When you apply for a Canada visa, you have to pay the Canada visa fee for application processing. If you don’t, your application won’t get processed. The receipt for paid fees is one of the essential requirements.

In this blog, we will explain the different Canada visa fee. You can find how much the visa you need will cost. Please note that the fees might be subject to change. It depends on your conditions and the country you live in.

Canada Non-immigrant (short-stay) Visa Fees

Canada short-stay visas are visas that applicants have to get to stay in the country for a limited time. Different visas are depending on the purpose of visit and nationality.


Visitor visa

Tourist Visa

Visa Processing Fee CAD$100
Biometric CAD$85


Diplomatic and Official Visa

Visa processing  C$100


Diplomatic and Official Visa is exempt from passport processing fees and Biometrics. 

Canada Courtesy Visa

Visa Processing fee  C$100
Biometric C$85


eTA-Electronic Travel Authorization  

 eTA fee $CAD 7


Family visa

Super visa  C$100
Biometric  C$85


Work visa

Temporary Foreign Workers Program CAD$155 for visa processing. CAD$85; If officials ask for your biometrics.
Open Work Permit CAD$155 for work permit processing.CAD$155 for visa processing.
  Post Graduate Work Permit CAD$155 for the work permit, and CAD$100 for Open work permit.
Working Holiday Visa CAD$150, and a CAD$100 for open work permit holder fee. In case officials ask for biometrics; CAD$ 85.


Business Visa

Business Visa It costs C$100. C$85 if authorities ask for biometrics.


Student Visa

Student Visa C $150 for a study permit: Biometrics $85


Other visas

Visa for the Purpose of Giving Birth

Application Processing  C$100
Biometrics fee C$85
Processing fee of passport  C$45


Facilitation Visa

Visa application fee C$100
Biometrics fee C$85


Intending Organ Donors Visa

The fee for processing visa application  C$100
Biometrics fee C$85
Processing of passport  C$45


Immigrant visas (long-stay visa)


You should better know that apart from a visa, you should also apply for Canada Residence Permit. The fee for the Right of Permanent Residence is different from the Canada visa fee. The type of immigration program or visa does not matter.


Work visa

Federal Skilled Trades Program

Processing fee C$550
The right of permanent residence. It does not include children. C$490
Spouse/law partner  C$1,040
Dependent child C$ 150


Federal Skilled Worker Program

Processing fee  C$550
Permanent Residence fee  C$490


  Canadian Experience Class

Processing fee  C$550
Permanent Residence  C$490
Children C$150 per child


Quebec-Selected Skilled Workers Program

Application process fee  C$550
The right of Permanent Residence  C&49
Spouse  C$1,040.
Minors  $150 per child


Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Processing fee  is $825
The Right of Permanent Residence C$500 for


Business visa

Canada Start-Up Visa

Application processing C$1,575.
Permanent residence  $500.
Spouse  $825
Permanent Residence for a spouse  C$500
Dependent child C$225.

Canada Self-Employed Visa

Self-employed program C$1,575
Permanent Residence  C$500
Spouse  C$825.
Permanent Residence for a spouse  C$500


Family visa

Canada Family Sponsorship

The applicant is under 22 

Processing fee C$475
Fee for sponsorship C$75
The fee for permanent residence  C$490


The applicant is 22 or older 

Processing fee C$475
Sponsorship  C$75


The fee for orphan family members, dependants, or adopted children is C$150 per child.

Sponsoring parents or grandparent

Sponsoring your parents or grandparents             C$1,040
Sponsoring the spouse of your parent or grandparent             C$1,040
Sponsoring a dependent child of your parent or grandparent             C$150


Other visas

Canada Refugee Programs

There is no application fee for refugees aim to move to Canada.


Biometric fees

Applicants applying alone                   C$85
A family applying together                   C$170
Groups of three or more applying together                   C$255


Let’s sum up…

In this blog, we explained fall Canada visas fees.

If you need to find out how much a particular visa type costs, this is your guide.

You can check Visa Library to find more information about other countries’ visas.

In case you have some experience, please write it down in the comment section. Your comments let the readers choose better and avoid mistakes. Conveying your experiences as comments is a great help for applicants.

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