To best UK tourist attractions of different types 

To best UK tourist attractions of different types

To best UK tourist attractions of different types 

You want to take a trip and get away from the daily stress and tensions, a honeymoon, anniversary, or just a holiday with your loved ones, whatever the occasion, the UK is among your options. The island has so many wonders of different types that can amaze every taste.

If you are wondering what the UK can offer you in just one piece of land, you need to go through this article to know there are thousands of things to do and many more places to visit.


What are UK tourist attractions?

Tourism is a strong section in the UK and it “contributes £106 billion to the British economy”.  2.6 million jobs are supported each year by tourists visiting the UK. There were 40.9 million in 2019 and 11.1 million in 2020. The reduction was due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The British officials have invested heavily in tourism and are preparing themselves for the post-Covid-19 world.


The tower of London

This amazing tower once was a palace and had a bad reputation for a prison which was due to the executions; murders took place during the past one thousand years. It is registered as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the UK. It was built in the year 1078, the area is 18 acres, and there are exhibitions for visitors; royal armors, jewels, crowns, and the tools of the prison can amaze the tourists. The tower is situated on the north bank of the River Thames in central London.

You should know that the British are superstitious, and there is a superstition with the tower as well. Rumor has it that as long as the crows are in the castle, the Monarchy will continue, and when the crows leave, it will be torn apart.



Stonehenge is located in the north of Salisbury and is one of the most famous historical places of Europe during the pre-history period. Historians believe that Stonehenge dates back to 5,000 years to the Neolithic and Bronze Age periods.

The stones around each other make it weird, and there have been different theories about its usage. According to the local folklore, Merlin, the famous wizard of the Arthurian period, built Stonehenge and has brought the stones from Ireland. Some say it is the ruins of a Roman temple. It requires great power and strength to voe the stones, and one of the wonders is how the ancient people moved them and brought them here.

The strongest prediction about Stonehenge is that it was an Observatory used in astronomy.

The movie industry has used Stonehenge in movies, and TV shows a lot. If you are into movies, you can enjoy the following pens with Stonehenge theme:

  • Thor: The Dark World (2013)
  • Transformers: The Last Knight (2017)
  • King Arthur (2004)

If you definitely want to visit Stonehenge, you would better be quick as there is no guarantee you can find tickets, it’s so popular.


Roman Baths in Bath

In case you have time to visit one other city in the UK besides London, Bath is your option. You can join the one million visitors who visit the area and feel the true history in the walls and atmosphere. There is so much to see that you need more than one day to visit all the attractions of this city. The leading reason Bath is so popular is due to the 2.000 years old Roman bath that dates back to 70 BC. They are the most complete and preserved Roman structure in the world. The baths are filled with 1,170.000 liters of warm water (46°C) every day—a museum filled with thousands of things from the Roman lifestyle.


York minster and Yorkshire

During the 5th century, YorkMinister was the center for Christians in the north of the UK, and its church is one of the most famous ones in the world. The York church is the second most important one in the UK in terms of religious places. There are two 53 meter towers and one 70 meter tower, and you can see the entire York area by taking the 275 stairs.

Each and every stone, glass, and part of the church explains the story of Jesus Christ. Devoted Christians love to see the story of this church and witness history. The church is located in the center of the city, and there are amazing houses, shops, and churches around. Besides the romantic streets with walls, the Maritime Museum is the other attraction of the city.

You can walk around, enjoy the area and benefit from the productive mediation technique.


Big Ben

Big Ben was built in 1856 on the ruins of Westminster palace, which is 96 meters tall and on 11 floors. There have been different names with the tower, and since 2012 it has been named the tower of the Queen in honor of Queen Elizabeth. But the tourists still call it Great Bell and the local people Big Ben. You should know that Big Ben is the name of the 13-ton bell of the tower. There are four sides with the clock, and you can see it from every location in the city. It has made a name in terms of accuracy.


Canterbury cathedral

It would be a shame to leave the UK without visiting Canterbury Cathedral and the tomb of Thomas Becket. He was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1162 until his murder in 1170. Canterbury Cathedral is one of the oldest cathedrals in the UK, which has played a significant role in Britains Christianity. It is one of the USECOS world heritage sites, and the archbishop of Canterbury is residing in this palace. Canterbury cathedral is the birthplace of Christianity in the UK.

Augustine of Canterbury is the builder of the Cathedral with 160 m long and 47 m width in 597 AC. After Thomas Becket was martyred in 1170, the Cathedral became a pilgrimage site. There are thousands of things to see from the old times, and Christianity amazes everyone.

Tourists can stay overnight on the grounds at Canterbury Cathedral Lodge, which is an amazing experience.

If you want to know what was it as an England city in medieval times, Canterbury is a great option to understand Chaucer’s time.


Warwick Castle

The castle of Warwick is your option if you are into Medieval England, history, and old items. The original castle was built with wood in 1068 in the Warwickshire region but was renovated into a stone castle in the 12th century. Warwick Castle has been an outstanding figure in the history of the region for the past 900 years.

“To be or not to be, that is the question” it rings a bell?

Stratford-upon-Avon is close to the area which is the birthplace of William Shakespeare;

Warwick was used heavily during the Hundred Years’ War. The series of conflicts were between England France during the middle ages took 116 years.

An investment company uses the castle currently to hold festivals, concerts, and exhibitions.


Buckingham palace

The Queen of England resides in Buckingham Palace, and the visitors are allowed to visit it during the summer. It is considered one of the largest palaces in the world and one of the most beautiful ones. It is also the venue of national festivals and royal parties. The palace contains magnificent rooms, the queens’ gallery, and awesome gardens.

The mentioned places are not on the full list of the tourist attractions of the UK. There are a lot of places to visit and things to do. Some of the mares are as follows:

  • Blackpool tower
  • Gateshead
  • Windsor Castle
  • Eden Project
  • The Cotswolds
  • Tate Modern
  • Brighton Palace Pier
  • Falkirk Wheel
  • Royal Yacht Britannia
  • Hampton Court Palace
  • Shakespeare’s Birthplace
  • Edinburgh Castle
  • The Lake District


Are there any museums worth visiting in the UK?

The definite answer is yes. You can enjoy many museums in the UK as the country has gathered thousands of historical artifacts from around the world during the empirical period. You can see objects from:

  • Persia (Iran)
  • India
  • North Africa
  • Egypt
  • Southeast Asia
  • China

There is a worldwide collection in British museums.

There are more than 2.500 museums in the UK, but it is up to your taste and what you want to see. It is estimated that 1,800 museums have been accredited. Most of them are free, and some charge you an entrance fee. Among all of them, the British Museum is the largest.

The following museums are some of the most famous and visited ones in the UK that you can enjoy during your next visit:


The British Museum

The British Museum contains more than 13 million historical objects from:

  • Babylon
  • Egypt
  • Ancient Greece
  • The Rome Empire
  • China
  • Europe
  • Ancient Persia (Iran)
  • Southeast Asia


If history is your hobby and favorite, visitnign this museum is a must. In case you love each part of the history, such as the Middle-east or Europe, there is a section for you. For instance, the artifacts kept in the Egypt section are the largest collection outside of Egypt.

The following are the most famous objects of this museum:

  • Rosetta Stone, the key to ancient hieroglyphs
  • Sophilos Vase Greek bowl, made in Athens in around 580 BC
  • The Parthenon Sculptures, Carved about 2,500 years ago
  • The Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman
  • Hoa Hakananai’a, A Moai, (AD 1000–1200)
  • Haida House Pole, a pole from British Columbia Canada tribe people.
  • The Piranesi Vase
  • Aztec serpent
  • Akan Drum
  • Tree of Life
  • The Ife Head, a statue of a sacred king of the West African Kingdom
  • Bust of Ramesses the Great
  • Crouching Venus


The National Gallery

The national gallery is one of the best collections of paintings which is located in London and is considered the second most visited museum in the UK. The museum displays paintings from 1260 to 1920 of the best Italian and Dutch artists. In the Italian sector, you can see the paintings of the following Italian artists who are among the most famous ones:

  • Tintoretto
  • Correggio
  • Botticelli
  • Veronese


You can also see the Mickel Angelo paintings, which are among the top ones in the museum.

As explained, the museum has a collection of different countries, and it is the case for the Netherlands with paintings of:

  • Frans Hals
  • Johannes Vermeer
  • Rembrandt
  • Anthony van Dyck


From 18 century to 1920, you can visit the paintings of the following pens who are among the most well known and worth a visit:

  • Eugène Delacroix
  • Honoré Daumier
  • Claude Monet
  • Édouard Manet
  • Edgar Degas
  • Pierre-Auguste Renoir


Slavery museum

The slavery museum is the only museum in the world that displays works that are related to slavery. It is one of the tourist attractions of Liverpool city. It is recognized as the center for human rights in the world as well.

The museum is part of the Maritime museums and was introduced to introduce the devastating lives of slaves in the transatlantic slavery system. Not only the slaves of West Africa and other parts of the world but also the modern slavery in today’s world, discrimination and racism are also part of the museum.

There was no separate slavery museum, and the maritime displayed some items from slavery. But as the number of visitors increased and people became interested, the officials decided to have a distinct part for slavery.

The new museum opened in 2007. It was on 23 August, which is International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition. It was also the 100th anniversary of abolishing slavery rule in the British Empire in 1807.


Science Museum

Queen Victoria has had many effects on entire British history, and one of them is participating in the Groundbreaking ceremony of the Science museum, which is a significant honor for it in 1857. It was named to the Queen and her husband at the beginning but later changed the name to the collection of art galleries and then a collection of science galleries. The marines contain more than 300.000 objects, and some of the most famous pens are the oldest locomotive in the world, Puffing Billy, and the first jet engine. With 3.3 million visitors per year, it is one of the most visited attractions in London.

The fourth floor is for the medical section, which contains the dentures of George Washington and a mummified head. There is also a great library which was the Documentation Center of London until 1960. The robot section is open until 10 pm, but the other sections are open from 10 am to 6 pm. The disabled can visit the museum comfortably as the officials have set special considerations for them.

You can enjoy the following pens in the museum as well:

  • The first prototype of the Long Now clock
  • First typing machine
  • The capsule of the Apollo 10 spaceship


Are there parks in the UK to enjoy?

The high rate of precipitation in the UK is ideal for agriculture and growing flowers. The country has some beautiful parks that attract thousands of tourists to the country. There are more than 27,000 parks and green spaces across the UK.

The most famous and beautiful national parks of the UK are as follows:


Cairngorms national park

The area is covered completely with snow during the winter. Standing on top of one of the tallest mountains in the UK, shiny lakes and peaks covered with snow, you can forget the hustle and bustle of daily life and relive all of your stress.


Lake District National park

The mountain climbers and rock climbers find this paradise an amazing opportunity to challenge themselves. Freeze lakes, the friendly local people, create an amazing experience.


Dartmoor National Park

The high rocks, grasslands field with pink grass, traditional restaurants, and bars, this is the heaven on Earth to enjoy walking and forget all the troubles you have. If you are into wild animals, Dartmoor is also a great opportunity to enjoy them.


Brecon Beacons National Park

Less than an hour from Cardiff, the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park is located, and the area is surrounded by ancient castles, wild grasslands, and high mountains. Get your boots and backpack to enjoy the high peaks of the area.


Snowdonia National Park

Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales and England, is located in the Snowdonia National Park. If you are crazy about mountain climbing, this park is your choice in the UK. Standing strong covered with snow, this is not just about high peaks, but also beautiful unspoiled villages, roaring rivers, and wild waterfalls are calling you.


Loch Lomond & the Trossachs

It seems like a dream, with 22 large lakes and endless grasslands. The area is great for mountain climbing, hiking, walking, and boat riding. Don’t forget the English tea on the views.


New Forest National Park

The royal jungle once used by kings and the royal family for hunting is covered with old trees and magnificent beaches and ponds. It is perfect for horse riding, walking, and boat riding.


Exmoor National Park

The Exmor is a less-known park which is located close to the Dartmoor park. The area is often covered with heavy fog that you can not see 10 meters ahead. If the night sky and watching stars are one of your hobbies or your child is into astronomy, then Exmor is the park you can have an unforgettable experience.


Beautiful parks in London to visit

In case you do not have much time and cannot get out of London but want to visit a beautiful park, the following ones should be on your list as they are the greatest pens of London:


Hyde Park

A famous royal park in London with so many wonders:

  • Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain
  • The artificial lake of the Serpentine
  • Holocaust Memorial
  • 7 July Memorial
  • Jelly Baby Family
  • Achilles statue


Regent’s Park

A famous English designer named John Nas designed the park in 1811 and is one of the greatest royal parks in London. People visit it for the zoo, but the area has many pretty gardens and views as well. There is also football, cricket, rugby, and softball arena as well.


Kensington Gardens

The Elfin Oaktree in Kensington is the 900-year-old trunk that it seems elves live in it. How much history has it witnessed the poor tree? Albert memorial and Serpentine Gallery are a few of the great things you can see.


St James’ Park

The Russian ambassador in the UK gifted some herons to St James’ Park in 1664, and the park became famous since then and is known by it. There is a large lake in the park that is divided into two parts; West Island and Duck Island. The beautiful bridge on the website leads to Buckingham Palace.

Wherever you are in London, get to the park at 2.30 pm to watch feeding the Pelikan.


Richmond Park

When you search about Richmond Park, you can see the photos of deers in the area. When Charles I established the park, it was for deers and hunting, but today it is a wildlife park, and the visitors can enjoy visiting deers around. Not only nature, but the history is among the wonders; the White Lodge, which once was a royal house, is now converted into a Ballet Dancing School.


Greenwich Park

Do you want to have a good look over London? Pay a visit to Greenwich Park, which is located over the hill, so you can get a fantastic view of the city and Isle of Dogs, Thames river, and all over London.


Crystal Palace Park

Are you looking for a park to visit some cultural and sports events? Then Crystal Palace is your option. Such events are held among trees, and there is a concert hall, pond, Volleyball courtو, swimming pool, and some dinosaur statues are there you can visit besides the great nature.


Let’s sum up..

There are so many places to see and things to do in the UK. The pretty small island has a lot to offer to the tens of millions visitors visiting the country each year. The goverbemnt has inevsted heavily in the tourism industry and it contributes £106 billion to the British economy.

This article is a guide to the places to visit and the things you can see to enjoy.

Now that you have made up your mind to visit the UK, you probably need a visa.

Visa Library has gathered all you should know about the UK visitor visa.

Your questions regarding the UK visa will be answered in the comment section below.

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