All applicants who apply for a Green Card have to pay a fee at different stages. Filing various petitions and processing forms are some of the services you will have to pay for. Therefore, it is not possible to estimate how much the Green Card fees precisely.

Green Card Fees For Petitions

All applicants for immigrant visas and Green Cards must first apply to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS. A US citizen files this petition. The petitioner can be a close family member such as your spouse, children, and parents. In some cases, your employers in the United States may also file the petition. But those who want to get a Green Card through investment do not need a petitioner. These people can file the petition themselves.
The petition costs are paid to the USCIS by the petitioner. Note that if this fee is not paid, USCIS will not review and process your application.

The petitionsCosts
Form I-129F for Alien Fiancé(e)This is for K-1 visa applicants and costs $ 535.
Form I-130 for Alien Relative

This form costs $ 535 and is required for the following visas:

K3 Visa: is for the spouses of US citizens awaiting I-130 approval.

F1 Visa: is for sons and daughters of US citizens and their minor children.

F2A Visa: is for spouse and young children of Green Card holders.

F2B Visa: is for adult and unmarried children of US Green Card holders.

F3 Visa: is for children of US citizens who live in another country.

F4 Visa: is for the siblings, their spouses, and unmarried children of Lawful Permanent Residents.

IR1 Visa or Marriage Green Card: is for a foreigner who married to a US citizen.

IR2 Visa or Children Green Card: is for unmarried children (under the age of 21) of the US citizens.

IR5 Visa or US Parent Visa: is for parents of US citizens.

Form I–140 Immigrant  for Alien Worker

This form costs $700 and is required for the following visas:

EB1 Visa: is for individuals with academic credentials and career achievements in some areas.

EB2 Visa: is for advanced degree holders and individuals with exceptional abilities.

EB3 Visa: is for skilled workers, professionals, and unskilled workers.


Form I–360 for Amerasian Widow(er) or Special ImmigrantThe cost of this petition is $ 435 for EB4 Visa applicants. This permission is for a particular group of immigrants, such as religious workers, broadcasters in the US, and G-4 International Organization or NATO-6 Employees.
Form I–526 Immigrant  by Alien Entrepreneur

The petition costs $ 3,675 and is for those intending to immigrate on a US investment visa or EB5. The types of EB5 visas are:

C5 Visa: is for those who invest $ 1.8 million in a company in the US.

T5 Visa: is for people who want to invest in rural areas and areas where the unemployment rate is significant

R5 Visa: is for individuals who intend to participate in the Investor Pilot Program.

I5 Visa:  is for those who want to invest in regional centers in targeted areas with significant unemployment and rural areas.

Form I–600/600A Petition

The petition costs $ 775, which is defined for the following visas:

IR3 Visa: is for children who are adopted from Non-Hague countries by a US citizen.

IR4 Visa: for children who are adopted from Hague countries within the US by a US citizen.

Form I-800/800A Petition

The petition also costs $ 775, which is required for the following visas.

IR3 Visa: is for children who are adopted from Non-Hague countries by a US citizen.

IR4 Visa: or children who are adopted from Hague countries within the US by a US citizen.

Green Card Fees: Application Fee

The next step begins after the USCIS approves the petition. To do so, you as a US immigrant visa applicant must complete a form and pay a fee as a processing fee. The form depends on your visa type. Generally, immigrant visa applicants must complete and submit one of the following forms during the visa application process:

  • Form DS-260
  • Form DS-261
  • Form DS-160
  • Form DS-117
  • Affidavit of Support
Application FormVisa TypeThe cost
Form DS-260Completing this form is required for most immigrant visas except for the EB4 visa.$325
Form DS-261EB4 visa applicants must complete this form.$325
Form DS-160K1 and K3 visa applicants need to complete this form.$160
Form DS-117Applicants for the SB-1 visa must complete and submit this form.$205
Affidavit of SupportAll applicants for immigrant visas need to provide this form to the National Visa Center.  The cost is paid by the US petitioner.$120

Green Card Fees: other supporting fees

You may have to pay other fees during the visa application process. Here is a list of some of the expenses you have to pay.

Medical Examination Costs

All people who intend to immigrate to the US need to do some medical checkups and tests. Therefore before coming to the US, your health status must be checked. In some situations, you need to take some vaccines. Note that before the interview, you should do these examinations. The exact cost of these tests depends on the type of tests you perform. For detailed information on costs, you can go to your country’s embassy or consulate.

Fees related to translating, copying, printing, notarizing and more

As you know, all your documents must be translated into English. You have to pay a fee for the translation. Besides, you will incur other costs of copying, printing, and notarizing.

USCIS immigrant fee

If your visa application is approved, you need to pay the USCIS immigrant fee. Note that you must pay this fee after receiving your visa and before arrival in the US. Otherwise, your request for Green Card will not be processed by the USCIS.

DOL labor certification costs

Those applying for EB1, 2, and 3 visas need labor certification. The US Department of Labor issues this certificate, and the employer must apply for it. Receiving this certificate shows that the employer tried to hire a domestic worker but could not find an appropriate workforce. So he/she has to hire a foreign worker.
Receiving this certificate also has costs that must be paid by the employer. The employer is obliged to pay different costs and the exact amount of costs can not be estimated.

Diversity Visa Lottery costs

If you want to apply for the Diversity Visa Lottery, you have to pay an initial fee of about $ 330.

Expenses to be paid upon arrival in the United States

If you want to enter the United States under an immigrant visa, you must pay a fee to obtain legal permanent resident status. Fees to be paid are:

The ApplicationCost
Form I–765 for Employment Authorization Document$410
Form I–485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status $1,140

Let’s sum up…

In this article, we discuss the Green Card Fees in detail. We explained how much Green Card applicants have to pay at different stages. At the Visa Library website, you can learn about other US visas and even how to immigrate to other countries.

If you have experience in the Green Card application process, write it in the comments section to help other readers make better decisions. We will also be pleased if we receive your constructive comments and suggestions.

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