Suppose you are willing to make a beneficial investment but still are unsure about what country to choose. In that case, we recommend a Russian business visa.

Russia is a developed country and owns a growing economy. Therefore, it may be the appropriate place for you to invest. We intend to walk you through how to get a Russian business visa, highlighting the requirements and eligibility criteria on this web page.

What is a Russian business visa?

A Russia Business visa is issued to travelers visiting Russia for official or private business purposes. A business visa is the best option for travelers who:

  • Are unsure about their itinerary
  • Want to stay in Russia for more than 30 days
  • Need to enter Russia within a certain period

A business visa is also suggested for those who bring special equipment to Russia or marketing products for forums and exhibitions. In addition, we recommend that all official conference speakers obtain a business visa.

Steps to apply for a Russia business visa


You must obtain a Russia business visa if:

  • The purpose of your trip is to conduct business visits to the Russian Federation, such as negotiation, signing of contracts, participation in exhibitions, conferences, or other business meetings, events, and related matters.
  • Foreign specialists who are invited as expert consultants when installing or maintaining equipment that is imported to the Russian Federation territory
  • Foreign citizens who have a business visa must bring their members of the family.
  • A foreign citizen and plan to stay more than one month in the country or enter the Russian Federation’s territory many times, not just for one time. Even if a foreigner does not have an invitation from a company in the Russian Federation, it is probable to issue a commercial invitation.
  • A foreigner can only obtain a Russia visa at the Russian consulate in their country.
  • Schengen citizens’ countries can get visas in any member state of the Schengen area.
  • To obtain a Russia visa in a third country, you must submit a residence or work permit in that country.

Validity period

The most significant advantage of obtaining a Russia business visa is the validity period; the maximum period can be issued for a year. However, there is a legal restriction: the total stay of foreigners in the Russian Federation shall not exceed 90 to 180 days. In addition, a crucial parameter is the number of possible entries within the validity period of the visa. Business visas can be divided into three sectors:

  • Single entry valid for one month or three months
  • Double-entry within one month or three months
  • Multiple entries are valid for up to 1 year.

The business visa for the Russian Federation can be issued up to two entries and 90 days. We also have multiple-entry business visas, which are valid for six months or 12 months. There is no limit to the entries number and exits.

Russia business visa requirements

To apply for a multiple three-year business visa, the applicant must submit the following documents:

  • You should complete the visa application form visa.kdmid.ru website.  First, the visa application form must be printed and signed by the applicant. Then, it must be sent to the Russian consulate in your home country.
  • Your passport
  • A standard passport photo
  • Money order which is payable to the Russian consulate
  • A letter from the Host organization, including detailed information

The Consulate General of the Russian Federation holds the right to convene applicants for an interview and, if necessary, request:

  • Applicant’s bank statement
  • Statement from the employer regarding the applicant’s salary during the previous year/half-year or last month
  • Valid medical insurance in the visited country, which fully covers the period of the first trip
  • Documents related to the applicant’s property ownership in their citizenship country
  • Proof of the applicant’s family makeup

To apply for a single, double (up to 90 days), or multiple (up to 365 days) business visa, the documents below should be submitted by the applicant:

  • Complete the visa application form visa.kdmid.ru website. The format of the visa application must be printed and signed by the applicant. You must go to the Russian consulate (if you apply at the consulate)
  • Your passport
  • Standard passport photo
  • Money order which is payable to the Russian consulate
  • An original invitation letter from the Russian host must be issued by the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation or the local office. The e-invitation letter can be submitted as a copy.

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Application fee

Self-employed applicants, company directors working from home, and unemployed persons must provide copies of bank statements for the most recent three months, with a current balance of at least £100 per day for the duration of the visit. Please note that you must make sure that your bank is certified and stamped if you want to present online bank printouts.

Russia business visa processing time

Business visa fees and the processing time depends on several things:

  • The validity period of the visa and the number of allowed entries
  • Who invites the visa, and how it is submitted to the consulate
  • The visa and visa invitation urgency
  • Your current citizenship and purpose of visit
  • The price and quality of the services of visa assistant

Generally speaking, the issuance time of a business visa is 3 to 30 days, and the cost is 100 to 350 Euros. A business visa can be:

  • Single or double-entry valid for up to 3 months
  • Multiple entries are valid for up to 1 year or, in some cases, up to 3 years.

Russian legislation states that the period of stay in Russia with a business visa shall not be more than ninety days within every one-hundred and eighty days.

Russia business visa extension

The business visa can only be extended under particular circumstances (such as serious illness) and only at the request of your visa sponsor. Therefore, we recommend that you consider the expiration date of your visa to avoid problems when leaving Russia.

Russia business visa application process

Generally speaking, the process of obtaining a Russian business visa is not much different from the process of getting other types of Russia visas and includes the following steps:

  1. Get a business invitation
  2. Apply for a Russian business visa at the Russian consulate
  3. Register your business visa when entering the Russian Federation

After obtaining a business visa, you need to do the registering process. According to the current law, foreign citizens must register at their residence within seven business days, and the day of entry is not counted. You should note that if you hold a multiple-entry business visa, you will need to register each time you cross the border.

A business visa to Russia for foreign nationals is the most suitable visa due to its many features.

Let’s recap!

A Russia business visa is suitable for business persons who await the opportunity to invest in a profitable area.

If you have further ambiguities, please feel free to contact us. However, before that, make sure that you have all the necessary mentioned documents at your disposal. To gain more information about other types of visas worldwide, visit the left sidebar or go straight to the website’s menu.

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