Individuals who come to New Zealand as refugees or protected person can sponsor their family members. They can bring their family members to New Zealand under the Refugee Family Support Resident Visa. The annual issuance of this visa is limited. In other words, each year, 300 Refugee Family Support Resident Visas are issued. Sponsors must first register; if their registration is selected, family members will be invited to apply for a visa.

In the following, we will explain the visa application process, requirements, processing time, costs, and other information that you need to know before applying for this visa.

What is a Refugee family support resident visa?

Those who come to New Zealand as refugees and receive residency in the country can bring their family members through the Refugee family support resident visa. In this way, their family members will also be able to enjoy many benefits in this country. If you want to get this visa for your family members, you should pay attention to the following:

What is a Refugee family support resident visa?
  • The quota for this visa is 300 places a year.
  • The validity of this visa will be unlimited. In other words, visa holders can work, study, and live in New Zealand forever.
  • As a New Zealand citizen, you can sponsor your partner and dependent children who are 24 years old or younger.
  • Sponsors must first register in a Sponsor’s Registration.
  • Then, if invited, their families have 12 months to apply for a resident visa.
  • New Zealand Immigration currently accepts tier 1 sponsor registrations.
  • The sponsors have responsibilities to their families for the first two years they are in New Zealand.

What are the requirements to get the Refugee Family Support Resident Visa?

  • You will need a sponsor to receive this visa. Your sponsor must be a citizen or resident of this country. Your sponsor must have received residency in this country as a refuge. Your sponsor must also meet other tier one or tier two requirements. If your sponsor fails to meet the requirements, you will not be able to apply for a visa.
  • Your sponsor must register as tier one or tier two. Sponsors must also complete the Refugee Family Support Category Sponsor Registration Form and provide the following documents:
  • A New Zealand resident visa
  • A New Zealand permanent resident visa
  • A valid New Zealand passport
  • A certificate of New Zealand Citizenship
  • Official statement of citizenship from the Department of Internal Affairs

If your sponsor changes his / her name, he/she must provide a statutory declaration certificate about the change of name. If possible, he/she should provide a copy of the birth certificate of the family members who want to be sponsored. Tier 1 sponsor registration is currently accepted.

  • The sponsor must support you for the first two years of your stay. If the sponsor is in the age range of 24-18, he/she must provide evidence that he/she can meet the sponsorship obligations. The documents that the sponsor must provide are:
  • Bank statements
  • A detailed plan to show how the sponsor can meet your accommodation needs in the first two years

Sponsors between the ages of 18 and 24 must complete the Refugee Family Support Category Registration Form.

  • New Zealand Immigration must invite you to apply for a visa. If the sponsor’s registration is confirmed, a letter will be sent to you explaining the details of what you need to provide. You will have 12 months to send your documents after you are invited.
  • You must submit two acceptable photos. Photos should be in a way that your head and shoulders are visible.
  • A passport, a certified copy of it, and a birth certificate are required.
  • All people aged 17 and older must present a police certificate if they intend to stay in New Zealand for a long time. A police certificate is issued by one of the following:
  • Your country of citizenship
  • Any country where you have spent 12 months there over the last ten years

This certificate must be submitted in English, and no more than six months have passed from the date of issue at the time of application.

  • You will not need to have tests to prove your good health unless asked to do so.
  • The sponsor can include his/her family members, including the partner and the dependent children aged 24 years or younger, in the sponsor registration. Therefore, the following items must be provided:
  • The sponsor’s relationship with his/her family members needs to be demonstrated by providing documents such as a marriage or birth certificate.
  • Note that family members must be able to meet health and character requirements.

How much does it cost to apply for a Refugee Family Support Resident visa?

For details on what to pay, visit the New Zealand Immigration website. Generally, at Sponsor’s Registration, you must first pay NZD 100. If your registration is confirmed and your family members are invited to apply for a visa, NZD 920 will be paid as a visa application fee.

What is the processing time for a Refugee Family Support Resident visa?

In the first step, you have to register in Sponsor’s Registration; it usually takes four weeks for your application to be assessed. If your family members are invited to apply for a visa, their application will be processed within 21 months.

How you got your Refugee Family Support Resident Visa: first-hand experience

If you have already received Visa Refugee Family Support Resident for your family members, you can tell your story to other readers in this section. Conveying your experiences helps others make better decisions.

Let’s sum up …

Our main focus in the previous sections was on Refugee Family Support Resident Visa. On the Visa Library website, you can find detailed and accurate information about other New Zealand visas. Besides, you have access to visa information about different countries on this website. Please do not hesitate to ask your questions.

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  1. Umar Farok says:

    Hello sir and Mr my name is Umar Farok I live in New Zealand I am single here now my parents in Bangladesh refugee camp coxs Bazar I want to bring here with me please reply me

    • Max says:

      You should verify your immigration status in New Zealand and look over the family reunification criteria before attempting to bring your parents from the refugee camp in Bangladesh. Gather the required documents and proof of financial stability to begin the application process if you believe you qualify. It could take a while for your request to be processed. If you need specific advice, it’s best to talk to a New Zealand immigration lawyer. Also, given their current refugee camp status, it will be important to coordinate with the appropriate authorities.

  2. Umar Farok says:

    My parents in Bangladesh refugee camp coxs Bazar I want to apply for my parents can I bring here with me

    • Max says:

      It’s not easy to get your parents out of a refugee camp in Bangladesh and into a new country. You should research the immigration policies of the country you intend to bring them to, as well as your own. In most cases, you’ll need to prove your ability to financially support them as a sponsor before they’ll be admitted. Consult an immigration attorney for tailored advice based on your circumstances and the laws of your intended country of residence before beginning the application process. Moving refugees out of camps may also necessitate coordinating with international organizations.