Step by Step Guide on how to obtain Japan Permanent Residency

Immigrants who have lived in Japan for a long time are qualified for permanent residency. Obtaining Japan Permanent Residency will lead to many benefits for those who want to choose this country as their home country. We are going to explain the requirements, the application process, the benefits of permanent residency, and other details.


What Are the Japan Permanent Residency benefits?

Japan’s permanent residents have the following benefits:

  • These people do not need to renew their visas. Japan’s permanent residence will be indefinitely valid. In other words, there is no renewal for Japan’s permanent residency.
  • If you leave the country for more than a year, you will not need to receive a Re-entry Card.
  • Holders of permanent residency in Japan do not need to renew their Residence Card.
  • Holders of permanent residence in Japan can work with any employer they want and do not need to change their residence status by changing their activity.
  • They can get a loan from Japanese banks.
  • They have better access to public housing.


What are Japan permanent residency requirements?

If you can meet the following requirements, you are eligible to apply for permanent residency:

If you live in Japan for a sufficient period: 

Depending on your residency status, the time required will vary:

For the holder of a Highly Skilled Professional Visa:

Three years if you attain 70 to 80 points on the Point Evaluation Mechanism

If you are a Japanese national’s spouse: 

You can apply for permanent residency after one year of living in Japan under a spouse visa, but you should have been married for at least three years

If you are the child of a Japanese national or permanent citizen: 

You can apply for Japan Permanent Residency after one year of living in Japan

If you have made a contribution to Japan: 

You can apply for permanent residency after five years of living in Japan.

If you had any other type of visa (other than the ones mentioned above):

You can receive a Permanent Residency after ten years of ongoing living in Japan. During this period, you must have a work visa for at least five consecutive years.

During your stay in Japan, you must comply with the laws of this country to qualify for permanent residency.

  • Applicants for permanent residency in Japan must be able to cover their financial expenses.
  • You should not be financially dependent on anyone else, and you should have a stable life. In general, a person’s income should not be less than 3 million per year. The requirements are higher for dependents.
  • You must have paid your income tax. If you do not pay your tax or pay less than a certain amount or fail to file a Tax Certificate, the Japan Permanent Residency application will be rejected.
  • You must have a Guarantor who is a Japanese citizen. He/she must sign your letter of Guarantee and take a moral commitment regarding you.


What are the required documents to apply for the Japan permanent residency visa?

  • If you intend to apply for permanent residency, the following documents must be provided:
  • Application form of Permanent Residency
  • A valid passport with a copy of it
  • Applicant’s photo in 3 * 4 cm dimensions  in a white background without any shadows
  • The Residence Certificate
  • Proof of employment, depending on the employment status
  • If you are hired in a company or organization, an Employment Certificate must be provided.
  • If you are self-employed, Business permit or income Tax return statements must be provided.
  • You need to prove your annual income.
  • You must show that you have paid for your Residence tax.
  • A bank statement showing your savings from the past year
  • Your spouse’s Family Registry, if you are the spouse of a Japanese national
  • The spouse of a Japanese permanent resident must present the following:
    • Letter from the spouse, describing the relationship
    • The Certificate of Marriage
  • If you are unemployed and dependent on your spouse:
    •  Your spouse’s employment status should be clarified.
    • A letter from your spouse explaining that he or she supports you financially
  • If you live with your family members in Japan, a Residence Certificate for each of them must be provided.
  • Documents of your Guarantor:
  •  Letter of Guarantee must be completed and signed.
  • Resident Tax Certificates
  • Proof of Employment


What is the process of applying for the Japan Permanent Residency?

You must apply for permanent residency in Japan before your current residency status expires. You must first collect the necessary documents and then send them to the local Immigration Bureau. In addition to you, your legal representative or authorized sponsor can also submit documents on your behalf. There is a list of the locations of Japan’s Immigration Offices on the website of the Immigration Services Agency of Japan, in this link.

If your application is approved, you must go to your local municipality office (or Ward Office) to replace your current Residence Card with a Permanent Resident.


How long does it take for a permanent residency application to be processed?

Immigration Services at the local Immigration Bureau will usually take six months to process your permanent residency application. But in some cases, depending on the circumstances, it may take longer. If your current visa is expiring and your residency application is being processed, you will need to renew your visa


How much does it cost to apply for permanent residence in Japan?

The application fee for the Japan Permanent Residency is about 8,000 Yen, which you must pay via revenue stamps.


Let’s sum up …

In previous paragraphs, we answered the most common questions about the application procedure of permanent residence in Japan.  On the Visa Library website, you can learn about other Japanese visas as well as ways to immigrate to other countries. In case you have some experience, please write it down in the comment section. Your comments let the readers choose better and avoid mistakes. Conveying your experiences in comments is a great help for applicants.