For the sake of globalization, countries have been giving business visas to foreigners who wish to enter their country for business-related goals. The Nigerian government issues business visas for various reasons. Among these are meetings, conferences, seminars, contract negotiations, marketing, sales, purchases, and distribution of Nigerian goods, trade fairs, interviews, training for Nigerians, disaster relief, crew members, NGOs, staff of INGOs, researchers, and musical performances. Therefore, applicants can’t actually work in gainful jobs and receive compensation because a business visa is for conducting business in another country.

In this essay, we are going to inform you about the Nigeria business visa, its types, its requirements, and how to apply, and we will answer some common questions as well.

Who Needs a Nigeria Business Visa?

The Nigerian government has different rules and laws for entering the country. It offers e-visas, visas on arrival, and embassy visas. In addition, some nationals don’t even need a visa.

Nigeria Business Visa Types

Nigeria offers two types of business visas: single entry and multiple entries. These business visas only differ in their fees.

What is a Nigeria STR Visa?

An STR is necessary for International employees looking to find employment in Nigeria. The STR (Subject to Regularization) visas are given based on the dates specified in the applicant’s contract and most typically allow for one entry. The STR has a validity of 90 days. Employees must apply to the Comptroller-General of Immigration during this period to regularize their stay in Nigeria. However, the STR visa does not grant the right to work in Nigeria by itself. An applicant must obtain a Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card (CERPAC) before they can work.

Nigeria Business Visa Requirements

A Nigerian business visa application requires many documents. There is a list of the mentioned documents for Nigeria business visas below:

  • Nigeria Tourist Visa application form

This is an online form. After the applicant completes the form, the finished version of the form will be sent to the applicant via email in five business hours. Applicants must download, print, and sign the form.

  • Passport (must be valid for at least 6 months with at least 2 blank pages to attach visas to them.)
  • Copy of passport (a colored copy of the applicant’s passport identification page.)
  • Photographs

Applicants need two passport-size photos. These photos must be

  • Colored
  • For the last three months
  • Taken against a white background
  • 35mm x 45mm wide
  • Have a neutral expression on the applicant’s face
  • Without any glasses, hats, headgear

The photos must be printed on high-quality paper. Staples and tape should not be found on your visa photos.

  • Itinerary (applicants must have a copy of the round-trip ticket or their confirmed itinerary)
  • Invitation Letter

Applicants have to present a letter of invitation from the company to visit Nigeria. A copy of such a letter might be acceptable as well. This letter must have certain specifications. For example, this letter must:

  • Be addressed to The Comptroller General of Immigration, NIS HQ, Abuja.
  • Be written or translated in English.
  • Be written on a piece of paper with the letterhead of the company.
  • Have details about the applicant, such as the Applicant’s name, nationality, passport number, the purpose of visit, date of visit, port of entry, flight itinerary, address in Nigeria, or hotel reservation.
  • Declare the need for an STR visa.
  • Provide details about the required number of entries and the required duration of the visa.
  • Be signed by a hierarchical superior of the local company.
  • Yellow fever vaccine certificate

The yellow fever vaccination must be renewed every ten years. Applicants need a copy of their updated yellow fever vaccination certificate.

  • Letter of employment

A letter from the applicant’s employer including:

  • Contact details
  • Clarifying the authorization for the applicant to be an absentee.
  • The reason and duration of the trip
  • State that the applicant will return to their work.

If the applicant is a self-employed person, this letter must include:

  • A copy of the work license
  • A copy of the tax return

How Can I Apply for a Nigeria Business Visa?

Three options are available for applicants seeking a Nigerian tourist visa:

  • Tourist s-visa
  • Tourist visa on arrival
  • Tourist embassy visa

Each of these methods has different steps.

Nigeria Business E-visa

The Nigeria Business e-visa comes in the form of single-entry and multiple-entry visas. Nigeria business e-visas can be obtained in a few steps. Applicants need to:

  • Complete the electronic visa online form (Basic personal information like passport information and travel details are required.)
  • Upload the supporting documents for a business visa.
  • Make the compulsory payment.
  • Receive the business e-visa by email if approved.
  • Print the business e-visa and present it at a Nigerian border checkpoint.

Nigeria Business Visa On Arrival

Obtaining a tourist visa on arrival involves a few steps. Applicants have to:

  • Go to border control at the airport upon their arrival in Nigeria and wait in an immigration line.
  • Fill out this application form given by Nigerian authorities. They need to insert their details, passport information, and travel plans.
  • Provide supporting documents in paper form.
  • Pay the business visa on arrival fee.

Nigeria Embassy Business Visa

Here is the application procedure for a Nigerian tourist visa at the Nigerian embassy. Applicants have to:

  • Make an appointment at a Nigerian embassy.
  • Fill out a tourist visa application form.
  • Gather the required documents for the embassy interview.
  • Pay the Nigeria tourist visa fee.

Note: Most countries recommend travelers who visit Nigeria register with their embassy when they arrive there. By registering, embassies are informed that an applicant is visiting and can contact them more efficiently in a crisis.

How Much is a Nigeria Business Visa fee?

The Nigeria business visa fee is:

  • Single entry: 226,98 US Dollar
  • Multiple entries: 248,94 US Dollars

This visa fee can differ depending on the method applicants use to apply for a Nigerian tourist visa.

How Long is a Nigeria Tourist Visa Valid?

The maximum validity for Nigerian business visas is 90 days or three months.

Nigeria Tourist Visa Processing Time

The Nigeria business visa application takes about 8 working days to finalize.

The Bottom Line…

International employees who plan to travel to Nigeria to participate in conferences, seminars, marketing, sales, purchases, interviews, training for Nigerians, etc., can apply for a Nigeria tourist visa. This article talked about business visas, how to apply for them, their fees and validity, and their required documents.

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