Did you know that more than 3 million international students are studying in Egypt? The country has improved education standards, and the tourist attractions that bring millions of tourists have created a great place to continue your education. But you need an Egypt student visa to study in the country.

This article will explain to you who is eligible for an Egypt student visa, what the requirements are, and how to apply for it from your home country.

Who is eligible for an Egypt student visa?

The eligibility criteria for an Egypt student visa are as follows, but there might be other principles by your case and nationality:

Acceptance to an Egyptian education center

The first and foremost requirement is to receive acceptance from an Egyptian university or education center. The university has different acceptance requirements that you need to fulfill, such as language requirements. The program might be in English or Arabic, so you have to fulfill those criteria.

Remember that you need acceptance from a verified educational center or university which has the authorization to receive foreign students.

Proof to have enough funds

You must be able to cover your expenses under an Egypt student visa. The fees include tuition and cost of living plus accommodation. You might be able to receive education funds from the center, but you must prove it through formal letters.

Return Intention to home country

The candidate must provide proof of family or economic ties that prove he/she returns to his/her home country. The tie could include a job offer or an ownership certificate.

Respecting the national law

Egypt is an Islamic country, and the foreign students must abide by the following:

  • National immigration laws
  • Guidelines
  • Formalities

infographic Egypt student visa, the application, and requirements

Which countries require a prior Egypt student visa?

The nationals of a few countries can apply for an Egypt student visa on arrival. It means they can perform the application process when getting to the country. But the following countries need to apply for an Egypt tourist visa before moving to the country:

Bosnia and HerzegovinaIraqMacauPakistanSri LankaUzbekistan


All African countries also come in the above list.

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Egypt student visa requirements

There are different requirements for Egypt student visa buy\t a common list is as follows:

  • Passport
  • Cover letter
  • Acceptance or admission letter from the Egyptian university or education center
  • Proof of paid visa fees
  • Residential status (If the country you live in is not your home country)
  • Consent letter from parents (if the applicant is a minor)
  • Immigration status of host or guardian in Egypt
  • Previous education certificates
  • Photo (two colored recent photos)
  • Proof to have enough funds to cover expenses in Egypt
  • Evidence to have funds purchasing a return ticket
  • Purchased medical insurance
  • Clean record certificate

Note: depending on your nationality and particular case and background, the Egyptian officials could require further documents. 

Egypt student visa application process

The application process for an Egyptian student visa could differ by your nationality. Remember that a few countries are qualified to apply for the student visa on arrival. However, a common application process is as the following stages:

1. Receive acceptance from an Egyptian university

You need to receive acceptance from an Egyptian university or education center to be eligible for an Egypt student visa. It’s the first and most important requirement.

Some of the famous universities are:

  • Cairo University
  • Alexandria University
  • Al-Azhar University
  • The American University in Cairo
  • The German University in Cairo

There are application requirements with each university that you need to fulfill:

  • Language fluency
  • Tuition
  • CV
  • Statement of purpose
  • Proposal

Some of the international courses taught in Egypt are English, but Arabic is the national language of the country. Find out what language the course is taught in and comply with it. The rest of the factors is up to the course and university.

When you receive the acceptance certificate, you can apply for the visa with your student number.

2. Complete the application form

Completing the application form is the initial stage of Egypt student visa application. You can get the form from the embassy or consulate in your home country. You need to find the embassy’s website as they might have further requirements for supporting documents.

When getting the digital application form, remember to get the long-stay one. Complete it with the true form of your information that matches completely with your documents. Then print, date, and sign it.

3. Schedule a visa meeting with the embassy

Contact the embassy or consulate in your home country, which is responsible for issuing the visa. Schedule a meeting with them to submit the requirements. Bear in mind that you need time to be able to collect the requirements. If you are waiting for a letter from an organization or company to be issued, consider some delays and ensure you have all the supporting documents.

4. Gather the requirements

The Egyptian authorities require supporting documents to ensure you are qualified for the visa. Also, they prove the purpose of your trip is genuine. You can find a list of the supporting documents in the above section, but there might be more. Prepare yourself to provide further documents and remember it takes a bit long time to collect everything.

5. Submit requirements at the visa meeting with the embassy

When the time for the visa meeting comes, attend the embassy and bring all the gathered requirements. Do not forget anything, as it could have heavy consequences on your background and visa. Also, the embassy is unlikely to provide a copy service so prepare a copy of documents if needed.

Get to the meeting about half an hour early as it takes time to go through the security and guards at the entrance. Submit the requirements when you meet the visa officer and answer their questions sincerely.

The point to remember is that there is a fee with visa processing you have to pay. Look at the below section to know how much an Egypt student visa cost. The embassy could charge you more for further services. You would better ask them in advance about the cost and the way to pay it; cash or credit card.

6. Wait for the processing

You need to wait until the embassy process the visa and issues it. It takes about one month before the embassy decides whether to issue you a visa or not. If the authorities reject your visa, they will send you a letter and explain why, and If they issue it, they will tell you to pick up the visa.

The way to pick up the visa could be different for each embassy.

Egypt student visa application form

You can receive the Egypt student visa application form from the country’s embassy or consulate in your home country. There could be a few slight changes in it by each country. Along with the form, they provide you with a list of supporting documents that you must submit with the application form.

The list of requirements could be unique for each country so ask the officials in your home country. Your friend from a neighboring country might have gone through a different procedure.

Egypt student visa price or fees

The E£ or LE is the symbol for Egyptian currency. The Egypt student visa price or fees is as follows:

  • Single entry visa. LE 300 for each person
  • Multiple entry visa. LE 600 for 6-12 months
  • Multiple entry visa. LE 900 for 24 months
  • Multiple entry visa. LE 1200 for 36 months

Egypt student visa validity

The validity of an Egypt student visa is 1-3 years, and the validity is much up to the duration of your course. The officials grant you visa validity to complete your study. However, you can not extend it after three tears of staying in the country.

Egypt student visa declaration cards

When you arrive in the country, you need to complete a few forms called declaration cards. Be prepared and keep your documents nearby.

Let’s sum up…

When you want to study in Egypt, you need an Egypt student visa to legally stay in the country. This article provided you with who is eligible for the visa, the requirements, and the way to apply for the visa.

If you need to know about other types of Egypt visas, look at the left sidebar. You can also find out about other countries’ visas by going through the top menu.

Do you have questions about visas? Write them down in the comment section, and the Visa Library team will respond as soon as possible.

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