Suppose you are a dependent of an India visa holder who intends to travel with or after them to India. In that case, you can apply through an X entry India visa. However, not all the dependents are eligible to obtain the visa. Therefore, we will specify the details through the text.

On this web page, we will go through the details of the X entry visa, including requirements, eligibility, processing time, etc.

What is an India X entry visa eligibility?

X visa or Entry visa is a form of visa for foreigners who intend to travel to India. According to the Government of India, the eligibility is as follows:

  • Spouse/children of a foreigner
  • A person of Indian origin, deciding to visit India for travel
  • Dependents of foreigners coming on visas like business, tourist, research, student, or employment.
  • A person who is from India
  • Spouse and children of an Indian person
  • If your purpose of visit does not match any other type of visa
  • Applicants to join Auroville Foundation /Missionaries of Charity, Kolkata / Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry/ approved organizations, temples, and foreign Buddhist monks to join Buddhist Monasteries/ other Buddhist organizations for charity work
  • Foreigners who own property in India

Note: Non Indian spouses/children/grandchildren have to provide proof of relationship with the Indian person.

X entry visa eligibility conditions

Here are some vital points you should know about the eligibility of India X visa:

  • Foreigners visiting India on a long-term X visa do not need to register themselves with the Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO or FRO) as long as their visit does not exceed 180 days/ single visit. However, if they decide to stay in the country for more than 180 days, they should extend their visa before the expiry of 180 days.
  • Foreigners who visit India need to follow the Special Endorsement by the Indian Mission.
  • At the time of registration, every foreigner should provide all the required information. If the provided information is accepted, they will receive a certificate of registration.
  • Non-Indian children have to provide a birth certificate/naturalization certificate with a copy of their parent’s Indian passports proving their previous nationality is Indian.
  • Non-Indian grandchildren have to give a copy of their grandparent’s passport/a government-issued document indicating their grandparents held Indian citizenship along with their parent’s birth certificate.

What are the India X entry visa requirements?

Here is the documentation you should provide:

  • A filled visa application form
  • Recent 50/50 photographs
  • A copy of the passport, visa, and the registration certificate
  • Copy of valid lease
  • Rent agreement
  • Copy of C-Form from the hotel
  • Copy of recent electricity/telephone bill
  • The letter from the landlord or proof of residence
  • Passport
  • Copy of marriage certificate and a copy of Indian Passport and Indemnity Bond
  • Copy of birth certificate with a copy of parents Indian passport

Note: Applicants are kindly requested to ensure details entered on the visa application form exactly as in the passport unless the visa application will be rejected.

How to apply for an India X entry visa?

You should apply for an India X entry visa online. Then you should follow these steps:

  • Fill and submit your visa application form
  • Upload the photo and required documents
  • Submit the documents at the Indian visa application center or Indian Mission
  • Print the submission form and grant it to the referred Mission
  • Wait for the officials to contact you

According to the country you live in, the steps may differ. You can make sure by contacting the embassy.

Dependent’s condition for India X entry visa

As the X entry visa is dependent on itself, you may not bring anyone along. Therefore, every person should apply separately for this visa.

Validity and processing time of India X entry visa

The validity of an India Entry Visa depends on the visa duration of the principal visa holder.  Further extension may be granted by FRRO in India on a yearly basis up to 5 years at most. The validity of this visa begins on the day of issuance by the Embassy of India, not on the date of departure.

Extension of X entry visa

Foreigners who have entered India on an X entry visa may for a visa extension only in under mentioned cases:

  • An Indian person with an Indian passport
  • A person who was either of their parents or grandparents or great grandparents was born in India and lived here only if neither was a citizen of Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, or China.
  • A spouse of a citizen of India.

The extension is given from year to year up to a maximum of 5 years. If a further extension is needed, the proposal for extension should be referred to the Ministry of Home Affairs for approval.

Extension documents

  • Visa Extension form
  • One recent passport-size photograph
  • Copy of passport/VISA/Registration Certificate
  • Copy of valid Lease/Rent agreement/ copy of C-Form from the Hotel/copy of recent telephone bill with the letter from the landlord, towards proof of residence
  • Passport
  • Copy of marriage certificate with a copy of Indian passport/Indemnity Bond
  • Copy of birth certificate with a copy of parents’ Indian passport

There are some guidelines on whether to consider you eligible for the extension:

  • You should fulfill all the conditions laid down for the grant of an employment visa.(internal link)
  • Conversion of X visa into employment visa in such cases is permitted only with the prior approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Note: An employment/business visa is not permitted on an entry X visa. (internal link)

India X entry visa fees

As you may have seen, visa fees differ from country to country. For further information, you can visit the official counselor office site of India.

Let’s recap!

An X entry visa allows you to travel with the visa holder to India as a dependent. You can apply online and send your petition to the referred commission. For more information about other types of visas worldwide, you can visit the left sidebar or the website menu.

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