What are the Requirements for Ireland Residence Permit


Ireland is one of the EU countries that many people choose it for various reasons. Safety, high standard of living, a good education system, great tourist attractions, etc. When visiting the country for the long term, you need an Ireland Residence Permit and a visa.
In this article, we will cover who needs Irish residence permit, requirements, the application, FAQs, and more.


What is Ireland Residence Permit?

Irish Residence Permit is the authorization to stay in the country for longer than 90 days. When non-EU residents need to stay for the long-term, they should apply for a residence permit. It will also define the rules and obligations over the stay.


Do You Need Ireland Residence Permit

Not everyone needs an Ireland Residence Permit. You only need it if you come to the following groups:

  • Non-EE, EEA, or Switzerland nationals.
  • Visitors who want to stay in Ireland for longer than 90 days. The nationality does not matter.


What is the Use of Ireland Ireland Residence Permit?

Irish Residence Permit is like a credit card. It holds all your personal information. It also shows the date officials issued it. The card contains the date you entered Ireland and the date you must leave the country.

It will also show all the rules and regulations over your stay in Ireland. It will notify you that you can work or study in Ireland. When you have permission to work, the local police or other officials will know. Then you can continue your work without worry.


What are the Requirements for Ireland Residence Permit

You will receive the residence permit in Ireland. When you visit the immigration office, you should bring the following documents:

  • Passport
  • Health insurance
  • Proof to have enough funds to cover your expenses.
  • Related documents according to the purpose of your visit to Ireland. It could be a work permit, work visa, etc.
  • Two Photos


Ireland Family visa

When you apply for an Ireland family visa, the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) issues you a letter. It will inform you of the registration instructions. When visiting the immigration office, you have to bring the letter and all the requirements.

Ireland student visa

When having an Ireland student visa, you must provide the following documents for Irish Residence Permit:

  • Acceptance letter from the Irish university or college. Provide the original one. 
  • Proof of paid tuition fees. 
  • Scholarship proof (if applicable)
  • Health insurance 
  • Proof to have enough funds:
    • For staying up to six months, you need €500 per month. 
    • To stay longer than six months, you need €3,000 per month.

Please remember that this is not an ultimate list of requirements for Irish Residence Permit. The Irish officials might as more documents. Always look at the INIS letter.


Application Process for Ireland Residence Permit

The application process for Irish Residence Permit is pretty straightforward. However, there two stages to complete;


Before Traveling to Ireland

You should remember that you can only apply for Irish residence permit from inside Ireland. It is not possible to apply for it from your home country.

The non-EU/EAA residents do not need a visa to enter Ireland. But, non-EU residents need a visa. You must have an Ireland long-stay visa to apply for a residence permit. You can not apply for Irish residence permit with a short-stay visa. The type of long-stay visa depends on the purpose of your visit. It could be a work visa, student visa, etc. The length of stay must be over 90 days. The type of Ireland long-stay visa are as follows:

  • Work visa
  • Work permit
  • Family visa
  • Working holiday visa
  • Student visa
  • Critical Skills Employment Permit
  • Investment visa

After Traveling to Ireland

When you receive one of Ireland long-stay visas, you can travel to the country. When you arrive in, you have to go through Border Control. The officers at the Border Control check your documents and allow you to enter Ireland. If they do not find you fit, they have the authorization not to let you in. So you should carry all of your documents.

When officers allow you to enter Ireland, they will put an Ireland stamp on your passport. The stamp will show the length of your stay and what you can and can not do. Before the legal duration of your stay is over, you should apply for an Irish residence permit.


Where to apply for Ireland Residence Permit

To apply for Ireland Residence Permit, you should visit the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB). One of GNIB’s duties is to control illegal immigration and Borde Control.

When you visit the GNIB, they will evaluate all of your documents. They might ask for more requirements. When all of your documents are complete, they will put another stamp on your passport. The stamp determines whether you can work, study, etc. in Ireland. There is also a fee for receiving a stamp. Irish Residence Permit will cost you 300 EUR. Be prepared to pay the fees.


Refusal and appeal

If Irish officials refuse the Residence permit application, they will inform you why. You have the right to appeal to them.

After receiving the residence permit, you have to notify the GNIB of any changes in your conditions. Inform them if you move from one neighborhood to another.


How Long is Ireland Residence Permit Valid for?

The initial validity of the residence permit for Ireland is one year (12 months).


Can I Extend Ireland Residence Permit?

YES. When your Irish residence permit is about to expire, you can extend it. You should visit the same office where you received the permit in the first place.


Ireland Permanent Residence Permit

When you have lived in Ireland for FIVE years, you can apply for Ireland Permanent Residency. However, you must fulfill the eligibility criteria.


Let’s sum up…

In this blog, we explained all about Ireland Residence Permit.

We have covered who needs Irish residence permit, requirements, application, FAQs, and more.

You can find information on all visas here. If you are not sure what visa suits you, visit the left menu of the website.

Check the Visa Library homepage to know about other countries’ visas.

If you have knowledge or experience in Ireland visas, please write it down in the comment section. Transferring your experience as comments is great to help to other applicants. It will help them to avoid mistakes.

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