Foreign nationals who want to work in Iran need to apply for an Iran work visa. The country is secure and has good employment opportunities among Middle East countries. This article provides whatever you need to know; requirements, the application process, and FAQs.

Who doesn’t need an Iran work visa?

The following group does not need an Iran work visa to work legally in the country;

Employed by the Ministries

People who have been employed by the diplomatic and consular missions. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must have approved the employment and provided proof.

United Nations staff

Experts and employees working for the United Nations do not need a work visa in Iran. In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs allows people working in specialized agencies to work in Iran without a work visa.

News agencies staff

Reports and correspondents of press and news agencies are exempt from a work visa.

If you do not come in the above categories, you need a work visa to work in Iran.

Who can get an Iran work visa?

People who want to receive an Iran work visa need to fulfill the following conditions.

Job offer from an Iranian employer

The foreign applicant must have a job offer from an Iranian company, employer, or organization. The following must be included in the letter:

  • Name and information of the inviter
  • Job-status
  • The amount of income
  • Duration of stay
  • Address of the company or organization

The job offer must be approved by a verified organization such as a municipality.

Work experience or education background

The applicant needs to provide written and verified work experience in the field they want to work. It must be relevant to the job you want to do in Iran.

Proof of leaving Iran after the end of the employment contract

The duration of stay must be stated in the job offer. The applicant needs to prove that he/she will leave Iran after the end of the employment. There is no guarantee that the applicant’s visa will be extended after the first issuance. However, it is possible through mutual agreement and the right conditions.

Language proficiency

Persian or Farsi is the official language in Iran. It is also the most used and widespread language in the country, even in areas where local entities are dominant.

Work visa applicants need to prove Farsi language proficiency to be eligible. They do not need to take a particular test. However, they have to prove there are fluent in Farsi.

What is Iran work visa requirements?

Red tape is a common problem in Iran organizations and working systems. You have to get lots of certificates and signatures from different sections. It is true with the work visa authorizations.

The followings are some of the documents required for an Iran work visa:

Visa issuance requests

The employer needs to write a visa issuance request to the officials with a signature.

Personal information form

There is a form of personal information that the employer needs to complete.

Foreign employees Questionnaire

Employers need to complete the related questionnaire about foreign employees. Two sets of this form are required.

Company registration Advertisement

A copy of the formula newspapers is needed that hotels the company registration certificate. If there have been changes in the company, it must be mentioned in the newspaper.

Marriage certificate

If the employee has an Iranian wife, a marriage certificate from the Ministry of Interior is needed.

Employer commitment certificate


An employee’s passport with long enough validity is needed.

Legal residence

The employee must have entered Iran through legal entrances, and his/her say stay is registered in the passport.


One or two photos of the applicant are needed.

Note: that there are other requirements, and the list is not complete.

Industry and factory employees

If the employee travels to Iran to install or run a piece of equipment in a factory or industry section, the followings are required;

  • A copy of the purchased equipment or machine.
  • A Customs clearance certificate from
  • Certificate of usage for the product

Work permission issuance

The employer needs to submit the required documents to the Bureau for Aliens and Foreign Immigrants Affairs to get the work permit. He/she needs to do it in the month after the employee lands in Iran.

The employer needs to provide:

  • Foreign staff chart,
  • Contract,
  • The beginning and end date of the work,
  • Training courses
  • Percentage of the foreign workforce

Iran work visa application process

The following is a general way you can apply for an Iran work visa. But as complicated red tape and changing rules, you might have to go through a different stage between the following ones;

Step 1. Are you eligible for an Iran work visa?

Not every applicant can apply for an Iran work visa. The eligibility principles are tough, and you need to meet them.

If you do not comply with them, it is almost impossible to receive a work visa. As explained, the red tape is com; located in Iran, and the officials are strict on attracting foreign employees. One of the essential conditions is that there must be no Iranian national with expertise or knowledge to fill in the job position.

Step 2. Find a job offer

The first step to applying for an Iran work visa is to find a job offer from an Iranian employer. The unemployment rate in Iran is high. The government allows employers to hire foreign employees only if there is no qualified Iranian worker. So it’s a bit difficult to get an Iran work visa.

But you can search on websites and companies’ websites as the country lacks a skilled workforce. Also, there are some machines and factory sections that the employers lack experts. So you can hope to find a job in these fields.

The followings are some of the most famous websites you can look for a job in Iran:

  • www.AgahJobs.com.
  • www.IranTalent.com.
  • www.Iranestekhdam.ir.
  • www.Jobinja.ir.
  • www.TalentYab.com.
  • www.IranStaff.com.

Step 3. Move to Iran through a tourist visa or entrance visa

When you find the job, and your employer agrees, you need to visit Iran on a tourist visa. A few counties do not need an Iran tourist visa and can enter the country with their passport:

  • Azerbaijan
  • Bolivia
  • Turkey
  • Syria
  • Lebanon
  • Georgia
  • Armenia
  • Venezuela
  • Egypt
  • Malaysia
  • China

If you are not a national of the above countries, apply for an Iran tourist visa on the MFA website or to the Iranian embassy or consulate in your home country.

Remember to bring the required documents as you need to apply to the officials inside the country.

If you send the requirements to the employer, he/she might be able to apply for a work visa. Then the employee can enter Iran and begin working.

Step 4. Apply to the Interior Minister

The Iranian employer and employee need to prepare the requirements and apply to the Department General for Employment of Foreign nationals. It is a division of the Ministry of Cooperative, Labor, and Social Welfare.

The processing could take longer, and officials might require further supporting documents.

When the officials agree and issue the visa, the employee can begin working in the country.

The employer could extend the permit if they met the conditions.

Who can extend Iran work visa?

You can extend the Iran work permit if the employer needs you and there is no Iranian person to fill the job.

The work permit is valid for one year, and if you want to extend it, the employer needs to do it one month before the validity ends. The employer needs to explain the need of the employee and why he/she is vital to the company.

If the employer wants to terminate the work contract, they need the Ministry of Employment’s approval.

The following groups also have the permission to extend the work visa:

  • A foreign national who has lived in Iran for 10 years.
  • A foreign national married to an Iranian woman.
  • Forcing people who have valid immigration or refugee card*

Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are needed.

*The following people have permission to extend their Iran work visa:

Do you need insurance for your Iran work visa?

The insurance of foreign employees is like that of Iranian nationals. You can apply for it to the Organization of national Welfare or as called “Taemin Ejtemai” in Iran.

In some cases, the employer might be exempt from providing insurance if the foreign employee has insurance in his/her country; the insurance needs to cover;

  • Work accidents
  • Pregnancy
  • Damages related to wages
  • Disability
  • Retirement
  • Death

Iran work visa for Pakistani

Pakistani nationals can work in Iran, and they have one benefit over the others; language proficiency. As Urdu is their language and has similarities with Farsi, they can find work easily. Some parts of Pakistan also speak Farsi, so it becomes easier for them.

They need to find a job offer and move to Iran through an entrance visa. Then the employer applies for a work permit, and if officials agree, the Pakistani national can work in Iran.

Let’s sum up…

If you want to work in Iran, you need to apply and receive an Iran work visa. This article explained everything you need to know; requirements, FAQs, and the application process.

If you have questions regarding an Iran work visa, write them down in the comment section. The Visa Library team will respond to them right away.

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