The Green Card processing time varies based on the type of immigrant visa and several factors. The average processing time for those applying for Family Preference visas is one to ten years. Also, those applying for employment-based immigrant visas will have to wait between one and six years. In this case, visa holders with the low demand have to wait at least a year, and holders of high demand visas have to wait at least four to six years to be issued their Green Card.

Green Card processing time for Family Based Immigrant visa holders

Family-based immigrant visas are divided into two general categories: Family Preference and Immediate Relative visas. Family Preference visas have an annual cap, which means that a limited number of these visas are issued each fiscal year. In other words, when the annual cup is full, the qualified people who remain must wait for the next year.

Green Card processing time for Family Based Immigrant visa holders

Get a Green Card through marriage

Those who want to get their Green Card by marrying US citizens usually have to wait between 10 and 13 months. Those who have an IR-1 visa must wait a shorter period than those with Family Preference visa holders to receive their Green Card. It is also interesting to know that IR-1 is known as a Marriage Green Card.

Green Card processing time for holders of employment-based immigrant visas

The US government issues 140,000 employment-based immigrant visas annually. The processing time of the Green Card for holders of these visas depends on the type of their visa. If you want to shorten the processing time, you must prepare and submit your documents carefully. Any mistake or missing documents will cause the USCIS to return your request; then, you will have to correct the mistakes and resubmit the documents. Therefore, the processing time will be longer.

Green Card processing time for returning resident visa holders

This permission is for people who have an immigrant visa or Green Card and travel to another country, but can not re-enter the United States for acceptable reasons. This will invalidate their immigrant visa status.
These people must prove that they intended to return to the United States but had no way to return. These people must first complete the visa application process and then attend an interview again. The Consular Officer then decides whether they will be granted a returning resident visa. Therefore, it can be said that these people do not have much processing time ahead. And they will immediately find out if they can get their Green Card back.

Diversity visa processing time

The results of the Diversity Lottery will be announced seven months after the initial request. Winners can then begin the visa application process. Visa processing usually takes another seven months. The US State Department processes the applications then notifies the applicant of the result. The time of announcing the results is not clear. Therefore, applicants should regularly check their status through the account they have on the website.
If you have been selected, you can apply for a Diversity Visa. Then you have to complete the forms and prepare and submit the documents, which takes several months. The embassy will ultimately decide whether you will be granted a visa. Finally, it can be said that it takes at least two years from the time you complete your initial application to the time the visa is issued.

Let’s sum up…

As it turns out, the processing time for a Green Card varies depending on the type of visa, and in some cases (such as F visas), applicants have to wait up to ten years to receive their Green Card.

On the Visa Library website, you can learn about other types of US visas as well as how to immigrate to other countries. If you have experience receiving a Green Card, share it with other readers and us through the comments section to help others make a better decision. We also look forward to receiving your constructive comments and suggestions.

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