How Can I Get a South Africa Visitors’ or Tourist Visa?


South Africa has so many beautiful scenes to visit, such as Table Mountain, Cape Town, Kruger National Park, Vineyards of Franschhoek, Western Cape, and so many more places.

If you want to travel to South Africa and visit its exciting wildlife and nature, you must apply for a valid visitors’ or tourist visa before traveling to the country. In addition, international travelers who are permanent residents of other countries who want to travel to South Africa for tourism or business-related reasons must acquire a tourist or visitors’ visa. This visa is valid for 90 days or less.

This article will explain South Africa visitors’ or tourist visas, travelers who can apply for it, its requirements, etc.

Who should apply for a South Africa visitors’ visa?

Foreigners from the following countries must apply for a South African visitors’:

Afghanistan Albania Algeria Armenia
Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Belarus
Bermuda Bhutan Bosnia and Herzegovina Brunei
Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burundi Cambodia
Central African Republic Chad Colombia Comoros
Congo Côte d’Ivoire Croatia Cuba
Djibouti Dominican Republic El Salvador Equatorial Guinea
Eritrea Estonia Faroe Islands Fiji
French Guiana Gambia Georgia Ghana
Gibraltar Greenland Guatemala Guinea
Guinea-Bissau Honduras Indonesia Iraq
Kazakhstan Kiribati Kosovo Kuwait
Kyrgyzstan Laos Latvia Lebanon
Liberia Libya Lithuania Macedonia
Madagascar Mali Mauritania Moldova
Mongolia Montenegro Morocco Myanmar
Nepal Nicaragua Niger North Korea
Oman Puerto Rico Romania Rwanda
Sao Tome and Principe Senegal Serbia Sierra Leone
Slovakia Slovenia Somalia South Sudan
Sri Lanka Sudan Suriname Syria
Taiwan Tajikistan Timor-Leste Togo
Tunisia Turkmenistan Ukraine Uzbekistan
Vietnam Yemen


South Africa Visa Exemption

There are 52 countries whose residents do not need a South African Visitors’ visa:

Andorra Argentina Australia Austria Belgium
Botswana Brazil Canada Chile Czech Republic
Denmark Ecuador Finland France Germany
Greece Iceland Ireland Israel Italy
Jamaica Japan Liechtenstein Luxembourg Malta
Monaco Mozambique Namibia Netherlands New Zealand
Norway Panama Paraguay Portugal Qatar
Russia St Vincent & the Grenadines San Marino Singapore Spain
Sweden Switzerland Tanzania Trinidad & Tobago United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom United States Uruguay Venezuela Zambia

Purposes to Issue a South African Visitors’ Visa

A South African visitors’ or tourist visa is granted for several reasons, here you can see a list of different reasons to apply for a visitors’ visa:

  • Family or friend visits, as well as vacations (tourism)
  • Business-related purposes
  • Married spouses who are in South Africa on a work or study permit
  • Parents with work permits or study permits may bring their children to South Africa
  • The fiancé or fiancée must join their partners within 90 days of their engagement
  • Study-related purposes
  • Charitable or voluntary purposes
  • Researching activities
  • Conferences
  • Producing movies or shows
  • Medical procedures
  • Sporting events


South Africa Visitors’ Visa Types

South African government issues visitors’ visas for various types of situations like:

  • Medical treatment
  • Working in the entertainment industry
  • Attending a conference
  • Consent of an agreement conditions
  • Maritime crew
  • Cultural exchange programs (as well as economic and social exchange programs)
  • Transit visas


What are South African Visitors’ Visa Requirements?

Applicants for a South African visitors’ or tourist visa will need the required documents below:

  • The passport (must be valid for more than 30 days)
  • Applicants’ passports must have at least two blank page
  • A completed application form (Form BI-84)
  • A paid visa fee
  • Proof of a yellow-fever vaccination (if applicants are about to travel through the yellow fever belt)
  • A statement verifying the purpose and duration of the visit
  • Passport pictures (must be two colored pictures)
  • A round-trip ticket for air travelers
  • Evidence to show sufficient financial assets, such as a bank statement, a salary advance, a pledge by the applicants’ host, a scholarship, medical cover, or cash.


How Can I Apply for a South Africa Visitors’ Visa?

There are different steps in order to apply for a South African visitors’ visa. Here are those mentioned steps:

  • Apply for a visa or permit online on the VFS website (this website works with the Department of Home Affairs of South Africa), fill out the online form, pay the required fees, and set an appointment at the embassy.
  • Visit the embassy. Applicants need to take their printed online application form, a valid passport, and other required documents with them. (At the end of the appointment, applicants will receive an acknowledgment receipt. This receipt must be kept safe)
  • Wait for the embassy to contact you.
  • Revisit the embassy to enroll your fingerprints and photograph at the embassy.
  • Give your receipt and collect your documents in person at the embassy. (applicants must have their original passport to collect the final verdict.)


Important note: Applicants cannot present additional documents when their application is submitted at the embassy.


Can I extend my South Africa Visitors’ Visa?

Yes. You can prolong your stay in South Africa for another 90-days.


Can I work with a South Africa Visitors’ Visa?

No. You can only use a visitor’s visa or tourist visa to travel to South Africa for a holiday. You can also attend business, such as meetings, interviews, signing of contracts, training, or conferences.


How much is a South Africa Visitors’ Visa?

Applicants can pay South African visa fees in cash, money order, visa credit cards. A South African Visitor’s visa for Business and Transit purposes is 36 US dollars. Applicants might have to pay different amounts of visa fees depending on their country of origin.


Let’s Sum Up …

The South African government issues several types of visas. A visitors’ or tourist visa is appropriate for foreigners who like to visit South Africa for tourism, business, transit, etc. This article discussed visitors’ visas, applying for them, their required documents, and fees.

If you are interested to know more about other types of South African visas, check the sidebar on the right to get more information.

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