days. Foreigners staying in hotels or other organizations that provide hotel services must register within one business day.
  • The registration stamp is located on the back of the migration card.
  • Suppose the migration card is damaged or lost. In that case, the foreigner must report the loss to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the administrative unit, at the location of residence within three days. A copy of the migration card can be obtained by submitting documents that the foreigner has used to enter Russia.
  • When you leave the Russian Federation, a foreign citizen must return the migration card to the border officer of controlling documents at the Russian border crossing point.

Let’s recap!

We covered all the information you need to get a Russia migration card. In addition, we advised you through the way to recover your lost migration card.

If you are curious about other types of visas worldwide, visit the website’s menu or the sidebar on the left. In case of further questions, feel free to share them with us in the comments or use the online chat.

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