A private visa grants you the opportunity to visit your loved ones in Russia in the least possible time. However, this only happens under special circumstances which will be mentioned in the following parts.

On this webpage we have gathered the information you need to apply for a Russia private visa, highlighting the requirements, eligibility criteria, and processing time.

What is a Russia private visa?

A private visa is a type of visa that permits foreign citizens or stateless individuals to enter Russia and stay on the Russian territory to see relatives. To apply for the Russia private visa, a person must have an invitation.

How to apply for a Russia private visa

Russia private visa eligibility

Foreign citizens who plan to visit friends or acquaintances living in Russia can apply for a private visa to enter Russia. The invitation letter, the completed visa application form, and other necessary documents must be sent to the Russian consulate, and consular fees must be paid. Private (homestay) visas (or refusal letter of issuing the visa) will be issued within the deadline set by law.

Russia private visa requirements

Ordinary private visas can be issued to any nationality, and persons without citizenship for entering the Russian Federation just for a guest visit, possessing:

  • The invitation letter of the Federal Migration Service of Russia (Russian FMS) is based on the Russian Federation citizens and foreign citizens with a residence permit of the Russian Federation or the legal entity request; or
  • A written application submitted by a citizen of Russia to the consulate’s head for a joint entering to the Russian Federation with members of a family who are regarded as foreign citizens; or
  • A notarized request is written from a citizen of the EU residing legally in the Russian Federation and inviting close family members.

Ordinary private visas can also be issued, related to the need to go inside the Russian Federation for critical treatment or severe illness or death of close relatives. However, only if the document that requires treatment is confirmed to be an urgent, severe illness, or passing of an immediate family member, you will be authorized to enter.

Note: The health insurance policy must contain:

  • Date of contract
  • Policy number
  • Name and date of birth of policyholder
  • Details of the insurer
  • The policy must be valid for the visa period
  • List of medical and medical transportation services, including repatriation of remains
  • Coverage area: the whole world or the Russian Federation; Europe, including Russia
  • Coverage of at least 30,000 euros
  • Signature of the insurer (policyholder) and stamp of the insurance company

Insurance documents that do not meet the specified requirements, such as insurance policies, confirmation letters issued by insurance institutions that do not contain the above information, and other documents without the seal of the insurance company, will not be considered.

Individual cases

Visitors to military or civilian cemeteries must present the following documents (* According to the treaty between the European Union and Russian Federation on facilitating the issuance of visas for the Russian Federation and the European Union citizens):

  • Original documents or stamped and signed duplicates of a document that prove the existence of the cemetery or burial site. The paper must be issued by the Russian government agency or the “Red Cross” organization
  • The original or photocopy of the document proving the kinship (*lineal consanguinity) between the applicant and the buried person (Family members with lineal consanguinity are: parents, children, grandchildren, spouses, grandparents, siblings)
  • Those who visit military cemeteries or burial sites are generally issued a short-term private visa valid for 14 days.
  • Ordinary private visas are issued for foreign nationals who want to go inside the Russian Federation for critical treatment because of a severe illness or death of a close family member, depending on the decision of the Russian ambassador to the Russian Federation or The Consul General of the Russian Federation because of the written request of a foreign citizen.

The following documents must be included in a request:

  • A written confirmation letter issued by a Russian medical institution with an official letterhead (stamped) indicates that emergency medical care, emergency hospitalization, emergency examinations, or a genuine disease of an individual being visited requires consistent consideration.
  • Or a citizen’s death certificate- meaning close relatives of the applicant (immediate relatives are regarded as spouses, children, parents, parents-in-law if the spouse is an accompanying individual, brothers, and sisters)
  • Or an international telegram of the death of a citizen certified by an official of the communication institution
  • A document confirming the direct relationship between the applicant and the person to be visited or between the applicant and the deceased.

Russia private visa application process

After gathering all the documents mentioned above, you can apply for this type of visa. After receiving the invitation letter, gather other documents and after making an appointment to the Russian Embassy or consulate in your country, participate in an interview.

Russia private visa fee

A Russian private visa is only 119 dollars for American citizens, and the standard application processing time for US citizens is 10 to 15 working days. However, there is also an expedited service, and you can receive your visa within a week.

The 149 dollars option allows you to obtain a visa in 8 to 10 days. The emergency service fee that completes the process in 6 to 7 days is 119 dollars. Applicants must meet the application form thoroughly and attach their passport, passport photo, and all supporting documents of their application, including the Russian visa letter of invitation.

Note: The application fee may differ from country to country, so before anything ensure of the fee, using the Russian Embassy guide in your home country.

Russia private visa processing time

A private visa can be a single or double entry, and the maximum validity period is 90 days.

The local immigration police department issues a private visa invitation letter (on a stamped form) at the request of a person (Russian citizen or foreigner with a permanent residence permit in Russia).

Russia private visa validity

Generally, a private visa can be issued in no less than 60 days at an average cost of 100 Euros (except the time required for a Russian citizen to apply for a private visa invitation to the police station for local migration).

The private visa is issued for a maximum of 90 days and can be single or double entry.

Private visa extension

Private visa extension is only possible under particular circumstances, such as serious illness. Therefore, we strongly recommend you consider the expiration date of your visa to avoid problems when leaving Russia.

The private visa (homestay) (type 1) is valid for single or double entries for a maximum of three months. Unfortunately, you can not extend this time without getting into much trouble and wasting much time at different departments in Russia. So, keep in mind the expiry date of your visa so that you won’t have to deal with these troubles.

Russia private visa dependent condition

Every single person should apply for himself as this visa is an individual type of visa. In case you want to bring anyone along, they should apply separately.

Let’s recap!

A Russia private visa is suitable for any nationality whose family members are in Russia and are severely ill or have passed recently.

This type of visa is issued for at least 60 days and cannot be extended in Russia. In case of having any questions regarding this type of visa, feel free to ask our consultants in the comments or take advantage of the online chat.

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