Temporary Residence Visa

A UAE Residence Visa is required for foreign nationals who wish to reside and work inside the UAE for a long period. A UAE residency visa comes with numerous advantages, including the ability to open a bank account, obtain a bank loan (personal or car loan), travel visa-free to numerous countries, send your children to public or private schools, obtain a driver’s license, and use government health services and health insurance.

A residence visa for the UAE can only be obtained if the applicant meets specific criteria, such as finding work or making an investment in one of the emirates.

Who is considered eligible for a UAE Residence Visa?

The following categories must be met in order to be eligible for a UAE Resident Visa:

  • You’ll be employed in the United Arab Emirates, either by the government or a private company.
  • You’ll attend a school in the United Arab Emirates to pursue your education.
  • You made an investment in the UAE, purchased the property in the UAE, or plan to retire in the UAE if you are dependent on a UAE citizen or foreign resident.

Types of UAE Residence Visas

Depending on your travel objectives, there are various UAE Residence Visa types.

UAE Work Visa

These are work visas for foreigners who have found work and obtained work permits in the country through a job offer.

UAE Student Visa

This type of student visa is issued for foreign citizens who have been accepted into an educational institution in the UAE.

The UAE Investment Visa

Foreign nationals who invest significantly in the UAE are granted an investment visa (permit for long-term residence). This visa is considered valid for a longer period of time than most others (up to ten years)

UAE Retirement Visa

The UAE Retirement Visa is available to foreign seniors who want to retire in the UAE but do not have the required financial means to do so at the present time.

UAE Family Visa

This type of family visa is issued to the close relatives of UAE citizens or foreign nationals who have moved to the country and wish to bring their close family members to the country.

What are the needed requirements for a UAE Residence Visa?

To support your application for a UAE residency visa, you’ll need to provide the following documentation:

  1. The Visa Application Form for the United Arab Emirates can be obtained either online or at a local immigration center.
  2. It is necessary to provide the following items when applying for a UAE visa:
  3. Your visa of entry
  4. The following documents are required: Proof of your sponsor’s legal residency in the UAE/UAE citizenship Proof of your medical fitness test.
  5. When applying for a family visa, include proof of family ties, such as birth/marriage certificates.
  6. A valid trade license and valid firm card are required for a work visa. Your sponsor must also include a copy of your employment contract and any other relevant documents. More information can be found at UAE Work Visa UAE Family Visa UAE Student Visa UAE Investment Visa UAE Retirement Visa.
  7. Photos

All foreign nationals applying for a Residence Visa in the UAE must pass a medical examination to demonstrate their health.

UAE Residence Visa application

Once you’ve landed in the UAE, you’ll be required to fill out an application for a Residence Visa. Like the entry permit, you can’t usually apply for your own residence visa; instead, you’ll need a sponsor, such as your current employer, spouse, or other members of the family.

Who is eligible to apply for my UAE Residence Visa?

A sponsor is required to apply for a Residence Visa on your behalf. However, you may be your own sponsor in some cases.

Several types of sponsorship are available in the UAE:

  • employment,
  • student,
  • family,
  • investment.

If you work in the UAE or buy property there, your company or property serves as sponsorship. If you are an investor or have purchased land or property in the UAE, you can apply yourself.

How Am I able to apply for a UAE Residence Visa?

To begin, have your sponsor apply for an Entry Permit on your behalf at one of the following venues:

  • The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – GDRFA, Dubai mobile apps for Apple and Android.

At GDRFA, your sponsor will apply to the relevant emirate for your Residence Visa once you have arrived in the country and are planning to live there.

If your visa is valid, you’ll also have to pay a fee for a UAE residence visa when you apply.

The GDRFA will stamp your passport with a Residence Visa and issue you an Emirates ID good for the duration of your visa.

UAE Residence Visa fees

UAE residence visa fees vary according to the length of time the visa will be valid. The UAE Residence Visa costs AED100 per year.

If you apply in person, the processing fee will be AED70. If you apply online, it will be AED40. This varies depending on where you apply.

There is a possibility of an increase in the visa fee as well as the cost of medical exams and health insurance.

Let’s sum up…

When you want to stay in the UAE for a long term, you need a UAE Residence Visa. It provides several benefits like a UAE national, receiving loans, opening bank accounts, sending children to school, etc.

The article explained who is eligible to receive the UAE Residence Visa, the requirements, and the application process. If you have questions over the visa, write them down in the comment section below.

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