There are thirteen provinces in Canada. Each one of them has different regulations. There is a local government that rules over the territory. The law is different particularly in immigration. They have various rules over attracting immigrants. The Quebec province has its program to attract highly skilled workers called Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP).

In this article, we will explain what a QSWP is, who is eligible for it, eligibility criteria, requirements, the application process, FAQs, and more.

What is the Quebec Skilled Workers Program?

Each Canadian province has a local government that has authority over its territory. The rules and regulations differ in each one of them. The Quebec province has its different rules over immigration. The authorities attract skilled workers based on their needs through the Quebec Skilled Workers Program.

Who is Eligible for Quebec Skilled Workers Program?

The Quebec authorities choose potential candidates from a pool. To be impartial and choose the best applicants, they have made a grid of points for the selection system. To be eligible for the Quebec Skilled Workers Program, you must achieve the minimum point in the Quebec selection system. The least required point depends on your status:

  1. if you apply alone, 50 points.
  2. Apply with the spouse or law partner 59.

The official elements consider are in the following nine fields:

1. Education

The least education score is two points. The education certificate must have been achieved during the past five years of application. If not, the applicant must have work experience in his/her field for at least one year. The officials only accept certificates obtained before the time of application.

Applicants can get 26 points for education. However, the points get divide into two subcategories:

  1. Education (up to 14 points)
  2. Areas of Training (up to 12 points).

The level of education and points are as follows:

Education Point
high school 2 points
Vocational high school 6 points
General post-secondary (full-time for 2 years) 4 points
Technical postsecondary (full-time for 1 year) 6 points
Technical postsecondary (full-time for 2 years)6 points
Technical postsecondary in section A or B training area (full-time for 1 or 2 years) 10 dots
Technical postsecondary school diploma (full-time for 3 years) 8 dots
Technical postsecondary in section A or B training area (full-time for 3 years) 10 dots
Undergraduate degree (full-time for 1+ years) 4 points
Undergraduate degree (full-time for 2+ years) 6 points
Undergraduate degree (full-time for 3+ years) 10 dots
Master’s degree 12 dots
PhD 14 dots

The area of ​​training and the points are as follows:

Area of ​​Training Points 
Section A 12 dots
Section B 9 dots
Section C 6 points
Section D 2 points

You can find the full list of education degrees in the Quebec immigration website.

2. Work experience

There are 8 points for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program application. Applicants must have achieved the work experience in the preceding five years of the application date. Paid and voluntary job experience are also eligible. Please note that work experience in level ‘D’ is not eligible.

The length of the work experience and the points are as follows:

Job ExperiencePoints
Less than 6 months0
6 months to 1 year4
1 to 2 years4
2 to 3 years6
3 to 4 years6
4+ years8


There is an age limit for Quebec Skilled Workers Program. Applicants must be 18, at least. The points they get by their age are as follows:

18 to 35 years old16 dots
36 years old14 dots
37 years old12 dots
38 years old10 dots
39 years old8 dots
40 years old6 points
41 years old4 points
42 years old2 points
43+ years old0 dots

5. Language Proficiency

Applicants must be fluent in English or French to be eligible for the Quebec Skilled Workers Program. French is the dominant language in Quebec. Almost 95% of its population speaks French. So Being fluent in French brings you more points than English. Applicants fluent in French get 16 points while English fluent candidates receive 6 points.

Language evaluation is in the four skills:

  1. Writing
  2. Reading
  3. Speaking
  4. listening

Quebec authorities accept the following language certificates:


  • TCF
  • EFT



There are different stages of language proficiency, as follows:

  • A low Beginner is someone who can understand short or common phrases.
  • A High Beginner is a person who can understand a normal conversation and talk about himself very well.
  • A Low Intermediate is a person who can understand most of the usual conversation. He/she can talk very well in most situations.
  • A High Intermediate is someone who understands most of the information in standard or abstract subjects.
  • An Advanced is someone who can understand the complex language in a formal and informal context clearly. He/she has no problem communicating with anyone on every topic.

The points based on by applicants’ language ability are as follows:

French language skill

low beginner0000
high beginner0000
Advanced (C1)6611
Advanced (C2)7711
Maximum 16 points

English Ability skill

 Beginner (CLB1-4)Intermediate(CLB 5-8)Advanced (CLB 9-12)
Max 6 points

6. Family in Quebec

Applicants who have lived in Quebec or have a family member living there can get a few points. If you have a relative living in Quebec province, you can get three points for it. Please remember you won’t get any points if your family member lives outside of Quebec. He/she must reside inside the Quebec province.

If applicants have lived in the Province of Quebec before, they can achieve five points for it.

The points for a family member living in Quebec:

Spouse, Parent (father, mother,), Grandparents, sibling, son, daughter.3 points
Max 3 points

Please note there are zero points for the following relative living in Quebec province:

  • Uncle
  • aunt
  • Nephew
  • niece
  • Cousin

Staying in Canada before

Work experience in Quebec for at least 3 months *5 points
Work experience in Quebec for at least 6 months5 points
You have studied in Quebec for at least 3 months5 points
You have studied in Quebec for at least 6 months5 points
You have stayed in Quebec for more than two weeks*1 point
You have stayed in Quebec for more than 2 weeks*2 points
You have stayed in Quebec for more than 2 months*2 points

* Not for work or studying

7. Spouse or law partner points

The conditions of your spouse are also one of the grid points in the QSWP application. Your spouse or law partner can achieve up to 17 points in the selection factors. The points are as follows:

Spouse’s education

High school diploma1 point
High school diploma2 points
Postsecondary school diploma *1 point
Technical postsecondary school diploma **2 points
Technical post-secondary school diploma *2 points
Technical postsecondary school diploma ***3 points
Undergraduate degree (full-time for 1+ years)1 point
Undergraduate degree (full-time for 2+ years)2 points
Undergraduate degree (full-time for 3+ years)3 points
MA or MS4 points
PhD4 points

*full-time for 2 years

**full-time for 1 year

*** full-time for 3 years

Spouse’s training (up to 4 points)

Section A4 points
Section B3 points
Section C2 points
Section D1 point
sections E, F, and G0 points

Spouses’ age

Under 180 dots
18 to 35 years old3 points
36 years old2 points
37 years old2 points
38 years old2 points
39 years old2 points
40 years old1 point
41 years old1 point
42 years old1 point
43+ years of age0 dots

Spouse’s language proficiency (up to 6 points)

Writingzero points
ReadingNo points


A1 Low Beginner0 dots
A2 High Beginner0 dots
B1 Low Intermediate0 dots
B2 High Intermediate2 points
C1 Advanced (3 points), C2 Advanced3 points


A1 Low Beginner0 dots
A2 High Beginner0 dots
B1 Low IntermediateNo points
B2 High Intermediate2 points
C1 Advanced3 points
C2 Advanced3 points

8.Job offer

If applicants of the Quebec Skilled Workers Program have a job offer in Canada, they will get points. The points depend on the location of the job offer:

Job offer in Montreal area8 dots
Job offer outside the Montreal area10 dots

There is also another point measure based on the region in Quebec. The points vary by each different regions in Quebec as follows:

Region of job offerPoints
National Capital14
Lower St. Lawrence12
North Coast12
Northern Quebec12
Max 14 points

Software engineers have a good chance to immigrate to Canada through the Quebec skilled worker program.

9. Age of children

Applicants will also get a few points for their children. If you are bringing your children to Quebec, the point you will get are as follows:

Child under 13 years old4 points
Child 13 to 19 years old2 points
Maximum stitch 8 stitches

The Quebec officials will consider points for every eligible child.

10.Financial Independence

To be eligible for the Quebec Skilled Workers Program, you have to fulfill the financial requirement. You must have enough funds to cover necessities in Quebec. Please note that there is only one point for this category. However, it is an essential requirement. When you don’t receive this one point, your application will get rejected. It is true even if you get the maximum points in all other parts. The one point in this part is the first requirements you must fulfill. You also have to sign a declaration stating you have the basic required funds.

The financial eligibility for the Quebec Skilled Workers Program depends on your status. You can see the details in the following table:

Candidates with no children

1 adult (single application)C$3,188
2 adults (applying with your spouse/law partner)C$4,676

One adult with children

1 child (under 18)C$4,052
2 children (under 18)C$4,574
3 children (under 18)C$5,096
4 + children (under 18)Add C$522/child
1+ children (18 and older)Add C$1,406/child

Two adults with children

1 child (under 18 years old)C$4,954
2 children (under 18 years old)C$5,347
3 children (under 18 years old)C$5,739
4 children (under 18 years old)Add C$393/child
1 child(18 years old and older)Add C$1,406/child

Please note the mentioned amounts are the least required funds. They are also subject to change.

If the Quebec government finds you eligible, they grant you an invitation to apply for Quebec Selection Certificate (QSC). When you receive the QSC, you become eligible to apply for Canada Permanent residence to the IRCC.

Required Documents for Quebec Skilled Workers Program

The required supporting documents for Quebec Skilled Workers Program are as follows:

  • A valid passport.
  • A copy of the birth certificate.
  • Civil status, including:
    • marriage certificate
    • divorce certificate
    • certificate of death of a spouse (if applicable)
  • If you are living in a country and are not a resident, you should provide a copy of a valid residence permit.
  • If you have adopted the child accompanying you, you have to provide the documents.
  • Photo of yourself and all family members immigrating to Quebec.
  • If you have family members living in Quebec province, you must provide a certificate for it:
    • Birth certificate
    • Valid Quebec healthcare card
    • Canadian passport or residency card
  • Certificate of English/French proficiency.
  • If you have visited Quebec before and want to get its point, you must prove that through a:
    • Work permit
    • Study permit
    • Proof of tax exemption for a study or work permit
    • Passport stamps demonstrating a visit to Quebec

Please note that the Canadian Federal government or Quebec local government might ask for more documents. It depends on different factors and your special case.

The Application Process for Quebec Skilled Workers Program

The application process for Quebec Skilled Workers Program has two stages:

  1. At first, you should make contact with the Quebec government and get a Certificate of Selection.
  2. When you finish procedures with the Quebec government, you have to apply for permanent residence to the Canadian Federal government.

1. Certificate of Selection

The first step in the Quebec Skilled Workers Program application is to contact Quebec authorities. You have to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) to Quebec immigration authorities. You could do it through the Arrima portal website. The Expression of Interest will be valid until one year. The Quebec officials will evaluate it during this period. If they find you suitable, they contact you. If not, the EOI will be expired, and you have to start again.

When the Quebec officials find you appropriate, they invite you to apply. You will receive a list of requirements and documents from officials. You also have to pay the fee for application processing.

Applicant Fee for Certificate of Selection

Solo ApplicantC$798
Each dependent childC$171

Please remember that you only have three months to complete the application, or it will expire. The Quebec authorities will check your application based on the ten elements we mentioned earlier.

Your application might get rejected, or you will get an invitation to an interview. When your interview is successful, you will receive a Certificate of Selection. If it gets rejected, you have to start all the procedures again.

2. Applying for Permanent Residence

The local government evaluates the potential candidates for Quebec Skilled Workers Program. When they find the candidates appropriate, it is up to the Canadian Federal government to issue a Permanent Residency.

After you have left behind the stage one, you have to apply for Permanent Residence.

The Canadian Federal government will send you a list of requirements and forms to complete. You have to gather everything and fill the forms carefully. Then you must submit them to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

You also have to pay the fee for Permanent Residence as follows:

Application Fee$550
Permanent Residence$490
spouse or law partner$1,040
Dependent child (per child)$150

When you pay the fees, you have to wait for processing. The IRCC might ask for more documents. You might have to give your Biometrics and go through an interview.

When the IRCC finds you admissible to live in Canada, they will send you Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) and permanent residence visa. Now you can take a relaxing breath and prepare to move to Canada.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program Fees

As applicants have to apply to the Quebec local government and the Canadian federal government, there are two stages of fees:

The fee you have to pay to the Quebec government for Certificate of Selection is as follows:

Solo ApplicantC$798
Each dependent childC$171

The fee you have to pay the federal government for Permanent Residence fee:

Application Fee$550
Permanent Residence$490
spouse or law partner$1,040
Dependent child (per child)$150

Quebec Skilled Worker Program Processing Time

The processing time for Quebec Skilled Worker Program depends on different factors:

  • Your case.
  • The workload of Quebec immigration officials, IRCC, and Canadian embassy or consulate in your home country.

As the Quebec Skilled Workers Program’s application process has two stages, you have to wait a bit longer. The processing time would be about 17 months.

Let’s sum up…

In this blog, we explained all you need to know about the Quebec Skilled Workers Program.

We covered who is eligible for QSWP, the elements for points grid system, requirements, application, FAQs, and more. You can find all the Canada visa information in the world here.

To find out more about the visa that suits you, go through the menu of the site.

You can find all the types of Canada visas at the left sidebar. You could also check Visa Library to find more information about other countries’ visas.

In case you have some experience, please write it down in the comment section. Your comments let the readers choose better and avoid mistakes. Conveying your experiences as comments is a great help for applicants.

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