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Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe that attracts millions of tourists to the fruits of its ancient civilizations and culture. The country has provided a Greece with golden visa to attract investors from around the globe and third countries to develop the economy.

This article explains to you how you can move permanently to Greece and the doorway to the EU and Schengen Area.

Greece golden visa investment options

The first requirement for Greece golden visa is the required fund. You can invest in the following options with different funds. Find out which one is appropriate for your conditions:

Real estate 

Applicants need to buy accommodation worth at least €500,000. 

The minimum required amount was 250.000 EUR but it ha changed in September 2022 to 500.000 EUR. 

Investing in a company 

This option requires you to invest at least €400,000 in a registered company in Greece.

The choice of bonds or shares of real estate investment companies is also available for the same mentioned amount; €400.000.

The company needs to have a registered office or establishment in Greece.

Government bonds

The least requirements fun is €400,000 in Greek government bonds.


You can make a deposit of €400.000 in one of the Greek banks.

Corporate or government bonds.

The least requirement for this item is €800,000.

Applicants need to pick one of the above investment options for a Greece golden visa. It’s essential to finalize the investment to receive the residence permit.

Who is qualified to apply for a Greece golden visa?

Just having the required amount doesn’t make an applicant qualified for Greece golden visa. The officials have set other eligibility principles that you need to meet:

  • Being at least 18 years old
  • Having a clean record certificate
  • Holding health insurance from a verified company
  • Being able to cover your expenses in Greece
  • Have a verified source for the investment
  • Being able to enter the EU
  • Be a non-EU/EEA country citizen

Greece golden requirements

The list of requirements is as follows, but you might have to submit further documents by the investment option and your case:

Application form



Proof of paid fees

Health insurance

Investment registration proof

It varies by the investment option you pick:

Purchasing real estate


A contract must verify that the applicant has purchased the real estate and paid the full price. The money has been transferred to Greece, and the receipt is available.

Also, a Land Registry needs to verify that there is no obstacle in conducting the purchase and that it’s complete.

Investment in a company

Receiving investment certificate by the company:

  • name,
  • type of legal entity,
  • share-holders

Investment project details

Where the business is located.

Proof of implementation of the investment

Return on investment predictions.

The number of jobs the investment will create.

Applicant’s CV.

The applicant’s position in the company after the investment.

Greece golden visa application process

The way you need to apply for a Golden visa is as you see in the below steps:

Step 1. Choose an investment option for Greece golden visa

Read the details of the investment option and pick the appropriate one for yourself. Each one is different and has its benefits and drawbacks for you.

You need to find out if your conditions fit the option or not and whether you will achieve your goals or not.

There is also a Preliminary Due Diligence that applicants need to pass. It evaluates whether they are qualified to apply and what is the source of the investment funds.

Step 2. Are you eligible to apply?

Before you begin the application process, determine if you are qualified to apply for a Golden visa or not.

The program has general eligibility principles, and each investment option has different rules.

Step 3. Moving to Greece

You can hire a lawyer and outsource the application process to them. You can also move to Greece and complete the procedures on your own.

If you are not from the visa-waived country, you need a tourist visa or visitor visa to enter Greece.

Gather the requirements and apply to the Greek embassy in your home country to receive the visa.

When you arrive in Greece, you can continue the golden visa procedures and complete your application.

Step 4. Apply to the AIDDA

Applicants have to get a Greek Non-Resident Tax number and open a Greek bank account.

They also need to apply to the  Alien and Immigration Department at the Decentralized Authority (AIDDA).

You need to complete the registration and application in Greece with the AIDDA.

Step 5. Gather the supporting documents

The Greek officials require you to submit some supporting documents for the investment and registration. Collect all of them and submit them to the officials. You might have to revisit Greece to submit the documents or post documents to them.

You also need to collect the supporting documents for your golden visa. When the officials decide on the application, they inform the Greek embassy in your home country. Then you can apply for a golden visa to enter the country.

Step 6. Move back to Greece

When you get your golden visa and officials stick it on your passport, you can move to Greece. You might have to complete the residence permit procedures in the country and get your residency card.

The local immigration officials will guide you on the further steps to take.

How long is a Greece Golden visa valid for?

The initial validity of a golden visa is five years, and you have to keep your investment in the country in the meantime.

Also, you may renew your residency after this period and stay as long as you keep the investment.

When applicants live in Greece for seven years under the golden visa program, they become eligible to apply for Greece citizenship.

You have to live in Greece and pay taxes to apply for citizenship that is not the case for residency.

Submitting Greek language and culture understanding is also a requirement for citizenship.

Greece golden visa application fees

The fee is up to the investment option you pick and the country you live in. Also, the number of applicants in your application determines the final cost.

However, you have to pay up to €16,000 for the registry and transfer the money. Also, €2.000 is needed for every applicant, that is the visa stamp fee.

Greece golden visa latest news

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Greek officials changed some rules over the golden via the program. Applicants do not have to travel to Greece to complete the procedure of investment. Also, it is not required to open a bank account in Greece for registration procedures.

Candidates can purchase real estate through lawyers approved by the government.

The lawyer or a representative can complete all the applications and revise the residence card for the main applicant.

The main applicant can travel to Greece in six months after receiving the golden visa.

Let’s sum up…

Greece provides the cheapest and fastest golden via the program in the Eu. Non-EU applicants can move to the country and get a permanent residency shorter than any other members.

This article explained who is eligible for a Greece golden visa, the requirements, and the application.

There have been some changes after the Covid-19 pandemic that you should better know before applying.

If you have questions regarding the golden visa, write them down in the comment section.

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