Do you need a Portugal visa?

Do you wish to visit Portugal? The land of legendary football players. Football is just the tip of the great beauties of this wonderful country. But you might need a Portugal visa to enter the country.

This article will explain who needs and doesn’t need a Portugal visa.

Portugal visa types

Portugal visa comes in two types:


1. Short stay

The Portugal short-stay visa is valid for 90 days. You can only stay in the country for a limited duration. Most of the short-stay visa have restrictions. Thye doesn’t permit work or study unless you are from one of the visa-free countries.


2. Long stay

Portugal long-stay visas are valid for longer than 90 days. They could be valid for up to years. This category is to move to the country for work or study. They might lead to Permanent Residency. Almost all non-EU countries need to apply for a Portugal visa.


Who Needs a Portugal visa?

The question you need a Portugal visa or not depends on your nationality. A few countries need to apply for Portugal visa. The duration of stay doesn’t matter for them. Such countries need to apply for a visa even they need to stay for one day in Portugal.

The type of visa such countries has to apply for depends on the purpose of the visit. It could be a tourist visa, business, or work visa.

The below list of countries need to apply for a Portugal visa:





Pakistan Laos Russia
Armenia India Lebanon Saudi Arabia
Azerbaijan Indonesia Maldives Sri Lanka
Bahrain Iran Mongolia Syria
Bangladesh Iraq Nepal Tajikistan
Bhutan Jordan North Korea Thailand
Burma/Myanmar Kazakhstan Oman Timor-Leste
Cambodia Kuwait Philippines Turkey
China Kyrgyzstan Qatar Turkmenistan &



North America

Belize Dominican Republic


Cuba Haiti


South America

Bolivia Guyana
Ecuador Suriname



Belarus Kosovo



Fiji Nauru Samoa
Kiribati Northern Marianas Solomon Islands
Marshall Islands Palau Tonga
Micronesia Papua New Guinea Tuvalu



Algeria Comoros Ghana Mali Somalia
Angola Congo Guinea Mauritania South Africa
Benin Rep. of Congo


Guinea-Bissau Morocco Sudan
Botswana Djibouti Ivory Coast Mozambique Swaziland
Burkina Faso Egypt Kenya Namibia
Burundi Equatorial Guinea Lesotho Niger Tanzania
Cameroon Eritrea Liberia Nigeria Togo
Cape Verde Ethiopia Libya Sao Tome and Principe Tunisia
The central African Republic Gabon Madagascar Senegal Uganda
Chad The Gambia Malawi Sierra Leone Zambia



If you are from one of the above countries, you need a Portugal visa.

Who does not need a Portugal visa?

Portugal is part of the EU and Schengen Area. So most of the European countries don’t Portugal visa for short stays. To stay longer than 90 days, they need to apply for a Residence Permit.

Apart from the European countries, other countries are exempt from the Portugal visa. To stay longer than 90 days, these countries need to apply for an appropriate visa and the Residence Permit. The following list of countries don’t Portugal visa:



Brunei Darussalam Hong Kong Malaysia
Georgia Israel Singapore
The United Arab Emirates Japan South Korea


North America

Antigua And Barbuda Grenada
Bahamas Guatemala
Barbados Honduras
Canada Mexico
Costa Rica Nicaragua
Dominica Panama
El Salvador United States Of America


South America

Argentina Paraguay
Brazil Peru
Chile Uruguay
Colombia Venezuela



Australia Palau
Kiribati Samoa
Marshall Islands Solomon Islands
Micronesia Tuvalu
New Zealand Vanuatu



Albania Monaco
Andorra Montenegro
Bosnia And Herzegovina San Marino
EEA countries Serbia
North Macedonia Ukraine
Vatican City State United Kingdom
Moldova EU



Angola Ghana
Cameroon Guinea
Congo Nigeria
Eritrea Sierra Leone
Ethiopia Somalia
Mauritius Seychelles

If you are from one of the above countries, you don’t need a Portugal short-stay visa.


Let’s sum up…

You are going to visit Portugal. Depending on your nationality and the duration of your stay, you might need a Portugal visa.

This article explained who needs and doesn’t Portugal visa. It is your ultimate guide.

If you need to find out more about other types of Portugal visas, visit the left sidebar.

In case you are looking for other country’s visas, go to the home page of the Visa Library.

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