You have a brilliant Business plan but don’t have the means to run it. Funding is a big deal to you. That’s why you are considering moving to another country to build your future. You can make your dream life through a Netherlands start-up visa. It permits you to implement your innovative idea easily. But what about money? Well, one of the five most competitive economies has paved the way for you.

This article will cover who is eligible for a Netherlands start-up visa, the requirements, the application process, FAQs, and more.

Who is eligible for a Netherlands start-up visa?

The government has set some principles for Netherlands start-up visas. You have to comply with them to be eligible for the start-up visa.

What are the requirements for a Netherlands start-up visa?

Non-EU national

Only non-EU nationals can apply for a Netherlands start-up visa. If you are an EU citizen, you need to follow a different path.


Working with a trustworthy facilitator is a must. You need to sign an agreement with the Dutch facilitator. Bear in mind the facilitator must be experienced and authorized by the government.

The facilitator will provide whatever help you need. The type of support depends on the nature of the Business plan.

Find a list of the approved facilitators in the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. Remember that the facilitator must meet a few principles:

  • Holding enough experience in counseling start-ups.
  • Being financially dependent.
  • It may not be relative to the entrepreneur.
  • Might not have a mass benefit for the company.
  • Have positive equity and not be bankrupt.


Your Business plan must be innovative. What makes your product or service innovative:

  • Being new to the Netherlands.
  • The Dutch community must need your product or service.
  • It uses new technology in one of the processes of:
    • Production
    • Distribution

The list is not limited to the mentioned items. These are a few examples.

Implementation of the Business plan

Having a written implementation plan is mandatory. You need to write down the details of how you will implement your project. You need to inform the government of your plans.

You, as the entrepreneur, must have an active role in your Business. You need to implement the plan yourself.

  • What is the purpose of the company?
  • How many staff does it need?
  • In what legal form is it?
  • What are the roles and tasks of people?
  • Its structure.
  • What activities will you do to implement your Business plan?


You need to register your business plan with the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce. The registration must verify that you have a key role in the company. The facilitator also needs to register with the Chamber of Commerce.

Proof of having enough funds

You need to hold enough funds to support yourself in the Netherlands. You can not rely on public funds.

You could prove your financial capability through bank statements. The facilitator could also undertake to support your costs.

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What are the requirements for a Netherlands start-up visa?

The requirements for the Netherlands start-up visa are as follows:


Your passport needs to hold validity for at least 15 months from the date you will enter the Netherlands.

Antecedents certificate

An antecedent is a form that you sign to state that you:

  • Have no criminal record
  • Are honest with your application
  • In case you are in the Netherlands, your stay is legal.

TB test

You need to take a TB test to enter the Netherlands. You don’t need it if being from one of the exempt countries.

You don’t have to pass a TB test if:

  • You are currently in the Netherlands under a legal residence permit.
  • You were born in the Netherlands.
  • Have taken a test in the latest six months to the date of the start-up visa application.
  • You are a national or citizen of the EU.

Proof of having enough funds

You need enough to cover your expenses. A bank statement could prove it. You could get help from the facilitator as well.

Proof of accommodation

Provide proof of the place you will stay in the Netherlands.

Note: you need to have your documents translated into:

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German

Do not forget to have them legalized. The list is not a complete one. The officials will require further documents.

Netherlands start-up visa application process

The application process for a Netherlands start-up visa might seem a bit complicated. You “fail to prepare,” indeed “you are preparing to fail.”

Having a plan on what you need to do will help you get what you want.

1. Business plan

The Business plan is the foundation on which you build the future of your visa. Everything depends on your Business plan. If it is innovative and convinces the officials, you are over the hump. So work hard as hell and try to make it according to the instructions.

When you submit your Business plan, you need to wait for the authority’s decision. As they investigate everything, it could take a bit long. But have patience and wait.

2. Find a facilitator

One of the preconditions for a Netherlands start-up visa is to have a facilitator. The company helps you to begin your work in the country. However, it must be eligible and approved by the government.

See the section above to learn more about the facilitator.

3. Register with the authorities

The next step to follow is registering with the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce. They need to approve your Business plan.

Bear in mind that your facilitator needs to register with the Chamber of Commerce as well. In this phase, you can get help from the facilitator to a great extent.

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4. Find out where to apply

The place you have to apply for depends on your location. Bear in mind that you need to apply to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND).

You or an authorized person can apply for a Netherlands start-up visa. If you are in your home country, you need to apply to the Dutch embassy or consulate.

The nationals of a few countries may apply directly to the IND from their home country. They are as follows:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • The USA
  • South Korea

You hold a residence Permit

If you have a Netherlands residence Permit and wish to switch to a start-up permit, you can apply directly to IND.

Follow the instructions on the IND carefully. It will be better to get help from the Dutch facilitator.

6. Requirements

You might have to visit the Dutch embassy or IND in person. The officials require some supporting documents. You need to submit them in person. If it is so, gather everything they require. You can see a general list of the requirements in the above section. However, it is not complete. The authorities might always require further documents.

7. Processing

You need to wait until the Dutch embassy or IND processes your visa. When they issue it, they will notify you of further procedures.

Remember one point from first-hand experience. You have one year to work on your plan in the Netherlands. If everything goes well and it makes a profit, you can extend your visa.

How long is the Netherlands start-up visa valid?

A Netherlands start-up visa is valid for one year. During this period, you need to work hard to implement your innovative Business plan.

Your Business or company must produce value for the Dutch economy and society. If it is productive, you may continue and extend your permit to self-employment.

Netherlands start-up visa Cost

You need to pay €333 for a Netherlands start-up visa. If you apply online, you need to pay the fee to the IND. In case you apply to the Dutch embassy in your home country, you must pay the fee to them.

Processing time for Netherlands Start-up visa

It can take a bit longer until the officials process your Netherlands Start-up visa. You have to register your Business plan with the authorities. So you need to wait for their response. It takes time until the officials investigate your plan.

If they approve your plan, you need to apply for a visa. Then, you have to wait for the start-up visa processing.

If the officials pick on something or require further documents, the timing will be longer. You can ask the officials about the standard processing time.

Are there financial requirements for a Netherlands start-up visa?

No. You don’t need funds for your innovative Business plan. You can get help from a facilitator in the country. However, you need to have enough money to support yourself in the Netherlands.

Let’s sum up…

You have figured out an innovative business idea. But you don’t have enough means to implement it. A developed country with a strong economy like the Netherlands could change your life forever. You can move to the country through a Netherlands start-up visa.

This article brought you all about start-up visas. It explained who is eligible for it, the requirements, the application process, FAQs, and more.

Do you need to know about other types of Netherlands visas? Visit the left sidebar. You can find the visa that’s appropriate for you.

If you have knowledge or experience with visas, let it guide others. Please write them down in the comment section below.

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